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weekly round-up 12 July 2015


Greyabbey 10K and 5k road races

It was a quiet week for racing but a good one for NBH as there was more than a fair share of the podiums at Greyabbey on 10 July, with over 300 athletes taking part.   In the 5k race, back-on-form Kent Swann secured top spot on the podium with a great run of 17.05.  Roisin Hughes continued her winning streak, also taking top place on the podium with a time of 19.43 (6th overall).  Also racing was John McConnell, coming in just a second behind Roisin in 19.44.

The 10K race saw third place going to Nat Glenn in a time of 36.12 (1st in M50 category).  Helen Weir finished in a time of 43.32 to equal Nat’s achievement and claim third place for the ladies (50th overall).   Running also were Colin Simpson (33rd) with a time of 41.23, and Greg McClure (53rd) with a time of 44.19.


Dunleer 4 mile road race

On Sunday 12 July 339 runners took part in the County Meath 4 mile road race.  NBH’s Andrew Considine and Tommy Simmons impressively led home the Northern contingent, taking 5th and 6th spots respectively with times of 21.59 and 22.48.



NBH – ni
5th Sean MCSHANE 19:08
15th Patrick MCSHANE 19:45 – New PB
23rd Colin SIMPSON 20:36
28th Paul WILLIAMS 21:15
5th Conor SHIELS 18:35
39th Jim CLINTON 26:34
6th Matthew MCILROY 20:39
8th Callum MCILROY 21:03
33rd Nat GLENN 24:34
9th Mark SHIELDS 20:12
2nd Andrew MILLIGAN 18:13 – New PB
1st John MCCONNELL 18:56
1st Paul MCALLISTER 17:39
2nd Michael FITZPATRICK 17:51
4th Paul CURLEY 17:56 – New PB
7th Drew KNOX 18:53
8th David CURRAN 19:13
10th John Gerard MURPHY 19:24
19th Joe DRAIN 20:11
23rd Conor O’RAWE 20:41
26th Joseph SMITH 21:03
33rd Harry BREWSTER 21:37
38th Lauren COX 21:59
39th Martin COX 22:00
40th Tony REID 22:00
48th Siobhan DRAIN 22:35
49th Matt SHIELDS 22:36
51st Greg MCCLURE 22:39
52nd Niall ARMSTRONG 22:45
69th Paul BRENNAN 24:08
86th John O’HARE 25:25
98th Thomas MCKINSTRY 25:58
105th Clare HOLMES 26:18
127th Gillian RUSSELL 28:36
138th Margaret STEPHENS 29:36
141st Eadaoin DONALDSON 29:51
143rd Sarah QUIGG 29:55 – New PB
147th Clare O’HARA 30:33
149th Kerry MCSHANE 30:39
153rd Gary BLYTHE 31:07
154th Bernadette DUFFY 31:22
159th Philomena DONALDSON 31:36
193rd Rachel BLYTHE-STONE 39:36

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