14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH Race Report 23rd – 29th October

Fall Back, Spring Forward! Every second, minute and hour counts on Dublin Marathon weekend.

Running is often perceived as an individual sport, an activity to set personal goals and perhaps celebrate your own particular milestones and achievements. A running club could then be seen by some to be simply just a group of those running individuals. In that case, North Belfast Harriers proved once again this weekend that it is so much more than just another running club. The two main events this weekend were cross-country in Rostrevor and a marathon in Dublin. The weekly report lists the individuals who raced, but this weekend it is the club itself and the community that is North Belfast Harriers that deserves the applause and recognition.

All summer long, there has been a buzz about the club, the numbers at training nights have increased and it has remained inclusive to all. The time, energy and interest invested in everyone’s running has been immense. All of the coaches, running leaders and mentors have delivered more than just training plans and schedules. They have helped to shape a collective of runners to believe and become athletes who don’t just run for themselves but for each other and as a North Belfast Harrier.

Saturday saw the latest round of the Athletics NI XC League 2017/18 with the Bobby Rea XC in Rostrevor and the club were able to field a strong team. Several of those running then joined many more clubmates along the marathon route, vociferously supporting those Harriers running the Dublin Marathon on Sunday. Coaches Alan O’Hara and Nat Glenn who have led the marathon training (that has included up to 40 in the group) were also out on the course continuing with the high level of effort and energy that they have put into the training sessions. Within the marathon, clubmates also shared words of recognition, encouragement and reassurance as they progressed towards the finish line clock.

Bobby Rea XC and NI & Ulster Even Age Group XC Championships 2017

On Saturday, Kilbroney Park was the setting for the days cross country events that started with the Junior races and culminated with the Bobby Rea Memorial XC. The NI & Ulster medals were up for grabs for the categories from Under 10 to Under 18.

Bobby Rea Results

2     Andrew     Annett     00:24:02

5     Philip     Goss       00:24:42

10   John       Black       00:25:47

17    Marc       Jennings   00:26:04

22   Joe       Malone     00:26:15

23   Neil       Carty       00:26:15

34   Mark       Diamond     00:27:17

49   Chris     Shaw       00:27:52

53   Colin     Willetts   00:28:17

76   David     Curran     00:29:55

92   Raymond   Cameron 00:31:08

112   Joe       Smith       00:33:14

113   Colin     Simpson     00:33:15

130   Gary       Blythe     00:35:23

133   Lyle       Carleton   00:35:55


60   Sandy     Carr       00:23:18

93   Eadaoin   Donaldson   00:26:43

108   Philomena Donaldson   00:29:15


NI & Ulster Even Age Group XC Results


26   Abi-Skye   Robertson   00:05:36


85   Savannah       Robertson   00:07:18


67   Alfie       Gorman         00:07:03


16   608   Eva           Kissenpfennig 00:09:56


11   Luke                Kelly       00:08:53

80   James                 Toal       00:14:06


6   Eimear       McBrien   00:13:01

8   Hope         McBride   00:13:06

13   Lauren       Cox       00:13:25

18   Holly        Diamond   00:13:37

52   Orla         Cash       00:16:20


9   Matthew     Lavery     00:11:39

51   Brendan     McCambridge 00:13:24

60   Peter       Reed       00:14:01


21   Holly   McBride   00:17:50


2017 SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon

The main event this week was the Dublin marathon and North Belfast Harriers had a big entry of varied ability. North Belfast have a long tradition in the marathon maybe more known recently because of the elite runs of athletes like Breege Connolly (Rio Olympics) and Gladys Ganiel ( Glasgow Commonwealths), but the club prides itself that it trains everyone irrespective of ability.

Weather in Dublin was perfect for marathon running being cool and calm and the extra hour in bed made it the perfect day.

First home for North was Andrew Considine in the masters M40 age group in a new pb of 2:38:27.

Following Andrew was Thomas Simmons masters M35 age group in 2:44:29

Next home was John McGuigan masters M45 age group in another pb of 2:57:38

Arran Rutledge masters M40 age group just missed the three-hour barrier with a time of 3:01:29

Shortly behind Arran, Simon Reeve masters M40 age group was next in 3:02:07

Sarah Jane McFadden female 30 age group ran 3:14:06 a massive 28minute pb

Joe Norney masters M35 age group came next in 3:15:20

The ever-reliable Greg McClure master M60 age group ran 3:21:56 as he closes in on 100 marathons

Paul Curley masters M35 age category (part of Paul Pollocks Dream Team project) ran 3:22:04

John Steele masters M50 age group ran a great 3:32:49

Emma Sheehy masters F45 3:43:15 another big 10min pb

Next up in the McCambridge head to head Ita masters F55 age group ran 3:47:09

A category win for Jack Carberry winner of the masters M70 class in 3:48:34

Sandy Plumb masters M50 age group 3:49:17 8 minute pb

Elaine Homes masters F50 age group ran what she described as an effortless pb of 3:49:30

Jim Clinton 3:58:45

Club chairperson Paddy McCambridge masters M55 age group ran 3:59:49

Gordon Glen masters M45 age group ran 4:01:51

Stephen McParland masters M40 age group 4:14:21

Chris Lennon masters M45 age group 4:17:07

John Beggs masters M50 age group ran an 18 minute pb 4:25:24

Paul Carlin masters M45 age group 4:32:21

Anne Marie Clarken masters F40 age group ran a 16 minute PB 4:49:32

Padraigin Bingham masters F40 age group 5:36:45

Frankie McGivern 5:36:45

Philip McIlwrath masters M40 age group, in his first marathon ran 5:49:58

Francis Burgess masters F50 age group, in her first marathon ran 5:51:30

Rosie Ryan masters F40 age group 7:15:21


parkrun Results


Belfast Victoria

94th Colin SIMPSON 25:20


22nd Jim CLINTON 28:00


5th Penny LINDSAY 21:11  7th April CLARKE 21:44 – New PB  12th Carol CLARKE 22:52


3rd Laurence JOHNSTON 18:26


3rd James WALLACE 18:37  43rd Ciaran HUNTER 23:17  61st Kevin LAVERY 24:49  145th Damien GILL 34:33


23rd Clare HOLMES 26:31


4th John SLOAN 18:58  12th John Gerard MURPHY 20:51  15th Sam CARR 21:07  16th Drew KNOX 21:18  20th Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 22:05  21st Matt SHIELDS 22:06  24th Sean MCSHANE 22:20  42nd Tony REID 24:04  49th Donna MCLAUGHLIN 24:43  61st Maurice PALMER 25:07  70th Conor MULVENNA 25:39  104th Clare O’HARA 27:32  106th Niamh MCAULEY 27:37 – New PB  107th Katrina MCAULEY 27:38  120th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 28:31  121st John BURNS 28:31  131st Thomas Peter NORTON 29:10  138th Nuala MAHON 29:27  166th Lyle CARLETON 31:38  175th Dermot MCGRATH 33:08  182nd Dirdre MURPHY 33:34  184th Lorna MCGRATH 33:39  185th Catherine CARLETON 33:40  186th Gemma LOWE 33:44  212nd Aaron MCCANN 39:01  213rd Margaret STEPHENS 39:57



15th John LAVERY 25:56

St Annes

238th Philip MCILWRATH 28:02  384th Rosy RYAN 43:54 – New PB

Lebone (South Africa)

3rd Gerard Sowney 23:12 12th Chris O’Donoghue 30:11