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North Belfast Harriers launch FACEBOOK page..!


Over the last few weeks, we have been busy developing a new NBH Facebook page for club members. To help you understand what Facebook is, what it does and how we intend to use it, we’ve set out some questions and answers below.

We hope you enjoy using the new NBH Facebook page and that you will all help to develop it into a useful resource for everyone in the club.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a “social networking” website where people communicate with each other.

We already have a website. Why do we need a Facebook page?

This website will always be our main, public facing website. However, there are some things it cannot do. We want you to be able to safely chat online with each other, learn more about the club, view old photos, upload new ones, discuss training and upcoming races.

Our new Facebook page will allow you to do this in a way our current website does not.

Can anyone access the club’s Facebook page?

The NBH Facebook page is for private use by paid up members of the club only. It cannot be accessed by the general public.

We hope that all harriers – from the youngest to the oldest – will take an interest in the NBH Facebook page.

The Harriers has always been a close knit community. We hope this new facility will be used widely and that it will become somewhere where new, current and former harriers can get together and share their opinions on running, performances and the club’s development.

How do I get onto Facebook?

It’s dead easy. Just go to www.facebook.com

What do I do next?

You need to register. This only takes a few minutes and is very straightforward.

Click here to register on Facebook.

I’ve registered on Facebook. How do I get onto the NBH Facebook page?

Once you have registered with Facebook, the NBH Facebook can be accessed by clicking here. To access all the information on the NBH Facebook page, you must send a “friend request”.

The site administrator will check that you are a registered harrier and then give you access to the page.

I still can’t access the NBH Facebook page. What do I do?

Email us at webmaster@northbelfastharriers.com

How do you monitor content on the Facebook page?

We encourage all members to read the Facebook policy when they visit the page. Any breach of this policy will be handled by the Club Management and Site Administrators.

How can I join NBH?

Click here for details.