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weekly round up 7 December

A quiet week for racing, with only three races to report on

   Malcolm Cup XC

There was a great turn out at Ballyclare on Saturday 6 December for the Malcolm Cup.  In the 3 mile Ladies and Vets race, Nat Glenn came in strongly in 4th place with a time of 17.20, followed by Paul Elliott in 8th (17.46), James Wallace in 12th (18.20), Cathy McCourt in 13th (18.23), Claire Connor in 18th (18.39), John Patience 20th in 18.44, Gerry O’Doherty 25th in (18.55), Philip Donnelly 26th in 18.55, Colin Simpson 44th in 20.09, Laurence Johnston 47th in 20.21, Greg McClure 54th in 20.49 and Sarah-Jane McFadden 64th in 21.25.   Three athletes ran in the U20 and Senior Men’s 4 mile race, with Ed Cooke finishing 26th in 23.31, John Black 27th in 23.35 and Greg McClure (again) in 28.44.  Well done to the ladies, who finished third in the team competition with 31 points.

 Minnowburn 10k 

Penny Lindsay and Janice Plum continued their great form that was on display last week at Seeley by bagging second and third spots on the podium at the Born2Run race, Minnowburn 10k at Mary Peter’s track on Saturday.  Penny finished what was considered by all athletes to be a tough course in a time of 43.49, 2nd female and 24th overall.  Janice finished 3rd female and 32nd overall in 45.02.  Roisin Hughes’s run saw the club getting 3 of the top five positions, coming in 5th in 45.46.  Sandy Carr and Thomas McKinstry also took part, finishing in 55.05 and 59.09 respectively.

penny janice roisin

    Malaga marathon

Gerry Gribbon and Tommy Hughes took part in the Malaga Marathon today, 7 December, completing the course in 3 hours 22 and 2.32.31 respectively.  Well done to both!!


  Parkrun results

Belfast victoria

2nd Kent SWANN 16:57 – New PB

16th Helen F WEIR 20:50 – New PB

68th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 25:16

Citypark 25th

Paula WALLACE 22:27

Ecos 1st Connor Ashley MCQUILLAN 18:08


4th Simon REEVE 19:12

10th Mark SHIELDS 20:16


8th Ciaran HUNTER 21:41

10th Damien GILL 22:11


26th Nuala MULDOON 35:25

Wallace 2nd John MCCONNELL 19:48

Waterworks 1st John Gerard MURPHY 19:22 3rd Colin SIMPSON 19:52 5th Greg MCCLURE 20:04 11th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 20:57 14th Jack CARBERRY 21:17 28th Paul WILLIAMS 22:11 34th Cian MCGRATH 22:40 35th Paul BRENNAN 22:41 – New PB 37th Niall ARMSTRONG 22:48 38th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 23:01 42nd John GRIBBIN 23:28 65th Patrick MCSHANE 25:35 66th Sean MCSHANE 25:44 68th John O’HARE 25:49 76th Thomas MCKINSTRY 26:25 104th Philomena DONALDSON 28:19 113rd Margaret STEPHENS 29:17 122nd Tina HAGGAN 29:51 123rd Kerry MCSHANE 30:11 131st Bernadette DUFFY 30:48