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Roisin Hughes Leads Strong Performances at Belfast City Marathon

roisin&KentRoisin Hughes was one of the club’s star performers in the Belfast City Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday, finishing in 3.02.05 as the second local runner and fifth female overall. On a day when 20 mph winds buffeted runners on parts of the course, Roisin was only about a minute off her personal best (3.01.10 from Belfast 2013). Given the weather conditions and the challenging, hilly nature of the Belfast route, on a flat course Roisin would most likely have broken the 3-hour mark. (Photo: Roisin Hughes and Kent Swann)

PaddyBCMRoisin also was part of the club’s women’s relay team, which finished second in the women’s competition in 2.51.59. The race rules allow full marathon runners to take part in the relay as long as they run the first leg, which Roisin did before handing off to Penny Lindsay. The next three legs of the relay were completed by Gladys Ganiel O’Neill, Janice Plumb, and Louise Smith.

The club’s ‘mixed’ (male-female) relay team also enjoyed success, running faster than even the all-male teams to win the Relay outright in 2.24.24. The five-person team of Philip Goss, Gladys Ganiel O’Neill, John Black, Conal McCambridge and Adam Boyd was almost four minutes clear of another mixed team, Queen’s Athletics (2.28.02). Queen’s held a slight advantage in the earlier stages of the race before Adam put it beyond reach on the final leg.

Kent Swann was the first man home, running a personal best by over ten minutes with his 2.50.49 clocking, placing 23rd overall. John McConnell was agonizingly close to breaking the 3-hour barrier, clocking 3.00.26 for 54th place.

nbhmarathonSeven more athletes completed the course in under 4 hours, led by John Murphy (3.09.54), Simon Reeve (3.15.26), Colin Willetts (3.16.29), Greg McClure – who clocked 3.25.27 just a week after running the London Marathon, Stephen Walker (3.31.00), Paddy McCambridge (3.39.20), Emma Sheehy (3.53.18), and Gary Blythe (3.56.59).

Next home were Paul Carlin (4.20.10), Martine McAnoy (4.52.04), Conor Sheridan (6.08.16), and Thomas McKinstry (6.22.27).

A mixed relay team that included Harriers Mark McKinstry, Paula Wallace, James Wallace and Cathy McCourt was 12th overall in 2.41.56.

Update: Marathon Relay Split Times

The times for the winning mixed team (all distances are approx): Philip Goss (6.2 miles, 33.29, 4th), Gladys Ganiel (3.3 miles, 20.32, 3rd overall and 1st woman), John Black (7.2 miles, 38.02, 1st), Conal McCambridge (4.5 miles, 25.00, 1st), and Adam Boyd (5 miles, 27.23, 4th).

The times for the women’s team (all distances are approx): Roisin Hughes (6.2 miles, 41.30), Penny Lindsay (3.3. miles, 23.46), Gladys Ganiel (7.2 miles, 43.33), Janice Plumb (4.5 miles, 32.17), Louise Smith (5 miles, 30.53).

The times for the other mixed team are: Mark McKinstry (6.2 miles, 33.19, 2nd), Paula Wallace (3.3 miles, 25.38), James Wallace (4.5 miles, 27.43), and Cathy McCourt (5 miles, 32.30).

Other Races

While the Marathon dominated the weekend, some Harriers took part in races during the week or further afield.

Helen Weir travelled to Limerick for the Ballyhoura Trail Half Marathon, finishing 6th in 2.08.12. NiRunning described the tough course this way: [the route traverses] forest track, open mountain and riverbanks.

In Race 3 of the Hill and Dale Series in Slieve Martin on Thursday, Neil Carty was his usual consistent self, finishing sixth overall and first in the V45 category in 37.32. He also defeated all the V35 and V40 athletes.


There were still plenty of runners out for the Saturday Parkruns, highlighted by Bernadette Duffy’s 100th at the Waterworks. Cian McGrath, Philip McIlwrath, and Rosy Ryan all completed their 50th, also at the Waterworks.

Belfast Victoria
38th Colin SIMPSON 22:10
135th Eddie COUGHLAN 26:59
164th Paul WILLIAMS 28:34
10th Harry PLUMB 22:24 – New PB
11th John STEELE 22:25
12th Janice PLUMB 22:28
13th Sandy PLUMB 22:46
4th Laurence JOHNSTON 18:25
274th Drew CRAWFORD 31:06
19th Damien GILL 21:34
22nd Ciaran HUNTER 21:49
2nd James WALLACE 18:35
4th Rebecca WALLACE 19:40
57th John MCCONNELL 24:56
1st Simon REEVE 18:15

3rd Piaras MCSHANE 19:28
6th Paul CURLEY 19:53
7th John Gerard MURPHY 19:54
12th Drew KNOX 20:57
17th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 21:33
19th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 22:10
22nd Cian MCGRATH 22:29 – 50th Parkrun
27th Tony REID 22:39
40th Greg MCCLURE 23:41
43rd Ciara O’RAWE 23:56
85th Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 26:31 – New PB
86th John BEGGS 26:34 – New PB
108th John O’HARE 27:43
114th Philip MCILWRATH 28:02 – 50th Parkrun
115th Ciara NEILAN 28:08
117th John GRIBBIN 28:16
124th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 28:51
125th Marian HAYES 28:52
130th Jack CARBERRY 29:02
131st Jason REID 29:03
132nd Chris O’DONOGHUE 29:06
139th Megan BEGGS 29:23
146th Jacqueline LAWLOR 29:34
154th Frances BURGESS 29:57 – New PB
163rd Margaret STEPHENS 30:26
166th Dermot MCGRATH 30:33
168th Bernadette DUFFY 30:49 – 100th Parkrun
169th Clare O’HARA 30:50
170th Eadaoin DONALDSON 30:51
171st Sandy CARR 30:51
185th Gillian RUSSELL 31:58
187th Orla YOUNG 32:15
191st Lisa EVANS 32:36
194th Catriona MORRIS 32:47
195th Dirdre MURPHY 32:58
197th Jansje LE MAHIEU – LAMB 33:05
210th Jane O’HARA 34:39
227th Rosy RYAN 39:58 – 50th Parkrun

5th Kevin LAVERY 23:51