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Junior Roundup

Armagh14aBrooks Armagh International Road Race

Thursday night saw no fewer than 37 juniors make the trip to Armagh for the annual road races. First up was Sean Neilan, who at just 7 years of age finished 8th in his first race for the club to claim the first trophy of the night. This was closely followed by the second with Kelvin Kearney finishing 5th in the U10 boys race. There were strong runs from Erin Harding and Lucia McGibbon in the girl’s race at the same age group.

The U12 age group saw no fewer than 7 Harriers lining up on the start line. Rebecca Wallace was first home for the girls in 5th to secure another trophy and was followed by Lauren Cox, Bryanna Catney, Orla Magee and Ciara McDonnell. Two Harriers ran in the boy’s race at that age group. Fionn Nagle also secured a trophy with a top ten finish with Brendan McCambridge also having a strong run. T

Armagh14bhere were 10 Harriers up next in the U12 boys section. Tony McCambridge & Thomas Reid had great runs to secure top 10 finishes and two more trophies in the boy’s race. There were also saw good runs from Damian Marquess, Bradley Lyttle and Piaras McShane. The 6 girls representing the club in the girl’s race, Dominique McAllister, Raoisle Hoy, Aine Neilan, Lorna Muldoon, Aine Wills and Sinead O’Rawe also ran well.

The next race was the Ladies 3k race which accommodated both junior ‘A’ and ‘B’ races. In the junior ‘A’ race Katie McCambridge was the lone Harrier running and secured a top 10 finish in 8th place. In the junior ‘B’ category Katie O’Hare was 7th, Rioghnach Catney 8th, Maya McCathie 11th, Ciara Neilan 15th, Aine Drain 16th and Rebecca Armstrong 21st. These fantastic performances secured third place for the team. In the boys  junior ‘A’  3k Conal McCambridge and Niall Geehan had strong runs to finish in  6th and 11th places respectively, and the junior ‘B’ boys team finished second due to great runs from Harry Brewster 10th, Andrew Milligan 21st, Conor O’Rawe 22nd, Eamonn Sheridan 23rd, Naill Armstrong 27th and Aaron McCann  30th.

stormontjuniorsStormont Cross Country

Saturday saw the Stormont Cross Country and the second race of the week for many of the juniors. The primary school boys were first to go with great performance from Fionn Nagle (2nd), Daniel Kelly (14th), Cian McGrath (18th), Kelvin Kearney (35th), Luke Kelly (49th) Patrick Wills (85th) and Adam Thompson (93rd). Lauren Cox, Bryanna Catney and Ciara McDonnell had good runs in the girls race to finish in 5th, 9th and 78th respectively. The club had five runners in the U13 age group. There was a one, two finish in the boy’s race with Tony McCambridge and Thomas Reid and good performances from Rebecca Wallace (7th), Lorna Muldoon (17th) and Orla Magee (19th) in the girl’s race. The U15 age group also saw some great performances with Rioghnach Catney, Dominique McAllister, Raoisle Hoy, Aine Drain,  Sinead O’Rawe and Aine Browne finishing 8th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 19th and 20th respectively for the girls and Eamonn Sheridan finishing 7th in the boys race.  7 Harriers started in the U17 age group. In the boys race Conor McQuillan finished 3rd, Kyle McGookin 4th, Harry Brewster 7th, Andrew Milligan 8th and Niall Armstrong 10th. Katie O’Hare and Aine Wills finished 6th and 8th respectively in the girl’s race.  The performances of the boys were good enough to secure the junior team prize.

Report written by John Marquess.