14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Antrim Forum-Ulster&NI Championships

N.I. & Ulster Track & Field Championships  U16 – U17, incorporating U14 & U15 1500m

Antrim Forum Saturday 13/6/15

Well done to all athletes who took part in the following events. The first four in every event qualifying for the all Ireland championships.

In the U14 girls 1500m final, Rebecca Wallace finished fourth in a time of 5m.16s.42. Lauren Cox finished seventh in 5m.26s.45.

In the U15 girls 1500m final Mollie O Hare finished eighth in a time of 5m.28s.04.

In the U15 boys final Tony Mc Cambridge finished third in a time of 4m.43s.23

In the U17 girls 200m final Caitlin Maguire finished second in a time of 26s.53. Caitlin also finished second in the U17 girls 100m final in 12s.64.

In the U16 girls 100m final Rebecca Bell finished eighth in a time of 14s27.

In the U16 boys 3000m Piaras Mc Shane finished fourth in a time of 11m.38.s75.

Big congratulations to all the qualifiers and good luck in the all Ireland championships.

Report by Martin Cox