14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Marathon, Mud, Mountain & Marshmallows – Weekly Report

Trick or Treat, the training pays off for the Harriers over the Halloween weekend.

Comber Cross-Country

Nearly 150 runners ran the 3 laps (6k) of the Women’s and Men’s Vets race. The course was still fairly firm following the Junior races and although undulating, proved very runable. Penny Lindsay and Carol Clarke represented the Harriers in the Women’s race whilst Jim Newberry and Freddie Murdoch ran in the Men’s Vets. All placed well in their respective age categories.

13th Penny Lindsay 25:45

14th Jim Newberry 25:54

33rd Carol Clarke 28:09

74th Freddie Murdoch 31:42

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In the Senior Men’s race, the Harriers were represented by sixteen runners in a field of nearly 200 runners looking to retain the Comber Cup. The 4 lap (8k) event was also the second race in the Athletics NI XC League. The good underfoot conditions meant that another fast but well paced run would be rewarded. The squad of Harriers were lead home by Mark McKinstry who left it until the last lap to pull away at the front of the field to take 1st place. With four runners in the top ten and eight sub 30 minute finishes, the Comber Trophy was coming back to the club. Maximum points in the League were also secured, and following on from a successful Bobby Rea XC, NBH currently place 2nd in the XC League.

14883501_1777383239202473_8647932498725947921_o 14853145_1777386225868841_8411955805474719195_o

1st Mark McKinstry 26:26

5th John Black 27:44

6th Philip Goss 27:53

10th Andrew Considine 28:24

17th Neil Carty 28:50

20th Conor Curran 29:01

22nd Shane Donnelly 29:18

32nd Edward Cooke 29:50

36th David Clarke 30:16

46th Vernon Shiels 30:58

57th Simon Reeve 31:41

68th John Patience 32:30

83rd Colin Willets 33:26

105th Ray Cameron 34:16

107th Niall Armstrong 34:28

129th Eamon Sheridan 36:01

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Running Scared? 10k

There weren’t so many Killer Clowns but plenty of Terrified Trail Runners coming over the hill after the zombifying zig-zags of the Divis climb at the first Running Scared 10k on Sunday morning. A clear, crisp autumn morning greeted the runners who had ventured up to take part in the 10K & 2K Halloween themed event over the Divis mountain trails. Some were in fancy dress and others just perhaps always look like that on a Sunday morning. Five Harriers who weren’t running Dublin this year were amongst the fifty or so Walking Dead …Running Scared!


3rd Simon Reeve 42:42

7th Gordon Glenn 51:13

21st Philip McIlwrath 01:01:23

29th Claire Brady 01:07:30

39th Orla Young 01:15:50


Dublin Marathon

Whether it takes you just over the 2 hours or closer to 6, it’s still 26.2 miles of tarmac moving beneath your feet as the sweat pours off your head, which fills with a whole range of emotions, whilst your heart pounds against your chest as you draw breath into your lungs. You tell yourself you’re supposed to be enjoying it, the toughest part – the training, is behind you. Believe in the training, believe in yourself and believe that as long as one foot goes in front of the other you’re a step closer to getting it done! At least half a dozen first timers ran and several personal bests were set as over 40 North Belfast Harriers ran the annual Dublin Marathon on Sunday. Just as many made the journey down to support, take photos, shout encouragement and celebrate with them.

14917307_10155411202148357_1532922684480554185_o 14882234_10155411200493357_5590795641624689207_o 10694259_10155411201868357_6703090126522365558_o

Thomas Simmons 2:40:02

James Brown 2:48:38 (3rd marathon, new PB)

Roisin Hughes 2:58:11 (new PB, 1st sub 3:00:00)

Kent Swann 2:58:11

Marty Rea 3hr pacer

Jim Benson 3:00:42

Marc Jennings 3:08:15

Stephen Walker 3:08:05

Arran Rutledge 3:09:39

Colin Simpson 3:13:06

Joe Norney 3:12:32

Greg McClure 3:18:09 (80th marathon!)

