14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

North Belfast Harriers Race Report, 10th – 16th July 2017

Ballyvea 10K

This year seen the first of the Ballyvea 10k & 5k races, organised by Ballyvea FC and took place in Kileel on 10th July.  Over 100 competitors took part over both races and North Belfast Harriers own Andrew Annett came in first place in the 10k (32:59) while Jamie Annett won first place in the 5k race (20:25)

 Picture by Ballyvea F.C.

Shore 10k

Shore 10k is organised by East Down AC and took place on a beautiful sunny Tuesday (11th) evening.  The winner male was Alan Johnston of Murlough AC while East Down’s Niamh Kellett was first for the ladies.  Over 230 runners took part including 3 harriers, who had great results.  Well done guys!

Pos Time Cat Num Name
36 00:42:35 M60 47 Greg McClure
165 00:56:34 FO 188 Eadaoin Donaldson
208 01:03:16 F55 186 Philomena Donaldson

Rathmullan 5k

This event took place in Donegal on Friday evening this week and the NBH were represented by 8 runners.  It was a sucessful night for the Harriers who collected 2 age category prizes and 4 runners achieved PB’s.  Conor Curran was 4th, taking the 1st Male 40 prize, while Lauren Cox achieved the prize of 1st Junior Woman.

Name Time
Conor Curran 16:02 4th Place
Brendan McCambridge 17:52 PB
John Murphy 18:49
Frankie Smyth 18:56 PB
Martin Cox 18:57
Lauren Cox 19:29 PB & 1st Junior Woman
Paddy McCambridge 20:48
Orla McCambridge 23:05 PB


Sea to Sky

Sea to Sky took place on Friday 14th July with almost 800 competitors attending this Born to Run event.  The course provided its competitors with a mixture of road, trail and track in rainy weather conditions was challenging to all.  The 10k winner David McKee of Mourne Runners ran 35:21 just 27 seconds ahead of North Belfast Harriers Kent Swann who came in to take 3rd place

Kent Swann (3rd place)                         Kate, Eileen & Kerry enjoyed the evening

Pos Bib Firstname Lastname Gender Cat Chiptime
3 628 Kent Swann M MO 00:35:48
5 171 Simon Reeve M M40 00:37:38
8 486 Martin Rea M M40 00:38:11
226 307 Gordon Glenn M M45 00:52:01
306 62 Anthony Fleming M M40 00:55:22
367 7 John Beggs M M50 00:58:02
428 634 Heather Wilson F FO 01:02:27
513 350 Eileen Keenan F F50 01:07:01
514 257 Kerry Coogan F F40 01:07:03
515 469 Kathleen O’neill F F50 01:07:01
560 505 Anne marie Clarken F F40 01:10:40

Park Run

This week’s Waterworks Park Run celebrated our very own Matt Shield’s 250th Park Run.  The Waterworks Park Run Facebook page paid tribute to “Mr Parkrun Ireland” and he was presented with a gift before the run commenced this week.  Representatives from other parkruns came from all over NI and ROI to celebrate the occasion for the man who started the park run phenomenon in 2010.

 Pictures by Trisha Murray & Rosy Ryan

Belfast Victoria
53rd Mark SHIELDS 23:23
Derry City
6th Jim NEWBERRY 20:26
1st Ethan GLENN 20:06
4th Nat GLENN 21:22
16th Trisha CAMPBELL 25:02
19th Harry PLUMB 25:33
193rd Clare HOLMES 30:53
18th Ciaran HUNTER 22:40
10th John MCCONNELL 21:53
1st Kent SWANN 17:20
2nd Marc JENNINGS 17:43 New PB
5th Niall ARMSTRONG 18:26 New PB
6th Stephen WALKER 18:37
9th Simon REEVE 19:01
12th David CURRAN 19:32
13th Piaras MCSHANE 19:34
17th Ray CAMERON 19:55
20th Luke KELLY 20:18
21st Max REID 20:24
25th Greg MCCLURE 20:55
33rd Colin SIMPSON 21:36
41st Jack CARBERRY 22:40
47th Lauren COX 23:06
49th Sean MCSHANE 23:13
51st Drew KNOX 23:21
65th Mia MCDOWELL 24:06
67th Gary BLYTHE 24:18
69th Tony REID 24:26
70th Donna MCLAUGHLIN 24:27:00 New PB
73rd Jim CLINTON 24:32
79th Sarah Jane STEWART 24:43:00
82nd Anthony FLEMING 24:46
83rd Jim BENSON 24:47
86th Joe WILSON 24:54
87th Lyle CARLETON 24:55
96th Philip MCILWRATH 25:25
106th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 25:43
107th Coleen THOMPSON 25:43
109th Daniel KELLY 25:44
113rd Thomas MCKINSTRY 25:53
141st Eadaoin DONALDSON 27:45
144th Roisin HUGHES 27:50
160th Matt SHIELDS 28:30
170th Joanne MCALLISTER 29:28:00 New PB
174th Ciara SEYMOUR 29:38
182nd Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 30:25
183rd Orla CASH 30:26
184th Nuala MAHON 30:27
187th Jacqueline LAWLOR 30:43
200th Philomena DONALDSON 32:17
203rd Bernadette DUFFY 32:23
207th Joan GRIEVE 33:01
211st Gemma LOWE 33:13
214th Kathleen O’NEILL 33:15
218th Elaine CRAWFORD 33:21
220th Bronagh CONLON 33:27










259th Eileen KEENAN 41:08
269th Rosy RYAN 44:47
271st Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 45:59
9th Katrina MCAULEY 23:34
4th Helen WEIR 20:58
13th Odhran STOCKMAN 24:30
2nd John Gerard MURPHY 20:10
5th Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 21:34
8th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 22:28
19th Brendan MCCAMBRIDGE 25:23
20th Orla MCCAMBRIDGE 25:24
58th Maurice PALMER 25:04

Claremorris Park Run

16th             Sandy           CARR                       23:35

Clermont Park Run, Florida

61st              Andrew         Taylor                     27:14

62nd            Diane             Taylor                    27:18