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weekly round-up 20 December 2015

North West XC
 Saturday 19 December 2015, saw the latest fixture in the ongoing ANI XC league, with local club City of Derry AC welcoming athletes to the Gransha Grounds in Derry/Londonderry for the North West XC.   The only athlete from the club to take part in this 6k race was Joe Smith, who finished in a time of 25.01 or 128th position
Born2Run Tollymore
Also on Saturday 19 December was the latest in the Run Forest Run series organised by popular events company Born2Run.   686 runners took to the starting line of this 10k race, with NBH’s Louise Smith putting in a very strong performance to take second spot on the podium in a time of 40.24.  Andrew Harding also took part, finishing in 115th place in a time of 47.55.
PARK RUN 19/12/2015
Belfast Victoria
9 Colin Simpson 20:00
2nd Greg LAVERY 19:34
15th Trisha CAMPBELL 25:03
17th Carol CLARKE 25:14
19th Janice PLUMB 25:47
20th Nat GLENN 25:49
4th Simon REEVE 18:46
41st Eva KISSENPFENNIG 23:23
3rd Philip Patrick DONNELLY 18:46
25th Damien GILL 22:53
39th Ciaran HUNTER 25:27
3rd Conal MCCAMBRIDGE 16:36
5th Andrew MILLIGAN 17:07 - New PB
6th Paul CURLEY 18:30
8th Drew KNOX 19:25
9th John Gerard MURPHY 19:27
13th David CURRAN 20:05
14th Luke KELLY 20:08
15th Conor O'RAWE 20:11
17th Roisin HUGHES 20:17
19th Tony MCNULTY 20:29
30th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 21:36
32nd Gerry GRIBBON 21:51
33rd Jack CARBERRY 21:54
35th Chris MURRAY 22:16 - New PB
42nd Tony REID 22:33
44th Paul WILLIAMS 22:48
46th Greg MCCLURE 22:52
55th Gary BLYTHE 23:43
56th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 23:45
58th Ray CAMERON 23:51
64th Daniel KELLY 24:16 - New PB
67th Paul BRENNAN 24:26 78th
Jim CLINTON 25:16
79th Eamon MCCAMBRIDGE 25:25
82nd Sandy CARR 25:31
85th John O'HARE 25:36
89th Kevin MCCANN 25:42
94th Matt SHIELDS 26:01
98th Philip MCILWRATH 26:09
120th Eadaoin DONALDSON 27:42
127th Philomena DONALDSON 28:14
128th Bronagh CONLON 28:18 - New PB
131st John Robert JOHNSTON 28:21
133rd Orla MCCAMBRIDGE 28:49
134th Brendan MCCAMBRIDGE 28:49
137th Trisha MURRAY 28:53
145th Clare O'HARA 29:36
150th Margaret STEPHENS 30:12
161st Dirdre MURPHY 30:52
166th Thomas MCKINSTRY 31:55
173rd Bernadette DUFFY 32:54
184th Mick MURRAY 34:43 
187th Catherine CARLETON 35:52
188th Lyle CARLETON 35:52