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                 Junior (fortnightly) report


The junior report seems to have slipped into fortnightly reports rather than weekly and thus it shall probably remain until I grow another set of arms.

Many of the juniors have been active in the last few weeks in the schools xc. Not many have raced outside of that but those who have been have had some success. On Sunday 8th Callum McIlroy finished off the East Coast xc series with yet another win, making it 3 from 3, this time with team mate Luke Kelly to keep him company for the duration of the race. Callum crossed the line in 10.31 with Luke just behind in 10.34 for the 2400m race. Third place was well over a minute behind both boys.


Callum McIlroy was voted Junior Athlete of the Month for January. Well done Callum and keep up the good work!