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North Belfast Harriers Weekly Report 8th – 14th May 2017


This week was a quiet week for the North Belfast Harriers with only a few events attended. Les Jones Memorial 10k, Jengana 10k and Strabane-Lifford Half Marathon.  As usual Park run was well attended in a variety of locations across the country.

Les Jones Memorial 10k

les jones

The Les Jones memorial, in tribute to Athletics NI chairman who passed away in 1992 was held on 12th May 2017 and welcomed over 300 competitors and is part of ongoing Novosco 10k Grand Prix. The tough course took competitors from the start line at Mary Peters Track, out onto the Upper Malone Road an onwards to the Lagan Towpath and Shaws Bridge, before guiding them back towards the finish line on the Mary Peters Track, via the infamous climb in Barnetts Demesne.  Top places were taken by Dan Tanui of Project Africa Athletics and Judith Lonnen (City of Lisburn AC).  North Belfast Harriers had a few participants to this race who performed well.


Pos Bib Firstname Lastname Category Finish Chiptime
100 115 Kevin McCann M60 00:46:37 00:46:30
104 324 Andrew Harding M45 00:47:01 00:46:55
155 311 Freddie Murdoch M75 00:51:24 00:51:16
169 270 Odhrán Stockman M55 00:52:47 00:52:33














North Belfast Harriers Kent Swann 5th Local Finisher in Belfast City Marathon 2017.

Well done to Kent Swann who collected his prize for 5th Local Finisher in Belfast City Marathon.


Jengana 10k 2017:

On Saturday 13th May 2017, athletes from across the province descended on Shanes Castle Estate in Antrim for the 5th annual Jengana 10k race.  3 runners Louise Smith, Marian Hayes and Jason Reid represented North Belfast Harriers at the event.  This event is organised to help promote the work of Jengana Association and to raise funds for their work in Kenya.


Pos Bib Firstname Lastname Club Finish Chiptime
96 81 Louise Smith North Belfast Harriers 00:56:40 00:56:30
112 117 Marian Hayes North Belfast Harriers 01:02:00 01:01:51
114 2 Jason Reid North Belfast Harriers 01:02:02 01:01:49

Strabane-Lifford Half Marathon 2017

The 3rd annual Strabane Lifford Half Marathon event took place on Sunday 14th May 2017, a cross border event  with the winner of the Les Jones 10k Dan Tanui also taking 1st place in this race.  Andrew Considine of North Belfast Harriers finished in 8th place!


Pos Bib Name Gender Cat Finish Chiptime Halfway
8 170 Andrew Considine M M40 01:17:54 01:17:52 00:38:25
24 1258 Matt Shields M M60 01:22:46 01:22:42 00:40:36
48 925 John McGuigan M M40 01:26:38 01:26:34 00:43:02
1110 557 Elaine Holmes F F50 02:29:07 02:27:38 01:04:46
1183 181 Martin Cox M M50  01:28:32  01:28:22 00:41:45


(Pictures from Strabane Lifford Half Marathon Facebook page)

Park Run Results

11 Location and 4 PB’s this week! Well done to Siobhan Drain, Emma Sheehy, Max Reid and David Johnston

77th Philip MCILWRATH 25:15
209th Rosy RYAN 59:59
12th Paul WILLIAMS 22:38

2nd Joe DRAIN 21:02
7th Siobhan DRAIN 23:21 – New PB
21st Matt SHIELDS 24:20
2nd Ethan GLENN 19:51
7th John STEELE 21:43
8th Janice PLUMB 21:43
15th Harry PLUMB 23:02
56th Greg LAVERY 47:25
115th Eva KISSENPFENNIG 24:28
143rd Anthony FLEMING 25:12
352nd Lynsey FLEMING 33:03
22nd Ciaran HUNTER 21:43

7th John Gerard Murphy 21:29

10th Greg McClure 22.22

11th Max REID 20:52 – New PB
2nd Paul HORAN 18:56
62nd Clare HOLMES 30:14
1st Thomas SIMMONS 17:32
3rd Colin WILLETTS 18:42
5th Laurence JOHNSTON 19:16
7th John MCCONNELL 19:32
9th Ray CAMERON 20:09
10th Drew KNOX 20:33
16th Sam CARR 21:17
31st Tony REID 22:22
35th Lyle CARLETON 22:41
36th Cian MCGRATH 22:41
42nd Jack CARBERRY 23:07
47th Emma SHEEHY 23:25 – New PB
60th Jim CLINTON 24:10
79th Patrick MCSHANE 25:22
80th Sean MCSHANE 25:23
92nd Roisin HUGHES 25:46
94th Colin SIMPSON 25:48
97th Terence MCATAMNEY 25:55
104th John GRIBBIN 26:19
118th Chris O’DONOGHUE 27:05
140th Bronagh CONLON 28:00
143rd David JOHNSTON 28:12 – New PB
155th Kerry MCSHANE 28:54
156th Sandy CARR 29:01
157th Magdalena BISEWSKA 29:01
161st Ciara SEYMOUR 29:10
173rd Catherine MCKILLEN 30:01
182nd Gemma LOWE 30:24
189th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 30:48
191st Marian HAYES 30:53
193rd Margaret STEPHENS 30:55
205th Philomena DONALDSON 31:47
218th Thomas MCKINSTRY 33:24
224th Mick MURRAY 34:13