14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH Race Report 8th – 14th Jan


The weekends races mostly involved mud, trails and loads more mud. With a night trail race on Friday evening, the latest round of the NI Athletics XC 2017/18 League and a trail race; as well as parkruns there were plenty of Harriers out running in the fresh January air.

The main focus for the club was the rescheduled Mighty Oaks XC hosted by Acorns AC at the Mid Ulster Sports Arena in Cookstown. Raced over an undulating one mile course with plenty of energy sapping mud and the infamous “Acorn Hill” a large squad of Harriers had a successful trip to the Tyrone town.

26extreme Night Trail 10k Castlewellan

Friday night saw the first of a series of three 10k night tail races organised by 26extreme. The Castlewellan race had also been rescheduled, but that didn’t stop Helen Weir from completing the two lap course in 49:47 finishing 5th lady and 34th overall.

Mighty Oaks XC (Round 6 – Athletics NI XC League)

North Belfast Harriers re-established there acquaintance with cross-country in force with maximum points scored in the latest round of the league. There were enough Harriers running in the Men’s race to field 5 scoring teams. In the 4 mile race they were lead home by Mark McKinstry who racing here for the first time, secured victory in 24:45. Eamon White came through as strong as ever to place an important 4th in 25:25, and with Andrew Considine 26:29 and Neil Carty 27:00 finishing 15th and 18th; it was enough to win the men’s team event by 1 point. Joe Malone placed inside the top 25 with 27:46 for 23rd.

Maximum participation points were also secured by all those who travelled and raced.

1     Mark     McKinstry   00:24:45

4     Eamon   White       00:25:25

15   Andrew   Considine   00:26:49

18   Neil     Carty       00:27:00

23   Joe     Malone     00:27:46

41   Laurence Johnston   00:29:14

44   David   Curran     00:29:43

53   Colin   Willetts   00:30:13

59   Simon   Reeve       00:30:37

70   Ray     Cameron     00:31:24

87   Paddy   McCambridge 00:32:21

96   Eamon   McCambridge 00:33:14

99   Joe      Smith       00:33:26

104   Colin   Simpson     00:34:16

116   Greg     McClure     00:36:25

119   Ciaran   Browne     00:37:01

120   Gary     Blythe     00:37:06

123   Lance   Breen       00:37:41

125 Matthew Carleton   00:37:53

132   Lyle     Carleton   00:38:43

133   Acvaro   Usero       00:39:00

140   Gerry   Anderson   00:41:02

142   Philip   McIlwrath   00:43:01

North Belfast Harriers were also represented in the Ladies 3 mile race.

26   Una       McConnell     00:25:45

39   Sandy     Carr         00:26:34

40   Ita       McCambridge   00:26:45

78   Elaine     Holmes       00:30:03

101   Eadaoin   Donaldson     00:34:42


parkrun Results:

There were three new PBs this week and one of them whilst completing a milestone 100th park run.



49th Jack MCCREADY 24:32 – New PB


8th Gerard MCNAMARA 20:01


3rd Marc JENNINGS 17:51

4th Piaras MCSHANE 18:18 – New PB

21st Sean MCSHANE 19:58

36th Mark SHIELDS 21:18

114th Clare HOLMES 24:14 – New PB – 100th Parkun


28th Damien GILL 22:32

55th John LAVERY 24:49


3rd Matthew LAVERY 18:23

4th Stephen WALKER 18:44

5th John SLOAN 18:48

6th Simon REEVE 19:00

14th John Gerard MURPHY 20:38

16th Drew KNOX 21:01

28th Jack CARBERRY 22:34

36th Terence MCATAMNEY 23:06

37th Tony REID 23:09

39th Siobhan DRAIN 23:14

40th Joe DRAIN 23:15

52nd Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 24:43

67th Maurice PALMER 25:22

94th Marian HAYES 26:40

99th Joanne MCALLISTER 26:54

100th Gordon GLENN 26:55

114th Jim CLINTON 27:47

120th Thomas Peter NORTON 27:53

129th Philip MCILWRATH 28:18

130th Thomas MCKINSTRY 28:20

144th Joanne MCGURK 29:12

145th Katrina MCAULEY 29:15

150th Clare O’HARA 29:28

154th Heather WILSON 29:38

172nd Trisha MURRAY 30:58

173rd Sandy CARR 30:59

179th Gabrielle MALLAGHAN 31:33

180th Margaret STEPHENS 31:36

208th James TOAL 35:05

229th Clare MORGAN 37:15

233rd Sinead TOAL 38:51

241st Rosy RYAN 45:46



Bushy Dublin

16th Matt SHIELDS 21:00