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Countdown to the Seeley Cup

The Seeley cup is only one week away and with a total of forty-three Harriers set to take part it is going to be one of the largest participated events by the club this year. With that in mind I’m sure many of those taking part decided to give racing a miss this weekend in order to be prime shape. A few Harriers broke from this trend and decided to get involved in some of the local and international races this week.

Griddle 10k

The leading performance of the week was Heather Foleys 1st place finish at the Griddle 10k. Heather was one of over one hundred people to take part in the Downpatrick race and crossed the line 6th position overall 1st female in a time of 38:20.

598570_389961421083870_1684952395_nRun 4 Rescue

The other local race of the weekend was the Run 4 Rescue 10 mile race that took place in Annalong County Down. Two Harriers took part with new member Paul Horan finishing in 1:05:41 8th position overall followed by Robert Irvine in 15th position and 1st M55 in 1:09:27.

Benidorm Half Marathon

One sole harrier made the journey to sunny Spain to compete in the Benidorm half marathon. Thomas McKinstry completed the 13.1mile course in what looked like ideal conditions in a time of 2:11:14 finishing in 1203rd overall.

Club News

The club is in the process of testing out the online race management system called Teamer. Teamer allows the club to organise and arrange team participation in local events in a centralised way. It handles contacting club runners automatically and allows all users to see who is participating in upcoming races. The Seeley Cup is the current events were this is being trialled. A teamer request should have been sent to all runners in the club for whom we have a valid email address. If you received the email could you please leave your availability by clicking the link provided in the mail and answering “yes” or “no” in the box provided. If you intend on taking part but have not yet registered with the race please click “yes” likewise if you don’t plan on taking part answer “no”. To make this a valuable tool the more people who use this service the better we can plan ahead. Once on Teamer have a look around and you will see quite quickly how easy it is to use and how beneficial it can be. If you didn’t receive a Teamer email about the Seeley Cup or have never received one contact northbelfastharriers@gmail.com .

The next club meeting will be held on Sunday 8 December at 12.30pm at the Clubhouse. If you’d like anything added to the agenda, please contact Jenny at secretary@northbelfastharriers.com

Finally with the Seeley Cup being the last major road event of the year, there has been some plans in place to have a get together afterward. Plans are yet to be finalised but check Facebook for updates.



1st Stephen WALKER 00:17:50

15th Paul WILLIAMS 00:20:39

Victoria Park

4th Reg KAPUR 00:20:40

City Park

1st Peter SAVAGE 00:17:45


2nd Connor Ashley MCQUILLAN 00:17:50


2nd Gladys GANIEL-O’NEILL 00:18:32

17th Jim CLINTON 00:23:12


7th Matt SHIELDS 00:19:09


6th Simon REEVE 00:18:14

24th Mark SHIELDS 00:19:53

36th Athanasia SEVASTAKI 00:21:21

85th Damian John MARQUESS 00:24:11

100th Odhran CATNEY 00:24:56

112th John Michael MARQUESS 00:25:51

113th John BURNS 00:25:52

151st Drew CRAWFORD 00:28:51


6th Eoin MCQUILLAN 00:18:03

12th Philip Patrick DONNELLY 00:19:13

15th Claire PRENTER 00:19:44

33rd Ciaran HUNTER 00:22:24

36th Kevin LAVERY 00:23:16

54th Ciaran LAVERY 00:27:46

56th John LAVERY 00:27:49


2nd John MCCONNELL 00:19:01


2nd Martin REA 00:18:20

3rd Paul MCALLISTER 00:18:41

4th Gerry GRIBBON 00:18:45

5th Drew KNOX 00:18:56

7th John Gerard MURPHY 00:19:22

14th Ray CAMERON 00:19:55

16th Andrew MILLIGAN 00:20:37

21st Helen F WEIR 00:21:05

25th Conor O’RAWE 00:21:33

28th Eamon SHERIDAN 00:21:48

30th Piaras MCSHANE 00:22:06

31st Sean MCSHANE 00:22:07

32nd Jack CARBERRY 00:22:14

37th Paul GRUHN 00:22:34

43rd John O’HARE 00:23:12

45th Niall ARMSTRONG 00:23:23

52nd John Robert JOHNSTON 00:23:40

53rd Nuala MULDOON 00:23:44

64th Jason REID 00:24:27

68th Roisin HUGHES 00:24:51

73rd Catherine MCNICHOLL 00:25:03

135th Nora CURRAN 00:33:19

138th Christine DOUGLAS 00:33:28