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New Year roundup

The New Year period was short on quantity but big on quality for racing.

Connolly wins the Lough 5

Breege Connolly took part in and was first on the podium for the ladies in this 5 mile race run on New Year’s Eve, Wednesday 31 December.  Breege was 9th home overall in a time of 29.29 (lap of lough time 7.06), and claimed female top place on the podium.

Breege Connolly at Glenmore

McKinstry claims 2nd in Race Over the Glens

The 19th annual ROTG, run by Ballymena Runners, saw a record number of over 400 athletes line up in Glenariff Forest Park to take on this approximate six mile course.   The course say the runners start on road, then followed by a high ascent marked out by a lone piper, then a long descent followed by reascending up to the piper.  The race was hard-fought from the start, with Mark McKinstry and Johnny Steele of Ballymena Runners leading from the start, closely followed by a group of apporx six runners, including eventual winner Jarlath Falls.  By the time of the ascent, it was McKinstry and Falls who were in contention, with Falls overtaking in the ascent and winning, with McKinstry coming in a close second in a time of 36.39.

mark rotg

Success for the ladies in ROTG

Penny Lindsay continued her rtook third position on the podium for the second year in a row, coming in in a time of 42.22.   North Belfast ladies also took the team prize – well done, girls!

ladies race over the

Others who took part in this ever-popular race were: Kent Swann, 19th in 41.03;  David Clarke, 25th in 42.29; Gregg Lavery, 40th in 44.39; Martin Cox, 49th in 45.30; Colin Simpson, 65th in 46.20; Connor McQuillan, 85th in 47.44; Simon Reeve, 93rd in 48.26; Janice plum, 110th in 49.40; Tricia Campbell, 125th in 51.01; Roisin Hughes, 158th in 53.24; Mark Shields, 174th in 54.46; paula Wallace, 206th in 56.32; Athanasia Sevastaki, 211th in 56.58; Carol Clarke, 231st in 58.12; Thomas McKinstry 392nd in 1.10.33.

Titanic Run 2015

This race also took place on New Year’s Day and saw 5 and 10ks run around the course very similar to the Titanic Runher course.  In a field of 99 runners, Sarah-Jane McFadden came in in 9th place, and second female overall, in a time of 22.01 for top stop.  In the 10k race with twice the number of participants, Louise Smith went one better than in the Runher Titanic race and claimed top place on the podium (6th overall), in a time of 37.47.

Born 2 Run Kilbroney – results not yet available

Parkrun 3.1.15

1st Kent SWANN 17:48
9th Trisha CAMPBELL 21:55 – New PB
10th Stephen MCKENNA 21:57
2nd Peter MORRISON 18:16 – New PB
56th Athanasia SEVASTAKI 23:21
6th Martin COX 19:24 – New PB
24th Ciaran HUNTER 22:46
3rd John MCCONNELL 19:45
28th Aodhan O’REILLY 24:36
2nd Paul MCALLISTER 18:21
3rd Tony MC CAMBRIDGE 18:30
4th Matt SHIELDS 18:34
5th John Gerard MURPHY 18:53
6th Joe NORNEY 19:12
7th Paul CURLEY 19:21
8th Andrew MILLIGAN 19:33
10th Drew KNOX 19:38
12th Tony MCNULTY 19:47
14th Sean MCSHANE 20:06
16th Colin SIMPSON 20:15
25th Piaras MCSHANE 21:30
30th Jack CARBERRY 21:43
31st Luke KELLY 21:57
34th Tony REID 22:04
36th Sarah-Jane MCFADDEN 22:14
37th Jim CLINTON 22:16
40th Paul BRENNAN 22:25 – New PB
45th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 22:40
46th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 22:41
58th Thelma MCCULLOUGH 23:20
72nd Niall ARMSTRONG 24:02
73rd Nuala MULDOON 24:03
75th John GRIBBIN 24:12
77th Eimear MCBRIEN 24:16
86th Steven THOMPSON 24:42
97th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 25:27
117th John O’HARE 26:56
144th Margaret STEPHENS 29:17 – 50th Parkun
157th Clare O’HARA 30:00
159th Philomena DONALDSON 30:05
176th Daniel KELLY 31:23
196th Bernadette DUFFY 33:21
200th Nora CURRAN 33:50
204th Eadaoin DONALDSON 35:31
214th Kerrie THOMPSON 39:55
215th Jansje LE MAHIEU – LAMB 39:55