14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH Race Report for w/e Sunday 15th October 2017

KiNBH RACE REPORT w/e Sunday 15h October 2017:

Comber Cup Champions, XC NI League, the Great 8 Dundrum Run and parkrun

COMBER CUP XC CHAMPIONS (Saturday 14th October 2017)
North Belfast Harriers started the Cross Country Season in style in a race organised by Ballydrain Harriers and Athletic Club. Running in the mud and muck of Billy Neill Playing Fields NBH retained the Comber Cup. The first 6 home ensured that the prestigious Comber Cup remained in the Trophy Cabinet in Oldpark Terrace. Mark McKinstry was placed 3rd overall in 27:43 in the 8km course. The two Andrews followed behind, Annett in 28:03 and Considine in 30:03. This is a race where everyman counts right down to Gerry Anderson who completed the distance in 45:16. Well done Mark and fellow team mates!
A small team of 4 female runners travelled down to take part in 6km John McKeag Cup. They showed guts and determination ploughing their way uphill and down dale. Whilst former club member, Breege Connolly, took first podium position in 23:02 our very own Carol Clarke led the NBH ladies home in 29:31. Keep up the good work! We look forward to the rest of the XC season to see what other trophies the club can bring home to the clubhouse.

Comber Cup Results 2017
3 Mark McKinstry 0:27:43.8 MO
5 Andew Annett 0:28:03.4 MO
22 Andrew Considine 0:30:02.6 M40
23 Mark Jennings 0:30:09.1 MO
24 Thomas Simmons 0:30:16.2 M35
27 Joe Malone 0:30:22.3 MO
28 Neil Carty 0:30:22.6 M50
30 David Clarke 0:30:34.8 M55
73 David Curran 0:33:59.4 M45
111 Eamon McCambridge 0:37:11.4 MO
125 Frankie Smyth 0:38:12.6 MO
127 Joe Smith 0:38:24.9 M40
137 Greg McClure 0:38:59.7 M55
158 Lyle Carleton 0:42:18.4 M50
163 Gary Blythe 0:44:05.6 M5
168 Gerry Anderson 0:45:16.5 M45

Ladies and Men 60+ John McKeag Cup
53 Carol Clarke 0:29:31 F50
63 Sandy Carr 0:30:19 F35
77 Kathleen Diamond 0:32:03 F40
119 Eadaoin Donaldson 0:37:12 F0


(Saturday 14th October 2017)
This 8 mile multi terrain race organised by Murlough Athletic Club is now one of Northern Ireland’s most popular running events. It has a stunning mix of road, beach, boardwalk incorporating Murlough Nature Reserve where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea. Kent Swann continues to perform at the very highest level. He secured second podium place on Saturday in the blistering time of 47:52. He was one almost 30 NBH runners who travelled down to take part in this Co. Down coastal race. Mary Reid, first woman home in a time of 1:08:30 was just a few minutes behind husband, Tony. Rosy Ryan was her ever smiling self as she crossed the finish line. Congratulations to all who completed this demanding and hugely popular race.

Great Dundrum 8 Results 2017

2 Kent Swann 00:47:52 M MO
93 Robert Irvine 00:58:21 M M55
192 Gerard Sowney 01:04:27 M MO
200 Kevin McCann 01:04:52 M M45
229 Terence McAtamney 01:06:03 M MO
246 Tony Reid 01:06:27 M M50
289 Anthony Fleming 01:08:05 M M40
295 John Beggs 01:08:27 M M50
296 Mary Reid 01:08:30 F F50
401 Elaine Holmes 01:12:26 F F50
403 Richard Rogers 01:12:27 M M50
427 Andrew Taylor 01:13:17 M M35
443 Lynn McCullough 01:13:46 F F45
462 Diane Taylor 01:14:20 F F 35
466 Philip McIlwrath 01:14:31 M M40
477 Megan Beggs 01:15:26 F FO
569 Thomas Norton 01:19:11 M M35
580 Joe Wilson 01:19:42 M M55
644 Anne Marie Clarken 01:22:18 F F40
650 Gabrielle Mallaghan 01:22:32 F F50
674 John Higgins 01:23:56 M M45
700 Linda Beggs 01:25:12 F F35
710 Joanne McGurk 01:25:40 F F35
762 Dirdre Murphy 01:28:32 F F50
765 Monica O’Kane 01:28:41 F F55
767 Sharon Hobbs 01:29:05 F F45
799 Sonia Millar 01:31:35 F F40
899 Nisha Sharma 01:53:24 F FO
900 Caroline Hill 01:53:26 F F40
904 Rosy Ryan 02:16:40 F F40


parkrun results

Paul Horan 17:41, John Sloan 18:01 and Joanne McAllister 26:02 had cause for celebration as they had PBs in their parkruns on Saturday morning. Joe Norney completed his 50th parkrun in the Waterworks. Well done to all.

Carrickfergus (173 runners)
136th Alicia KUCHOCHA 34:02

Castlwellan (258 runners)

248th Rosy RYAN 51:41

249th Philip McIlwrath

Larne (49 runners)
7th April 22:16
8th Nat GLENN 22:20
13th Sandy PLUMB 23:50

Ormeau (302 runners)
2nd Paul HORAN 17:41 – New PB

Queens (106 runners)
16th Ciaran HUNTER 21:44

Wallace (185 runners)
2nd James WALLACE 18:22

Waterworks (217 runners)
5th John SLOAN 18:01 – New PB
6th Thomas REID 18:10
8th Laurence JOHNSTON 18:29
10th Simon REEVE 18:45
20th John Gerard MURPHY 20:11
21st Drew KNOX 20:23
27th Greg MCCLURE 21:36
34th Jack CARBERRY 22:08
39th Joe NORNEY 23:07 – 50th Parkun
40th Paul CURLEY 23:07
45th Orla CASH 23:30
59th Mia MCDOWELL 24:15
80th Tony REID 25:57
82nd Joanne MCALLISTER 26:02 – New PB
83rd Lyle CARLETON 26:02
101st Clare O’HARA 26:32
102nd Sam CARR 26:32
115th Chris O’DONOGHUE 27:03
116th Jim CLINTON 27:05
118th Gordon GLENN 27:19
135th Nuala MAHON 28:48
136th Paul ARMSTRONG 28:50
137th David JOHNSTON 28:51
138th Heather WILSON 28:51
143rd Magdalena BISEWSKA 29:23
150th Gerry ANDERSON 29:50
151st Gemma LOWE 29:58
165th Margaret STEPHENS 32:07
166th Sandy CARR 32:07
167th John BURNS 32:07
187th Marilyn FOSTER 34:43
191st Catherine CARLETON 36:36
192nd Paula O’REILLY 36:36

Kingston, Surrey (237 runners)

3 Matt SHELDS 18:29


All photos from NBH Harriers Facebook Page