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Team Spirit

NBH Race Report, 22nd January – 27th January 2018

There was frost in the air again last week which lead to many race cancellations but you can’t stop the Harriers for too long. Many team mates were out representing the club at the main event this week, which was the cross country. 


NI & Ulster Intermediate and Masters Cross Country Championships 2018

 The Championships took place at the Billy Neill Centre of Excellence for Soccer in Dundonald.  There were many reports of increasingly muddy conditions as the day progressed and the course, which comprised of 2k laps, became a tough challenge for the runners with slippery mud which clung heavily to the runner’s shoes.  Despite the conditions the Harriers put in an excellent day of racing.

In the Masters Men’s 8k race, North Belfast Harriers collected a team prize with 76 points (3rd place).

There was large turnout by the North Belfast Harriers ladies and the race announcer remarked that NBH was the most sportive and encouraging club.

All photos courtesy of Helen Lenny Weir and Diane Taylor

Masters Women

Firstname Surname Pos Finish
Janice Plumb 19 00:17:54
Penny Lindsay 23 00:18:07
Helen Weir 36 00:19:13
Una McConnell 38 00:19:17
Carol Clarke 43 00:19:38
Sandy Carr 44 00:19:39
Ita McCambridge 52 00:20:14
Donna McLoughlin 58 00:20:42
Elaine Holmes 67 00:21:51
Ruth Murphy 71 00:23:04
Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley 73 00:23:41
Diane Taylor 76 00:24:52
Joanne McAllister 77 00:25:32
Gail Mallaghan 78 00:27:24
Lynn Murray 79 00:29:01
Trish Murray 80 00:29:03

Masters Men

Firstname Surname Pos Finish
Eamon White 4  00:28:09
Neil Carty 11  00:29:08
Nat Glenn 29  00:30:47
Paul Hutchinson 32  00:31:15
Laurence Johnston 36  00:31:25
Andrew Considine 40  00:31:40
Simon Reeve 61  00:33:34
Paddy McCambridge 95  00:37:06
Joseph Smith 104  00:37:50
Colin Simpson 110  00:38:49
Greg McClure 118  00:39:32
Gary Blythe 123  00:41:22
Ciaran Browne 124  00:41:27
Jack Carberry 125  00:41:38
Lyle Carleton 126  00:44:59
Andrew Taylor 127  00:45:03


Intermediate Men

Firstname Surname Pos Finish
Joe Malone 18 00:30:45
James Topping 38 00:33:33




Killbroney 10k

Helen Lenny Weir was the only Harrier to do the Killbroney 10k and she was the fifth lady across the line in a very impressive time of 49:57.

Helen  Lenny Weir 28th 00:49:57



Kent Swann showed off his athletic prowess by not only setting a personal best at Waterworks parkrun but also taking the title of the second fastest time in Ireland!  He was pipped at the post to the fastest time by a mere three seconds by another Waterworks parkrun runner but anyone who knows Kent will also know that he will have the record for the fastest time set clearly in his sights.

There was large turnout at many parkruns for the North Belfast Harriers with Waterworks as always being the most popular venue.


22nd Matt Shields 18:56


Colin Glen

21st Jack McCready 27:15



3rd Martin Rea 18:11
29th Damien Gill 22:54



1st Thomas Reid 19:35
58th Martin Cox 29:30



2nd Kent Swann 16:43 – New PB
4th Paul Curley 18:26
5th John Sloan 18:46
9th Simon Reeve 19:43
11th John Gerard Murphy 20:25
13th Niall Armstrong 20:33
14th Drew Knox 20:44
19th Joe Drain 21:35
23rd Paul Williams 21:51
24th Greg McClure 21:58
33rd Sam Carr 22:31
38th Christopher Lennon 22:44
46th Tony Reid 23:19
50th Ciara O’Rawe 23:34
51st Kevin McCann 23:37
58th Gerard Sowney 24:02
66th Gerry Anderson 24:15
70th Gordon Glenn 24:28
127th Jim Clinton 28:00
131st Chris O’Donoghue 28:08
149th Thomas McKinstry 28:42
170th Marian Hayes 29:35
171st Nuala Mahon 29:44
178th Sandy Carr 30:01
180th John Burns 30:02
191st Clare O’Hara 30:24
197th Stella Harrison 30:37
201st Padraigin Bingham 30:44
209th Jason Reid 31:04
216th Jacqueline Lawlor 31:37
217th Michael Lawlor 31:38
221st Margaret Stephens 31:47
242nd Bernadette Duffy 33:54



5th Eadaoin Donaldson 27:30
11th Philomena Donaldson 31:09



80th Philip McIlwrath 27:41
125th Rosy Ryan 48:14