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NBH Race Report 14th – 20th July

NBH Race Report 14th – 20th July

50th Anniversary of NI sub 4min mile.

North Belfast Harriers were represented at the commemorative event last week in Paisley Park to mark the 50th anniversary of breaking the four minute mile in Northern Ireland by Kip Keino and Derek Graham.

photo from NBH New/Events Facebook

Slieve Bearnagh

Saturday saw the penultimate race of the 2017 NIMRA Championship. The 3.9 miles took in the three summits 0f Meelbeg, Bearnagh and Meelmore. Martsje Hell raced well over the very technical terrain and finished 3rd in 58:20

Born 2 Run Dambusters Events

The 6th annual Dambusters Races were held in Silent Valley on Saturday. In the Half Marathon: Robert Irvine placed 25th 1:37:23 followed by Nichola Swann 1:55:58 and Elaine Holmes 1:56:39.

In the 10k; Geoff Swann 47:38 and Richard Rogers 53:08.

Tandragee 10k

On Sunday morning, NBH had success at the Tandragee 10k with Louise Smith taking the win in the ladies race. Laurence Johnston 37:25 was 1st M55 and Matt Shields with 37:35 was 1st M60 (both finishing in the top ten), Louise Smith 38:35 placed 12th overall.

photo from NBH New/Events Facebook

Benburb 5k & 5Mile

Ethan Glenn won the Benburb 5k on Sunday, whilst Nat Glenn 28:02 placed 2nd in the 5 Mile race

parkrun Results


Antrim 13th Colin SIMPSON 21:11

Colinglen 26th Jim CLINTON 25:45 – New PB 32nd Maurice PALMER 27:03

Carrickfergus 12th Paul WILLIAMS 22:09

Enniskillen 54th Philip MCILWRATH 27:43 95th Rosy RYAN 44:51 – New PB

Larne 10th Carol CLARKE 23:41 21st Sandy PLUMB 28:11

Ormeau 85th Gerry ANDERSON 24:30 – New PB 132nd David JOHNSTON 26:31 313rd Drew CRAWFORD 34:11

Queens 16th Damien GILL 20:46 19th Lauren COX 21:30 32nd Ciaran HUNTER 23:15 100th Kevin LAVERY 29:21

Stormont 14th Helen F WEIR 21:01 24th Mark SHIELDS 22:10

Waterworks 1st Kent SWANN 17:44 3rd Conor O’RAWE 18:15 4th Matthew LAVERY 18:55 6th John Gerard MURPHY 19:44 12th Max REID 20:26 13th Joe DRAIN 20:30 14th Piaras MCSHANE 20:32 15th Sean MCSHANE 20:33 36th Jack CARBERRY 22:28 37th Greg MCCLURE 22:33 38th Kevin MCCANN 22:34 51st Tony REID 23:20 52nd Siobhan DRAIN 23:25 56th Gary BLYTHE 23:42 60th Odhran STOCKMAN 24:03 64th Sarah Jane STEWART 24:34 69th Ciara O’RAWE 24:57 81st Joe WILSON 25:30 108th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 26:35 114th Matt SHIELDS 26:50 118th Clare O’HARA 27:15 132nd Eoin MCCONNELL 27:49 136th Joanne MCALLISTER 27:57 138th Paul ARMSTRONG 28:05 – New PB 141st Orla CASH 28:11 159th Eadaoin DONALDSON 29:10 174th Thomas Peter NORTON 29:52 176th Leona KNOX 29:55 – New PB 182nd Niamh MCAULEY 30:12 188th Nuala MAHON 30:33 189th Katrina MCAULEY 30:42 195th Margaret STEPHENS 31:04 210th Bernadette DUFFY 32:18 219th Dermot MCGRATH 33:01 259th Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 37:50 262nd Helen Grimley 39:12 – New PB

Dungloe 1st Martin REA 19:11

Falcarragh 55th John LAVERY 30:26

Uditore 11th Philomena Donaldson 32:00