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It’s only cold if you’re standing still

NBH Race Report, 30th October – 5th November 2017

The weather has turned colder but the North Belfast Harriers haven’t been standing still this week.

With a thrilling week of running last week at both the Dublin Marathon and the Athletics NI XC League you would think North Belfast Harriers would be resting up but Saturday proved to be a busy day with both the McConnell Shield XC being hosted by East Antrim Harriers in Ballyclare, Run 4 Rescue 10 mile in Annalong, the Born to Run event at Minnowburn, Waterworks Parkrun celebrations of its 7th Birthday and Decathlon 10k seeing NBH runners at all events.


East Antrim Harriers McConnell Shield XC

Despite the McConnell Shield XC losing its status within the ANI cross country league there was a big turnout at Sixmilewater Park in Ballyclare on Saturday 4th November 2017 for the 83rd McConnell Shield XC.  With some of the North Belfast Harriers not only running Dublin less than a week before and Waterworks parkrun that morning all put in excellent performances on the muddy field.

The first Harrier to take to the course was Kelvin Kearney at the start of the day in the Under 14 Boys and Girls 1-mile race, who completed the course in a time of 6:22.

The Under 16 two-mile race followed and with a competitive field with Gavin McCaffrey (Ballymena & Antrim AC) clocking 11:28 and Brendan McCambridge (North Belfast Harriers) taking second place at 12:22.  The girls title was taken by Bethany Nixon (Dromore AC) in 12:46 and Lauren Cox (North Belfast Harriers) was second female over the line in 13.43.

Next up was the Ladies and Vets 60+ Mens 3-mile race which consisted of 3 laps of the one mile course with six NBH runners on the course.  As the race started the athletes took off into the bitingly cold but clear day on their first lap with our own Matt Shields leading the way with Laura Bickerstaff (Dromore AC) following up in second place.  On their second lap the runners were treated to the one and only icy rain shower of the day which didn’t seem to dent their enthusiasm or pace. At the last 800 metres Laura Bickerstaff stretched out in front coming in 1st place with 18:19.  Matt Shields claimed second overall and 1st place in the V60+ race in 18:29.

Since 1934 XC runners have been battling it out to hold the McConnell Shield high in this closely contested feature.  One hundred and four men took to the start line of the Senior and Masters 5-mile race with Gideon Kipsang (Derry Track Club) taking 1st place in 26:40, Connor Duffy (Glaslough Harriers) edging into second and Mark McKinstry (North Belfast Harriers) completed the top three in 27:27 (3rd place).  Eamon White came home in 28:32 becoming the M45 winner.

The stellar performances of Mark McKinstry, John Black, Eamon White and Nat Glenn once again allowed North Belfast Harriers to have the honour of appearing on the McConnell Shield.

Mark McKinstry and Greg McClure presented with the McConnell Shield

Male Open

Firstname Surname Club Pos Finish
Mark McKinstry North Belfast Harriers 3 27.27 MO 3rd
John Black North Belfast Harriers 6 28.31
Eamon White North Belfast Harriers 7 28.32 M45 WINNER
Nat Glenn North Belfast Harriers 28 30.35
James Wallace North Belfast Harriers 31 30.50
Laurence Johnston North Belfast Harriers 40 31.22
John Patience North Belfast Harriers 70 34.34
Paddy McCambridge North Belfast Harriers 84 35.59
Peter McCleland North Belfast Harriers 94 37.32
Philip McIlwrath North Belfast Harriers 103 44.13


Team Prize
North Belfast 44 points
Ballymena 94 points
Acorns 131 points
Derry Track Club 140 points
Matt Shields picks up his M60+ first prize
Peter McCleland

Ladies and Vets 60+

Firstname Surname Club Bib Pos Finish
Matt Shields North Belfast Harriers 318 2 18.29 M60 WINNER
Penny Lindsay North Belfast Harriers 255 22 20.23
April Clarke North Belfast Harriers 321 33 21.19
Greg McClure North Belfast Harriers 319 42 22.18
Carol Clarke North Belfast Harriers 320 46 22.33
Ita McCambridge North Belfast Harriers 288 48 22.36


Under 16

Firstname Surname Club Pos Finish
Brendan McCambridge North Belfast Harriers 2 12:22
Lauren Cox North Belfast Harriers 8 13:43


Under 14

Firstname Surname Club Pos Finish
Kelvin Kearney North Belfast Harriers 7 6:22


 Born 2 Run Minnowburn 10k & 5k 2017

Saturday saw Minnowburn 10k kicking off the opening race in the Born 2 Run ‘Run Forest Run’ Series.  The race followed a scenic route around forest trails and paths starting and finishing at the Mary Peters Track.  Kent Swan (North Belfast Harriers) was the pre-race favourite and he didn’t disappoint in the 10k race taking the 1st place podium spot in 36:53. Vincent McKenna (QUB AC) and Colm McGarry (Belfast Running Club) came in at 37:25 and 38:59 respectively.

Kent Swan 1st Place at Minnowburn Born to Run 10k. Thank you to Born to Run for use of the photo.

