14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Volunteers required

North Belfast Harriers have just had a very successful season in which we are starting to see the fruits of our development plan. We have a strong and growing youth section and our senior section is attracting athletes of all abilities from the local community. We are providing the training and racing opportunities appropriate to our members needs.

In line with the increase in membership base there is also a growing need for us to recruit more volunteers to assist with the training and general day to day operation of the club.

This article provides the detail of what YOUR club requires to maintain and develop the high standards already set.

What are volunteers required for?
We require volunteers to assist with many tasks with examples being transport duties to competitions, DIY to maintain our club house, administration duties, assisting coaches (either senior or junior) at sessions handing out fliers and helping with recruitment

How much time is required?
It can be as little as an hour a week assisting the junior session to half days helping at competition about once a month. We have roles that will match whatever time you can volunteer

What Skills do I need?
No specific skills are needed – if you are willing to help that is more than enough. We have roles that we can match to all skill levels and the only pre requisite is that if you wish to assist with the youth development to an access NI check for working with Children.

Do I have a say in my role?
Yes if you volunteer we would meet and agree what tasks would best meet your time and skills and the clubs requirements

What support would I receive?
All volunteers will be co-ordinated by the club volunteer co-ordinator who in turn would provide job descriptions and training as necessary He would also mentors and review your role

Can I develop my role?
Yes  – where your aspirations and club needs dictate we will assist financially with your development and can provide training in child protection, disability awareness, first aid and coaching qualifications.