14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Norths recreational section

Following on from the two JogBelfast programs the club now hosts two session for recreational runners on Monday and Wednesday at 6.30 pm from the club house. Many of these new members have now progressed to running 10K and some plan to run a half marathon soon. Below is a report on how they got on in the club promoted Laganside 10K.

Siobhan Drain led the way in 48:43 pb followed by Billy Crawford in 49:56 a new PB for his 2nd 10K. Stephen Thompson was next in 51:35pb  and Lynn McCullough 51:58 pb  Marian Hayes who completed in 51.45, had also completed Dam Buster the previous day finishing in 51.04. Mary Reid 56:01, Kerry McShane 58:36,  Kerrie Thompson 1:00:11, Clare Holmes 58:34, Jansje Le Mahieu-Lamb 1:07:57 1st 10K, Joanne McNicholl 1:10:52, Christine Douglas 1:11:56 1st 10K, Denise Rooney 1:13:45, Husband and wife team Jacqueline and Michael Lawther 1:02:50 1st 10K, Clara O’Hare 1:04:49 pb, Suffering from a recurring injury Padraigin Bingham 1:06:02, Nora Curran 1:06:53 1st 10K and” looking forward to more”, Catherine Kerr sprint finishing in1:11:47 1st 10K “ecstatic to finish”, Angela McGreevy 1:13:46

I know there are pb’s etc in here that we have missed sorry. Great acheivement for everyone involved so keep it going please. The next JogBelfast session will start first week of October