10K Race

Position First Name Last Name Finish Time Chiptime
1 Kent Swann 0:36:54 0:36:53
110 Anthony Fleming 0:50:03 0:49:22
112 Kathleen Diamond 0:50:10 0:50:00
168 Gordon Glenn 0:52:46 0:52:05
199 Richard Rogers 0:54:25 0:53:50
450 John Beggs 1:04:40 1:03:59
451 Anne Clarken 1:04:40 1:03:59

 5K Race

Position First Name Last Name Finish Time Chiptime
55 Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley 0:28:10 0:28:01


Run 4 Rescue 10 mile / 10k 2017

On Saturday 4th November 2017, Mourne Runners hosted their annual Run 4 Rescue 10 mile and 10k fundraiser races in aid of the vital Mourne Mountain Rescue Team.  The run takes place over a variety of surfaces of trail and road treating runners to views through Annalong village, along the sea front climbing up to Head Road to the top of Dunnywater wood turning point and back to the town.

At the crack of the gun Andrew Arnett (North Belfast Harriers) took off at the head of the pack of the 10-mile race being closely followed by defending champion William McKee (Mourne Runners) and Justin Maxwell (East Coast AC).  Andrew extended his lead and crossed the line in an impressive first place at 55:40.


NCAA Division II Cross Country, USA

The Queens University of Charlotte Men’s Cross Country Team, ranked No. 10 in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II took second place 2017 Southeast Regional Championships on Saturday 4th November in Wingate, North Carolina.

Conal McCambridge placed 4th on his team and 17th place overall with an impressive time of (32:48.41) over this 10k race.  Both Conal McCambridge and his teammate Tim Hoenig earned the All-Southeast Region honours as a result of their top 25 finish.

The next cross country championship event will take place in Evansville Indiana on the 18th November if you want to follow the progress of Conal and his Queens teammates.

Conal McCambridge with his Queens University of Charlotte Royals teammates


Decathlon 10K

The Decathlon 10k is a free non chipped race over a fast, flat course out and back at the Belfast Harbour Estate finishing at the Decathlon store.  A large crowd of North Belfast Harriers attended on Sunday 5th November 2017 both to support the race, marshal along the course and chase personal bests.



On the 6th November 2010 Waterworks parkrun held its first event with 109 participants. Seven years later 348 runners showed up to celebrate Waterworks 7th Birthday and the parkrun phenomenon brought to Ireland by our own coach and runner Matt Shields.  Many of us have enjoyed some of the 25 events in Northern Ireland and the 70 events in Ireland and we have Matt to thank for that.  Fancy dress and cake were present for the celebrations as well as great weather, music and refreshments from the local parkrun sponsors.  Marian Hayes timed her own 100th parkrun celebration well as it coincided with the birthday celebrations.  Many congratulations on reaching your 100th milestone Marian!  Matthew Lavery and Diane Taylor also celebrated the day with a new course PB.  North Belfast Harriers were also present at parkruns far and wide from Colin Glen to Durbanville, South Africa.

Colin Glen

11th Elaine HOLMES 26:35
17th Eadaoin DONALDSON 28:58



2nd Martin COX 20:15



1st Ethan GLENN 19:17
5th David CLARKE 21:44
8th Nat GLENN 22:17
10th Janice PLUMB 23:01
15th Trisha CAMPBELL 23:55
18th Harry PLUMB 24:33
24th Sandy PLUMB 25:16
69th John STEELE 33:14



4th Philip Patrick DONNELLY 19:03
50th John LAVERY 25:05



4th Matthew LAVERY 17:54 – New PB
5th Colin WILLITTS 18:10
7th John SLOAN 18:26
9th Thomas REID 18:32
13th David CURRAN 19:17
16th Luke KELLY 19:33
18th Ray CAMERON 19:42
24th Drew KNOX 20:23
27th John Gerard MURPHY 20:41
41st Colin SIMPSON 22:00
47th Kevin MCCANN 22:15
50th Greg MCCLURE 22:20
52nd Simon REEVE 22:53
53rd Gary BLYTHE 22:54
56th Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 23:07
59th Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 23:15
77th Paul WILLIAMS 23:57
79th Tony REID 23:58
89th Jim CLINTON 24:23
90th Damien GILL 24:24
91st Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 24:32
116th Diane Taylor 25:36 – New PB
122nd Matthew CARLETON 22:50:
124th Orla MCCAMBRIDGE 22:56
125th Brendan MCCAMBRIDGE 25:57
130th Gerry ANDERSON 26:11
144th Patrick MCSHANE 26:47
146th Sean MCSHANE 26:49
147th Clare O’HARA 26:52
148th Sam CARR 26:53
166th Caitriona MCCAMBRIDGE 27:26
167th Cillian BROWNE 27:27
175th Joe WILSON 27:35
188th Eimear NUGENT 28:05
209th Marian HAYES 28:43 – 100th parkrun
216th Claire BRADY 29:05
221st Paul ARMSTRONG 29:14
222nd Joanne MCALLISTER 29:15
236th Philip MCILWRATH 29:55
244th John BURNS 30:27
249th Trisha MURRAY 30:39
250th Jacqueline LAWLOR 30:43
251st Michael LAWLOR 30:44
254th Aaron MCCANN 31:29
267th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 32:26
268th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 32:26
269th Kerry MCSHANE 32:27
270th Margaret STEPHENS 32:32
271st Sandy CARR 32:33
284th Dirdre MURPHY 33:30
286th Joan GRIEVE 33:51
287th Bronagh CONLON 33:52
299th Adrienne MARTIN-POOTS 34:50
325th Eileen KEENAN 40:05
326th Helen GRIMLEY 40:06
345th Rosy RYAN 49:51


1st Mark DIAMOND 18:36
30th Kevin LAVERY 26:11


82nd Maurice PALMER 27:03