14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

McConnell Shield & Waterworks 5th Year Anniversary


This weekend saw the third installment of the Cross Country league with the 5 mile race taking place in Ballyclare. The 81st McConnell Shield featured one of the best lineups of the year with anyone from the top twenty capable of winning a race on their day. In the three mile ladies race Penny Lindsay completed the course in 20:47 for 33rd place. Janice Plumb followed Penny closely in 21:20 for 36th place. Carol Clarke completed the lineup for the club with a 117th place finish in a time of 25:23.


(Photo NiRunning)

In the packed mens field Comber Cup winner Mark McKinstry finished in 4th place overall over the 5 mile course in a time of 27:12. Mark was followed by NI Masters bronze medalist Eamon White in 10th 27:59 who made his first cross country appearance of the year. Cross country regular Neil Carty was next for 21st overall followed by Mark Jennings 36th 30:08, Laurence Johnston 47th 31:07, David Clark 55th 31:30, Edward Cooke 64th 32:03, John Patience 77th 32:36, Phillip Donnelly 93rd 33:31 and Joe Smith 152nd 36:20.


(Photo NiRunning)


On Sunday Berlin and Dublin marathon finisher Padraigin Bingeam took on a shorter distance race by taking part in the Forkhill 10k. Padraigin completed the distance in a time of 1:03:01.


This week saw the 5th anniversary of parkrun in Ireland with our own Wateworks welcoming parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt to unveil a plaque celebrating the accomplishment of the organisation in Ireland. Matt Shields parkrun Ireland director brought parkrun to Ireland in Novemeber 2010 with the first event taking place in North Belfast’s Waterworks park. Now parkrun Ireland boasts 61 events with over 6000 people regularly taking part each week with around 1000 of those taking part in Belfast.



22nd Athanasia SEVASTAKI 20:45 – New PB
2nd Greg LAVERY 19:13
7th Gerard MCNAMARA 20:14
26th Ciaran HUNTER 23:35
2nd James WALLACE 18:21 – New PB
1st Kent SWANN 17:07
2nd Tony MC CAMBRIDGE 17:15 – New PB
6th Thomas SIMMONS 18:06
8th Paul CURLEY 18:56
15th John Gerard MURPHY 19:35
17th Conor O’RAWE 19:41
18th Drew KNOX 19:47
19th Colin SIMPSON 19:47
20th Roisin HUGHES 19:48
22nd Tony MCNULTY 19:55
23rd Sean MCSHANE 20:05
24th Luke KELLY 20:06
28th Damien GILL 20:28
30th Fionn NAGLE 20:37
32nd Joe DRAIN 20:48
35th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 21:23
46th Paul WILLIAMS 22:00
47th Niall ARMSTRONG 22:11
48th Piaras MCSHANE 22:12
53rd Eamon SHERIDAN 22:26
54th Francis MCCAFFREY 22:31
55th Tony REID 22:31
62nd Andrew HARDING 23:14
70th Greg MCCLURE 23:35
73rd Gary BLYTHE 23:47
74th Jack CARBERRY 23:48
89th Chris MURRAY 24:40
91st Paul BRENNAN 24:41
111st Clare HOLMES 25:45 – New PB
115th Kerry MCSHANE 25:54
117th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 25:58
120th Robert IRVINE 26:01
126th Marian HAYES 26:14
128th Jim CLINTON 26:19
134th Philip MCILWRATH 26:37
136th John O’HARE 27:00
139th Kevin MCCANN 27:04
153rd Jason REID 27:28
182nd Eadaoin DONALDSON 28:45
193rd Philomena DONALDSON 29:14
197th Ciara O’RAWE 29:20
201st Bronagh CONLON 29:23
214th Margaret STEPHENS 29:52
230th Dermot MCGRATH 30:57
234th Bernadette DUFFY 31:20
235th Dirdre MURPHY 31:24
237th Gillian RUSSELL 31:39
245th Jansje LE MAHIEU – LAMB 31:57
250th Clare O’HARA 32:44
252nd Frances BURGESS 32:52
281st Rosy RYAN 38:00