14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH weekly race report, 18th December – 24th December 2017

The past week was quite quiet on the racing front, with most runners making do with wintery training runs and wrapping presents. As ever, the parkrun results show some great performances in the strength of the number of runners as well as the times.


Hazelbank Christmas Run, 5 mile road race, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim

This 5 mile race started in Hazelbank Park, headed along the Belfast Lough shore towards Jordanstown Park and back again. The first finisher across the line was Stephen Nicholson from PACE running club who finished in 29:54, not far behind him was NBH own Gladys Ganiel who won the ladies race and was the 3rd overall finisher in a great time of 30:22.


Parkrun @ various locations:

As ever the NBH attended parkrun events in their droves. This Saturday saw four new PBs and one 100th parkrun anniversary from the club.



3rd Andrew MILLIGAN 16:19 – New PB

41st Sean MCSHANE 20:46

52nd Colin SIMPSON 21:23

23rd Elaine HOLMES 29:15

12th April CLARKE 22:23

15th Penny LINDSAY 23:08

16th Janice PLUMB 23:12

17th Nat GLENN 23:23

21st Sandy PLUMB 23:31

23rd John STEELE 23:48

24th Carol CLARKE 24:05

25th David CLARKE 24:06

43rd Eva KISSENPFENNIG 21:43

2nd Neil CARTY 17:17

9th Martin REA 19:05

77th Damien GILL 24:18

115th John LAVERY 26:50

116th Ciaran HUNTER 26:50

3rd Stephen WALKER 19:36

15th Eoin MCCONNELL 22:59

16th Una MCCONNELL 23:00

18th Paul WILLIAMS 23:05

89th Conor MULVENNA 26:20

4th John SLOAN 18:41

5th David CURRAN 18:42 – New PB

8th John Gerard MURPHY 19:33

17th Max REID 20:33

19th Sam CARR 20:47

36th Greg MCCLURE 22:34

41st Maeve MC CAMBRIDGE 22:47 – New PB

42nd Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 22:47

43rd Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 22:47

46th Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 23:02

47th Tony REID 23:02

55th Simon REEVE 23:48

61st Sarah Jane STEWART 24:00

62nd Orla CASH 24:12

64th Jim CLINTON 24:25

65th Maurice PALMER 24:30 – New PB

69th Gerry ANDERSON 24:39

75th Jack CARBERRY 24:49

77th Ciara O’RAWE 24:51

86th Matt SHIELDS 25:21

108th Thomas MCKINSTRY 26:39

115th Catriona MCCAMBRIDGE 27:07

120th Liam SMYTH 27:16

146th Lynn MCCULLOUGH 28:52 – 100th Parkun

147th Sandy CARR 28:52

154th Niamh MCAULEY 29:17

155th Katrina MCAULEY 29:17

159th Stella HARRISON 29:41

170th Claire BRADY 31:10

175th Margaret STEPHENS 31:50

176th Clare O’HARA 31:51

178th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 31:59

192nd Bernadette DUFFY 33:57

195th Padraigin BINGHAM 34:17

203rd Catherine MCKILLEN 36:43

204th Catherine CARLETON 37:15

205th Paula O’REILLY 37:15

209th Gemma LOWE 39:15