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NBH weekly race report, 19th– 25th June 2017

It was a busy week for NBH runners, with a huge participation in Lisburn and a worthwhile trip south. With memories of damp, uncomfortable winter training firmly at the back of peoples’ minds, success in the sun came thick and fast.


Lisburn half marathon and 10km, Lisburn.

Always a highlight of the racing calendar, the Lisburn half marathon regularly attracts a huge number of runners for the good course, great organisation, competitive field and the uncannily reliable good summery weather.

With a coach full helpfully organised by Rosy, the NBH headed to Lisburn city in their droves. A huge number of runners competed in both the 10km and the half marathon, and were well rewarded with some stellar results.

The half marathon event was the NI Athletics championship race and was also a part of the Pure Running half marathon series. The race was won by Freddy Sittuk from Raheny Shamrock AC (01:11:35) and the women’s race was won by NBH own Gladys Ganiel (01:20:17). Not far behind Freddy Sittuk was NBHs’ own John Black who sealed a fantastic 2nd place in what was a defining race for him. That meant that both John and Gladys secured the NI & Ulster Half Marathon titles in their respective genders, a fantastic result for both. But it wasn’t just those two stellar performances that stood out this week, a culmination of efforts throughout the field meant that NBH also secured gold in both the ladies’ and men’s teams. And further to that when you drill down into the results, Gladys, Greg and Ita took age category wins, with Helen and Simon taking third and second in their respective age categories.

Aside from those performances above that are highlighted in the results lists, there are no doubt numerous impressive athletic performances throughout the wider field from NBH runners. While we are not able to mention them all, there’s no doubt a lot of well deserved praise amongst the below finishing times. Well done guys!

Half marathon

Pos Firstname Lastname Finish
2 John Black 01:12:19
5 Edward Cooke 01:15:37
8 Philip Goss 01:16:42
14 Gladys Ganiel 01:20:17
24 Simon Reeve 01:22:49
30 Vernon Shiels 01:24:45
62 John MISKIMMIN 01:29:21
115 Greg McClure 01:36:28
135 Helen F Weir 01:38:32
 170 Ita McCambridge 01:40:48
221 Gary Blythe 01:43:30
360 Una McConnell 01:50:19
418 GORDON GLENN 01:53:15
444 Paddy McCambridge 01:54:18
445 Lyle Carleton 01:54:20
570 Thomas Mckinstry 01:58:47
674 Christopher Lennon 02:02:02
702 Paul Carlin 02:03:06
760 Anthony Fleming 02:05:53
763 John Beggs 02:05:54
829 Philip McIlwrath 02:08:56
1092 Anne Marie Clarken 02:23:53
1241 Robbie Speers 02:40:27
1258 Dermot McGrath 02:44:15


Lisburn 10km race

Alongside the half marathon the 10km race was another competitive fixture, with the race being won by James Edgar from City of Lisburn AC (32:49) and Donna Mone from Monaghan Town Runners leading the ladies race home (38:57). NBH Andrew Annett clinched third spot on the podium in what was a close finish at the front end. Paul Curley and Nat Glenn also took 3rd place in their age groups. While we can’t practically mention all the performances, within the below mentioned 55 finishes are no doubt a lot of fantastic stories of grit, determination and well deserved success.


Pos Firstname Lastname Finish
3 Andrew Annett 00:33:15
10 Nat Glenn 00:36:15
19 Paul Curley 00:38:20
44 Rory Kane 00:40:39
90 Orla McCambridge 00:43:57
105 John Steele 00:44:52
131 Frankie Smyth 00:45:50
267 Katrina McAuley 00:50:17
285 Andrew Taylor 00:50:50


Orla McCambridge 00:51:27


364 Terence McAtamney 00:52:39
439 John Hamilton 00:54:12
446 Catriona McCambridge 00:54:21
481 Sandy Plumb 00:54:49
579 Diane Taylor 00:56:41
674 Paul Lavery 00:58:24
700 Fiona Magill 00:58:45
876 Magdalena Bisewska 01:01:15
886 Bernard Lynn 01:01:21
943 Cailein Curley 01:02:13


Megan Beggs 01:02:19


958 Eimear Nugent 01:02:22
1009 Kevin Curran 01:03:09
1016 DAVID JOHNSTON 01:03:16
1027 Heather Wilson 01:03:22
1092 Gail Johnston 01:04:17
1119 Sonia Millar 01:04:40
1180 Ciara Seymour 01:05:36
1185 Nial O’Neill 01:05:38
1186 Lynn Mckenna 01:05:38
1189 John Higgins 01:05:48
1284 Philippa Curran 01:07:29
1335 Bronagh Scullion 01:08:19
1337 Carolanne McDonald 01:08:20
1361 Elaine Crawford 01:08:43
1465 Carrie McAtamney 01:10:27
1488 Phil Curran 01:10:47
1489 Monica O’Kane 01:10:49
1490 Pat Curran 01:10:49
1544 Emma Toner 01:11:53
1597 Lorna McGrath 01:13:06
1610 Clare Morgan 01:13:41
1643 Lindsay Walker 01:14:19
1654 Catherine Carleton 01:14:33
1684 Catherine O’Boyle 01:15:06
1738 Andrew Grimley 01:16:46
1784 Leeanne Magee 01:18:13
1785 Sinead Toal 01:18:13
1827 Matthew Carleton 01:20:01
1828 Martine McAnoy 01:20:01
2068 Eileen Keenan 01:30:12
2069 Helen Grimley 01:30:12
2358 Rosy Ryan 01:42:36
2359 Gemma Lowe 01:42:36
2360 Patricia Braniff 01:42:36

