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Weekly Report 3rd January: Life is like a box of chocolates

New Year’s Celebrations

Race Over The Glens

The annual New Year’s Day running of the Race Over The Glens was held on Friday at Glenariff Forest Park. Over the last 20 years the route has seen some recent alterations but it’s always a tough trail to tackle on January 1st. Having won the women’s team prize in 2015, injury and other commitments were likely to impact on defending that particular trophy. However, a large contingent of North Belfast Harriers still found themselves lacing up their trail running shoes having travelled through the heavy rain showers up to the Glens of Antrim.

1454546_929500293799500_5881334487665497461_n 10310095_929500217132841_4428681071174314547_n

The testing trail started with a short, fast section of tarmac before steeply rising to the highest point of the six mile course. Several Harriers positioned themselves towards the front of the pack looking to get any possible advantage of the descent to the river before the long gruelling climb back up to the lone piper at the top. With half a dozen Harriers in the top 30 places, it was Mark McKinstry who was leading the way; and once past the piper, he made descending the zig-zagging trail look easy before opening a gap along the final few hundred metres of undulating trail to cross the line with a new course record. The overall placing’s listed below, and the results meant that NBH secured the men’s team prize. Mark, Andrew, Kent and Marc had great age category performances, as did Judi and Janice who also placed 4th and 6th in the women’s race standings.

 12484837_1020834551306654_5978900412155014024_o 1293055_1020834741306635_7901458846327943067_o

1     Mark        McKinstry       1st MO  00:35:14        00:35:13

3     Andrew      Annett          2nd MO  00:36:08        00:36:07

9     Kent        Swann           3rd MO  00:39:44        00:39:43

11    Marc        Jennings        4th MO  00:40:05        00:40:00

25    Conor       Shiels          MO  00:42:54        00:42:48

28    Gareth      Grew            M45 00:43:21        00:43:18

57    Stephen     Walker          M35 00:45:45        00:45:42

58    Sean        McShane         M40 00:45:50        00:45:45

74    Frank       Rea             M55 00:47:01        00:46:52

76    Judi        Macauley        2nd FO  00:47:19        00:47:12

78    Ray         Cameron         M40 00:47:36        00:47:29

94    Janice      Plumb           2nd F45 00:48:26        00:48:22

122   Peter       McClelland      MO  00:51:06        00:50:57

128   Patrick     McShane         M40 00:51:53        00:51:43

217   Paul        Williams        M50 00:58:01        00:57:51

320   Thomas      McKinstry       M45 01:06:17        01:06:07

352   Marian      Hayes           FO  01:12:58        01:12:50


Forest Trail Heroes

Born 2 Run Kilbroney 10k

Saturday saw the fifth race of the ‘Run Forest Run’ series move to Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor where over four hundred runners negotiated the undulating forest trails. This series has seen Louise Smith consistently finish in the podium places and on Saturday, finishing in 9th place overall, Louise took 2nd place in the ladies race with 38:59. At the front of the pack, Lindsay Gordon was also challenging for a podium place. Despite a heroic effort, Lindsay had to also settle for 2nd place, crossing the line in 34:19. Thelma McCullough also ran with 52:53 to be well within the top half of the field and under 55 minutes for the challenging route. Padraigin Bingeam also posted 01:08:34 in her latest run in the series.


Quality Street Marathoning

East Antrim Marathon Series Back-to-Back Marathon Event

On the 30th and 31st December, East Antrim Marathon Series held a back to back event with two different 26.2 mile routes. John Johnston completed the out and back route from Carrickfergus Castle to Victoria Park on the 30th. Whilst Greg McClure completed his 75th marathon on the 31st with the 4 lap route around Greenisland.


parkrun Results

Belfast Victoria

13th Colin SIMPSON 20:10


4th Matthew MCILROY 22:04

7th Callum MCILROY 23:13


2nd Simon REEVE 18:55

9th Mark SHIELDS 21:13


33rd Ciaran HUNTER 23:56


38th Nora CURRAN 37:27


2nd James WALLACE 19:11

5th John MCCONNELL 19:48

11th Rebecca WALLACE 20:35


2nd John BLACK 16:28 – New PB

7th Gareth GREW 18:28

8th Stephen WALKER 18:36

10th Colin WILLETTS 18:46

15th Jim BENSON 19:06

17th John Gerard MURPHY 19:31

22nd Luke KELLY 20:58

28th Patrick MCSHANE 21:55

31st Conor O’RAWE 22:05

34th Paul WILLIAMS 22:48

37th Greg MCCLURE 22:57

41st Tony REID 23:14

43rd Joe DRAIN 23:39

54th Ray CAMERON 24:28

55th Paul BRENNAN 24:29

71st Anthony FLEMING 26:25

74th Philip MCILWRATH 26:37

75th Sandy CARR 26:38

83rd Bronagh CONLON 27:34 – New PB

84th John BURNS 27:42

91st John O’HARE 28:00

98th Margaret STEPHENS 28:50

103rd Lyle CARLETON 29:05

108th Trisha MURRAY 29:18

111st John GRIBBIN 29:45

115th Claire BRADY 30:10 – New PB

120th Marie-Louise LOWRY 30:34

130th Bernadette DUFFY 31:21

137th Orla YOUNG 32:06

140th Lynsey FLEMING 32:18

141st Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 32:18 – New PB – 50th Parkun

Stormont New Years Day parkrun

1 Conal MCCAMBRIDGE 17:00 First Timer!
2 Andrew MILLIGAN 17:51 New PB!
21 John Gerard MURPHY 20:01 First Timer!
32 Conor O’RAWE 20:26 First Timer!
56 Colin SIMPSON 21:06 First Timer!
75 Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 21:47 First Timer!
97 David MURRAY 22:45 First Timer!
129 Tony REID 23:34 First Timer!
154 Niall ARMSTRONG 24:22 First Timer!
165 Greg MCCLURE 24:42 First Timer!
171 Eamon MCCAMBRIDGE 24:53 First Timer!
189 Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 25:17 First Timer!
199 Ciaran HUNTER 25:40 First Timer!
206 Joe DRAIN 25:55 First Timer!
207 Siobhan DRAIN 25:56 First Timer!
227 Jim CLINTON 26:26 PB stays at 00:25:53
250 Philip MCILWRATH 27:02 First Timer!
275 Lynn MCCULLOUGH 27:56 First Timer!
331 Philomena DONALDSON 29:46 First Timer!
353 John O’HARE 30:33 First Timer!
440 Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 33:43 First Timer!
460 Bernadette DUFFY 34:36 First Timer!
496 Rosy RYAN 41:30 First Timer!