14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Titanic Week in Belfast

queens5kThis week saw two of the biggest races in the country take place within Belfast in the form of the Queens 5k and the Titanic 10k both of which offer great PB potential.

Queens 5k

On Wednesday the 3rd of April the fast Queens 5k took place on the Lagan embankment. This race had one of the largest fields of Harriers for a single race this year and this resulted in numerous PBs and great performances. Conor Curran was the first member of the club to finish in 13th position overall in a time of 16:01  equalling has performance in Armagh a few weeks earlier. Conor was followed almost immediately by Darryl Blair in 15th position in 16:04, Andrew Considine 16th in 16:05 and Mark McKinstry in 19th position 16:11 (PB). These four finishers were enough for the club to secure a 2nd place finish in the male team category behind an elite Annadale team. Brendan Grew was next in 24th in a time of 16:21 (PB) followed by John McGuigan in 36th in 17:00 (PB), Stephen Walker in 38th position in 17:03, Niall Farquharason in 43rd in 17:06, Paul Horan in 17:08 in 44th (PB), John Black in 46th in 17:10 (PB). Paul Elliot put in an excellent to finish in 49th position in 17:24 just outside the Irish 5km Masters record. Paul was followed by Laurence Johnston in 61st in 17:51, Paul McAllister 65th in 17:54, Kent Swann 71st in 18:01, Claire Connor 82nd in 18:10, Paul Curley 98th in 18:25, John Patience 100th in 18:29, Drew Knox 105th in 18:31, Rory Kane 107th in 18:32, Judi Graham in 119th 18:50, Philip Donnelly in 128th 19:00 (PB), Greg McClure in 137th in 19:10, Martin Cox in  144th 19:17 (PB), James Marron in 151st 19:22, Damian Marquess in 152nd 19:19 (PB), John Murphy in 153rd 19:22, Ray Cameron in 176th 19:52, Joseph Drain in 181st in 19:55, Conor O’Rawe in 188th in 20:05, Paul Williams in 197th 20:17, Jason Reid in 241st in 21:16 (PB), Jack Carberry in 243rd in 21:17 (PB), Niall Armstrong in 245th 21:17, Rioghnach Catney in 254th 21:33, John Johnston in 276th 22:04 (PB), Siobhan Drain in 292nd 22:24, Lynn McCullough in 363rd 23:59, John Marquess in 425th 25:23, Sharron Sykes in 529th 30:15.

The female team finished in 3rd place overall to accompany the male teams second position.

Titanic 10k

On Sunday the Titanic 10k took place in difficult conditions on what is usually a very fast course. From the off conditions made it difficult for club members to chase for personal best but there were still some very good performances from the the club in the 1500 strong field.

titanic10kkidsThe day of events was kicked off with the junior mile event with some notable performances including Antony McCambridge breaking 5 minutes over the mile to finish in 3rd position 4:57 two seconds behind the winner. Damien Marquess was the next to cross the line in 8th position in 5:26 followed by James McKeown in 5:51 for 25th, Raoisle Hoy in 27th 5:52, Odhran Catney in 30th 5:57, Ciara Neilan in 35th 6:03, Bryanna Catney in 45th 6:28, Lucia McGibbon in 59th 6:54, Aine Neilan in 70th 7:21, Conor McCallion in 74th 7:39, Gabrielle Thompson in 83rd in 8:32, and Megan McCallion in 91st in 10:58.

titanic10kIn the seniors race there was another large turnout from the club with many having already raced in the Queens 5k earlier in the week. Once again Conor Curran was the first member of the club over the line in 10th position in 34:48 followed by Edward Cooke in 14th 35:17, Brendan Grew in 15th 35:41, Niall Farquharson in 21st 36:13, Simon Reeve in 28th 37:07, Philip Donnelly in 67th 39:52, Rory Kane in 71st 39:46, Greg McClure in 78th 40:16, John Murphy 116th in 41:31, Conor O’Rawe in 114th in 42:22, Joseph Drain in 146th 42:27, Paul Curley in 153rd in 42:58, Patrick McShane in 187th 43:47, Siobhan Drain in 266th 45:44, John Carberry in 275th in 45:24, Ciaran Hunter in 290th  46:03, Patrick McCambridge in 308th 46:40, Sean McShane om 338th in 46:29, Ciaran Browne in 349th 46:34, John Johnston 358th in 47:35 (PB), Niall Armstrong in 455th in 49:29, Sean McShane Jnr in 457th in 49:05, Thelma McCullough in 489th in 49:52, Lynn McCullough in 507th in 50:24, Rioghnach Catney in 529th in 50:49, Emma Sheehy in 536th in 50:42, Katie O’Hare in 566th 50:42, John Marquess in 723rd 53:56, Thomas McKinstry in 1035th 59:07, Nuala Connolly in 1144th 1:00:44, Sharon Sykes in 1199th 1:02:10, and Joe McGuigan in 1466th 1:31:53.


A total of 39 harriers took part in the weekly Parkrun and 7 of them secured PBs.

10th Mark SHIELDS 20:57
12th Athanasia SEVASTAKI 21:13
5th Ray CAMERON 20:23
18th Jim CLINTON 25:24
1st John BLACK 17:47 – New PB
2nd Simon REEVE 18:03 – New PB
28th Luke KELLY 22:19
75th Alan RITCHIE 25:56
88th Drew CRAWFORD 27:06 – New PB
13th Philip Patrick DONNELLY 21:45
17th Ciaran HUNTER 23:18
3rd John MCCONNELL 18:54
3rd Paul MCALLISTER 18:08
4th Tony MC CAMBRIDGE 18:21
6th Drew KNOX 19:06
9th Gerry GRIBBON 19:24
11th Colin SIMPSON 19:33 – New PB
14th John Gerard MURPHY 19:49
17th Sean MCSHANE 20:08
18th Harry BREWSTER 20:16
19th Conor O’RAWE 20:23
21st Paul WILLIAMS 20:46
22nd Eamon SHERIDAN 20:49
23rd Patrick MCSHANE 20:53
25th Helen F WEIR 20:58 – New PB
40th Tony REID 22:45
66th Ciara O’RAWE 24:48 – New PB
71st Matt SHIELDS 25:03
77th Greg MCCLURE 25:34
78th Jason REID 25:35
82nd Catherine MCNICHOLL 25:50
119th Sandy CARR 30:34
120th John BURNS 30:35
128th Nora CURRAN 30:54 – New PB
159th Malachy MCKENNA 34:59
161st Sharron SYKES 35:02
163rd John Michael MARQUESS 35:25
171st Joanne HADDOCK 36:49
180th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 43:38

*Picture of Simon Reeve in Titanic 10k from Nirunning