Pure Running Half marathon series

The completion of the Lisburn half marathon marked the half way stage in this year’s Pure Running Half marathon series, NBH has three runners in this series. Louise Smith is striding away at the front of her age category, with more than an hour between her and the second place lady. Peter McClelland has held third place in his age category. Greg McClure has held on to top spot at the half way point in his age category.

Irish Milers Club Belfast Grand Prix 2017, Mary Peters Track, Belfast:

On Saturday a large number of athletes from all over the island of Ireland descended upon a windy Mary Peters Track, and with the trees blustering in the wind the runners were hopeful of a welcome breeze on their back. The NBH runners at the meet certainly performed well, with 2 podium positions and PB times achieved by Andrew and Conor over the 800m distance. Maybe the windy MPT reminded them of the normal conditions at the mountainside NBH track training….

Race Name Time Position
1500m B Women Lauren Cox 7th 5:12:10
800 E Men O’Rawe, Conor 3rd 2:11:63
800m D Men Bamisile, Amando 7th 2:06:73


800 C Men Andrew Millegan 1st 1:58.29
1500 A Men Micheal McKillop 18th 4:09:80
3km men Conal McCambridge 19th 9:09.88



Dunshauglin AC 10KM, Co Meath

On Saturday evening a number of NBH runners headed to the Royal County to take part in the 38th annual Dunshaughlin 10km, the oldest 10km in Ireland. They were well rewarded with some fantastic times and a team prize to take up the road. With 3 runners in the top 10 and a raft of PBs it certainly was a successful evening. See the cracking times below:

Pos Name Time
5 Mark MCKINSTRY Senior Male   (5) Male  (5) 00:31:36
7 Lindsay GORDON  Senior Male   (7) Male  (7) 00:31:49
9 Andrew ANNETT 00:32:27
20 Conor CURRAN 00:33:11


Parkrun @ various locations:

As ever the NBH attended parkrun events in their droves. This Saturday saw 5 new PBs.


5th Martsje HELL 18:57 – New PB


11th Piaras MCSHANE 19:22

120th Kerry MCSHANE 27:15

121st Sean MCSHANE 27:17

14th Paul WILLIAMS 22:44

1st Nat GLENN 18:40

3rd Ethan GLENN 20:08

4th Janice PLUMB 21:11

11th John STEELE 22:36

24th Harry PLUMB 24:47

34th Sandy PLUMB 25:33

4th Martin REA 17:55

39th Eva KISSENPFENNIG 21:28

319th Jim CLINTON 36:32

11th Ciaran HUNTER 21:43

7th Helen F WEIR 21:32

6th John MCCONNELL 20:00

101st Philip MCILWRATH 27:38

207th Rosy RYAN 41:13

1st Kent SWANN 17:37

2nd Thomas SIMMONS 17:42

3rd Colin WILLETTS 18:44

8th John Gerard MURPHY 19:34

9th Ray CAMERON 19:50

20th Colin SIMPSON 21:46

21st Martin O’NEILL 21:57 – New PB

24th Sam CARR 22:16

26th Greg MCCLURE 22:28

29th Odhran MOAN 22:51 – New PB

31st Tony REID 23:05

32nd Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 23:08

44th Terence MCATAMNEY 24:06

52nd Katrina MCAULEY 24:27

64th Joe WILSON 25:21

76th Maurice PALMER 26:05

85th Cailein CURLEY 26:33

90th Sandy CARR 26:54

92nd Michael LAWLOR 26:57

95th David JOHNSTON 27:12

97th Roisin HUGHES 27:14

106th Joanne MCGURK 27:48 – New PB

115th Simon REEVE 28:32

123rd Geraldine MURPHY 29:22

127th Trisha MURRAY 29:41

129th Jacqueline LAWLOR 29:56

132nd Margaret STEPHENS 30:19

142nd Joan GRIEVE 31:27

143rd Bronagh CONLON 31:28

144th Monica O’KANE 31:28

147th Dermot MCGRATH 31:42

152nd Philomena DONALDSON 32:10

155th Mick MURRAY 32:19

156th Michele FLOOD 32:20

167th James TOAL 33:45

170th Gemma LOWE 33:49

177th Sinead TOAL 34:27 – New PB

178th Dirdre MURPHY 34:29

183rd Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 35:29

184th Marian HAYES 35:30


All photos from NBH Facebook page