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Weekend Roundup – Conal McCambridge Qualifies for Ulster Championships


It was a relatively quiet weekend for racing but a number of North Belfast athletes excelled at various distances on a variety of surfaces. Among the highlights were Conal McCambridge’s qualification for the Ulster Championships 5000m and Sandy Carr’s 100th Parkrun.

At the Schools District Meeting at Antrim Forum on Saturday, Conal McCambridge and Niall Geehan placed third and fourth. Conal qualified for the Ulster Championships on 15 May.

Annalong Horseshoe – Neil Carty First V45

The third race of the Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA) championship series, the 21 km Annalong Horseshoe, was held on Saturday. Neil Carty placed seventh overall and first in the V45 category, clocking 2.21.46. Simon Reeve was 21st in 2.40.25.

Hill and Dale Series – Andrew Annett Second

On Thursday evening, Andrew Annett secured second place in the fourth race of the Hill and Dale series, Binnian to the Top, timing 22.22. He was just 11 seconds behind winner Ian Bailey of Newcastle.

Neil Carty once again claimed first in the V45 division, timing 24.29.

Berlin Half Marathon

Joe and Siobhan Drain ventured further afield to the Berlin Half Marathon on Sunday, turning in solid times of 1.37 and 1.47.

east antrimEast Antrim Marathon Series Charity Races

At Saturday’s East Antrim Marathon Series charity races, in benefit of Cameron’s P.A.N.D.A. Fund, John Johnston completed the marathon in 5.02. Pádraigín Bingeam completed the 10 km in 1.18.

Parkruns –Sandy Carr 100th

At the Waterworks, Sandy Carr completed her 100th Parkrun. There were also personal bests for Eadaoin Donaldson, Trisha Murray, Leah Connor and the Waterworks and Paula Wallace and Rebecca Wallace at Wallace Park.

City Park 
4th Gerard MCNAMARA 18:45
2nd Callum MCILROY 21:29
1st John BLACK 17:29 
16th Mark SHIELDS 20:30
220th Drew CRAWFORD 30:39
9th Eoin MCQUILLAN 20:08
72nd Damien GILL 27:06
73rd Ciaran HUNTER 27:07
2nd James WALLACE 18:59
3rd John MCCONNELL 19:41
13th Paula WALLACE 21:58 – New PB 
15th Rebecca WALLACE 22:16 – New PB 
42nd Jim CLINTON 24:41
1st Tony MC CAMBRIDGE 17:51 
3rd Kent SWANN 18:07
4th Thomas SIMMONS 18:20
6th Rory KANE 18:47
8th Paul CURLEY 19:10
9th Drew KNOX 19:14
10th John Gerard MURPHY 19:30
18th Colin SIMPSON 20:38
19th Greg MCCLURE 20:59
26th Conor O’RAWE 21:30
27th Jack CARBERRY 21:32
38th Matt SHIELDS 22:21
40th Luke KELLY 22:28
43rd Tony REID 22:32
75th John GRIBBIN 24:35
98th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 25:56
104th Eadaoin DONALDSON 26:18 – New PB 
113rd Clare HOLMES 27:22
121st Clare O’HARA 28:21
124th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 28:29
134th Mick MURRAY 29:03
136th Philomena DONALDSON 29:12
137th Trisha MURRAY 29:18 – New PB 
139th Margaret STEPHENS 29:27
149th Sandy CARR 30:12 – 100th Parkrun 
150th Kerry MCSHANE 30:12
159th Bernadette DUFFY 31:12
176th Leah CONNOR 32:33 – New PB 
177th Marie-Louise LOWRY 32:36
206th Jane O’HARA 37:37
211st Thomas MCKINSTRY 40:10
212nd Jansje LE MAHIEU – LAMB 40:10
215th Alicia WHYTE-MCGIVERN 43:38
216th Frankey MCGIVERN 43:40