Paul Curley 3:24:15

Ita McCambridge 3:29:24 (1st marathon in 30 years, 9th in age group!)

John Steele 3:31:25 (1st marathon)

Paul Williams 3:29:??? (new PB, 1st sub 3:30:00!)

Jennifer Curley 3:45:32 (1st marathon)

Elaine Homes 3:50:12 (1st marathon)

Sandy Plumb 3:54:11 (new PB, smashed Belfast time by over an hour!)

Paddy McCambridge 3:55:07

Jim Clinton 3:58:06

Mary Reid 4:06:08

Paul Carlin 4:15:18 (10th marathon)

Mel McClure 4:17:37

Mark Orr 4:19:02

Thomas McKinstry 4:19:07

Clare Homes 4:24:47

Gary Blythe 4:29:21

Coleen Thompson 4:30:58 (new PB by 26 mins!)

John Burns 4:30:58

Siobhan Aurthur 4:46:40

Sandy Carr 4:58:51

Frankie McGivern 4:57:06

Margaret Stephens 4:59:52 (1st marathon)

Trisha Murray 5:00:54 (1st marathon)

Christopher Murray 5:01:24 (1st marathon)

Ann Marie Clarken 5:14:59 (1st marathon)

John Beggs 5:14:29 (1st marathon)

Karen Clarken 5:14:31 (1st marathon)

Jason Reid 5:27:53

14633632_10155411200088357_8177698325122473910_o 14859670_10155411202638357_1320366431172940276_o 14859906_10155411202723357_7862598426049765886_o 14883610_10155411200878357_4455626178408351688_o 14918897_10155411202263357_8144666925243401120_o 14889752_10155411200483357_3332143111560992891_o 

Hot Chocolate 15k, Chicago

Running for chocolate, Rosy Ryan ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago, finishing in 02:18:02.


parkrun Results:

The Saturday morning parkruns were well attended by Harriers, with nine recording new PBs.

Belfast Victoria

24th Mark SHIELDS 19:25

67th Colin SIMPSON 24:34

123rd Claire BRADY 28:00

Colin Glen

32nd Jim CLINTON 31:08


3rd Nat GLENN 20:42

4th Janice PLUMB 20:43

6th Matthew MCILROY 21:24

9th Callum MCILROY 22:20

19th Harry PLUMB 24:18


4th Laurence JOHNSTON 18:09

20th Eva KISSENPFENNIG 20:31 – New PB


11th Ciaran HUNTER 20:24 – New PB

21st Kevin LAVERY 22:00

56th Damien GILL 26:30


4th Helen F WEIR 21:26


9th John MCCONNELL 19:51


2nd Amando BAMISILE 18:12

8th John Gerard MURPHY 19:28

11th Drew KNOX 19:45

25th Matt SHIELDS 21:52

37th Anthony FLEMING 22:56

52nd Daniel KELLY 23:51 – New PB

53rd Luke KELLY 23:54

69th Donna MCLAUGHLIN 24:41

70th Greg MCCLURE 24:44

73rd John Robert JOHNSTON 24:51

89th Philip MCILWRATH 25:29

98th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 26:08

113rd Eadaoin DONALDSON 27:09

126th Magdalena BISEWSKA 27:46

128th Joan GRIEVE 28:02

134th Bronagh CONLON 28:28

145th Martine MCANOY 29:19

148th Bernadette DUFFY 29:29 – New PB

149th Philomena DONALDSON 29:29

152nd Clare O’HARA 29:34

156th Monica O’KANE 29:46 – New PB

175th Catriona MORRIS 31:37

176th Lorna MCGRATH 31:41

177th Catherine CARLETON 31:42 – New PB

181st Marilyn FOSTER 32:42 – New PB

198th Mary Claire MCCULLOUGH 35:02 – New PB

199th Mick MURRAY 35:03

200th Leeanne MAGEE 35:11 – New PB 

225th Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 41:40

233rd Padraigin BINGHAM 43:53


57th John GRIBBIN 27:19