14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH Race Report 16th – 22nd April 2018

Virgin Money London Marathon

From the freezer into the furnace. After months of winter training – building up the strength and miles whilst battling with all the Beasts from the East – London Marathon weekend turned out to be the hottest on record. Everyone’s personal performance should be celebrated  for running in conditions that were possibly 20 degrees warmer than Belfast’s average for the last 16 weeks. A marathon is a journey that is to be endured in order to enjoy. Age category results have Jack Carberry 7th, Greg McClure 36th, Penny Duncan Lindsay 45th, Janice Plumb 45th and Ita McCambridge 71st.

London Marathon NBH Results

McKenna, Michael 03:08:50

Kane, Rory 03:10:15

Rea, Martin 03:15:15

Plumb, Janice 03:28:41

Curley, Paul 03:28:56

Norney, Joseph 03:28:57

McClure, Greg 03:33:49

Fitzpatrick, Anne 03:41:23

Lindsay, Penelope 03:41:26

Simpson, Colin 03:54:16

Holmes, Ellen Mary 03:57:35

Curley, Jennifer 03:58:32

Swann, Nichola 03:59:25

Carberry, John 04:02:46

McCambridge, Ita 04:09:32

Rutledge, Arran 04:17:09

McCambridge, Eamon 04:47:38

Norton, Thomas 05:07:28

Thompson, Coleen 05:19:07

McGurk, Joanne 05:51:48

Bay Road 5k

At the City of Derry AC Bay Road 5k on Wednesday evening, Mark McKinstry ran 15:12 for 3rd place.

Hill & Dale Race 2 Tollymore

Several Harriers made the Thursday evening trip down to the Mourne Mountains to compete in the second race of the Hill & Dale series. The sun made an appearance for a warm evening of off road running. However, the results have since temporarily disappeared.

Run Armagh 10k

Louise Smith secured 1st place in the ladies 10k on Sunday in 40:27.


On Sunday Jim Clinton ran one of the world’s most scenic running events. With a choice of half, full or ultra; Jim ran 6:23:22 for the 39.3 mile ultra marathon.

parkrun Results

The sun returned to Saturday morning parkruns and plenty of Harriers were out enjoying the warmer temperatures and several new PBs were run.



26th Jim CLINTON 27:37


5th April CLARKE 21:58  13th Carol CLARKE 24:18  20th Trisha CAMPBELL 25:24


17th Philip Patrick DONNELLY 21:10  83rd John LAVERY 28:06


83rd John MCCONNELL 25:00  95th Philip MCILWRATH 25:50 – New PB  255th Rosy RYAN 41:39


4th Simon REEVE 18:57  8th John Gerard MURPHY 19:50  9th Drew KNOX 19:55  11th Sam CARR 20:07 – New PB  18th Jack MCCREADY 21:11 – New PB  23rd Anthony FLEMING 21:42  28th Ciara O’RAWE 22:04  35th Terence MCATAMNEY 22:54  36th Gary BLYTHE 22:57  39th Gerry ANDERSON 23:04 – New PB  41st Maurice PALMER 23:11 – New PB  44th Tony REID 23:19  53rd Daniel O’CALLAGHAN 24:06  57th Thelma MCCULLOUGH 24:21  59th Diane TAYLOR 24:24 – New PB  60th Joe WILSON 24:26  65th Gordon GLENN 24:52  86th Gerard SOWNEY 25:51  126th Padraigin BINGHAM 27:35  134th Catherine SEAWRIGHT 27:53 – New PB  144th Chris O’DONOGHUE 28:35  150th Stella HARRISON 28:49  181st Matthew HIGGINS 30:46  186th Monica O’KANE 31:00  187th Bronagh CONLON 31:01  216th Trisha MURRAY 32:46  217th Mick MURRAY 32:50  221st Lynn MCCULLOUGH 33:31  234th Grainne STEPHENS 34:03 – New PB  235th Jacqueline LAWLOR 34:03  237th Margaret STEPHENS 34:04  240th Thomas MCKINSTRY 34:11  242nd Emma TONER 34:52  244th Catherine CARLETON 34:59  247th Dirdre MURPHY 35:26  254th Helen GRIMLEY 37:47  255th Gemma LOWE 37:47  269th Coirle FINNEGAN 42:26  275th Pauline MCKEATING 47:43