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Club development current status

Until recently track and gym facilities were not available in the area so we had to travel cross town for to source safe venues for children or specialist senior training. This limited opportunities to those who had the transport and the time to commute. Recently two community schools opened in the area have put gyms, sports halls and running tracks at our disposal. We have embarked on a three year development plan in conjunction with the council and the community schools charity Artemis. Using the facilities made available by the council and Artemis we are looking to provide opportunity to participate in athletics to all ages and all abilities. We have initiated weekly sports hall athletics for primary school aged children and plan to introduce a second session for secondary school age. We have also hired the school track for weekly senior sessions and introduced Parkrun into the local park as a free weekly entry level event suitable for all ages and abilities

. www.parkrun.org.uk/waterworks/home.aspx

Looking forward we want to further develop our links with the local schools and community groups in cooperation with the city council sport development.

All the facilities for our development plan are provided by the council and Armetis at advantageous rates which the club funds from various fund raising activities and club dues, so looking forward this is sustainable. However the sports equipment necessary and any development or support is at the clubs expense and currently not funded.

At present we are using barrowed equipment to run our sports hall athletics but this will no longer be available to us in the New Year. We therefore need to purchase replacement equipment for sports hall. In addition we need equipment to widen our offer to seniors with regards track competition and we need additional equipment for parkrun so we can cope with welfare considerations of holding the event in wet weather. The sportshall equipment is our most urgent requirement.

We are making good headway and seeing the rewards in membership and enthusiasm but to maintain this we will need additional funding over the next three years and more volunteers and officials. If you know of a funding opportunity or would like to get involved with any session or administration please contact me

Matt Shields


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