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Successes home and away

NBH RACE REPORT w/e Sunday 16th September 2108

Try the Track (Friday 7th September)

Frances Burgess and Philomena Donaldson headed over to the Mary Peters Track to help raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Care Unit by running a mile on the track. Frances completed the distance in 8:01 and Philomena in 8:29.

(Photo by Tony Dalton)

Portglenone 5km Road Race (Thursday 13th September)
Mark McKinstry led the 236 runners home in first place, running the Portglenone course in 15:25. The route started on the Ballymacombs Road and followed a riverside path and forest track before crossing the Bann Bridge and returning to the Community Centre.

Usti nas Labem Half Marathon, Czech Republic (Saturday 15th September)
Conan McCaughey chose Usti nad Labem in Czech Republic as a destination to complete his first half marathon in 8 years. 2,318 runners completed the 21km distance running along the Elbe River, in view of the central Czech mountains. Conan finished in 34th position in the super time of 1:11:54.

Mourne Mountain Marathon (Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th Spetember

Sandy McLoughlin Carr did the Mourne Mountain Marathon, a two day team navigational event where competitors travel in their pair at all times and are completely self sufficient. On Saturday and Sunday morning the teams were handed their co-ordinates and had to map their own route. Sandy and her sister, Gill McLoughlin carried all their equipment with them and visited each checkpoint on their list. Saturday night was extremely windy and several competitors tents were blown away. The sisters came 3rd in the D class using their mountain navigation and safety skills to cover the 35km over 2 days

Ring of Steall (Saturday 15th September 2018)

Representing her native Netherlands, Martsje Hell took part in ‘The  Ring of Steall Skyrace’  a 29km / 2500m mountain race which follows in the tradition of Skyrunning. This consists of uncompromising mountain running, such as scrambling along mountain ridges with steep ascents, traverses and descents on technical and challenging terrain.The race route which Martsje followed incorporated two lofty ridges within the Mamores, which are an east – west series of majestic Munros. Well placed among the 664 competitors who completed the gruelling distance, was Martsje  in 201st position in the time of 05:18:53.

Photo from NBH News/ Events Facebook page

Berlin Marathon, Germany (Sunday 16th September
Among the 45,000 approx competitors and following behind new Kenyan world record holder, Eluid Kipchoge, were a number of North Belfast Harriers who made the trip to Berlin to take part in this iconic race. On the hottest day of the week they looped their way throughout the entire city passing many famous tourists sight as they went. Congratulations to Jason Reid who like Kipchoge, ran a PB on this dry, warm day. Philip McIlwrath had a one hour PB and Greg McClure completed his 13th Berlin Marathon and is well on his way to completing 100 marathons.

Raymond Cameron 03:18:49
Colin Willetts 03:29:26
Jason Reid 03:51:21 NEW PB!
Greg McClure 04:05:24
Philip McIwrath 04:49:05 NEW PB!
Rosy Ryan 07:04:06

(Photo by Ray Cameron)

34th World Mountain Championship (Sunday 15th September)

Representing Ireland, Andrew Annett took part in the World Mountain Championship which took place in the beautiful Pyrenees in Andorra. This gruelling 11.9 km race started in the village of Canillo at 1,515 metres altitude and finished at 2,430 metres. Andrew completed the course in 1:07:43 and in 69th place.

parkrun results (Saturday 15th September 2018)
Congratulations to Helen Weir who achieved a PB in Orangefield park run, to Marin Rea whose PB took place at Queen’s parkrun and to Paul Butcher at Waterworks parkrun.

Pos parkrunner Time
3 Paul CURLEY 18:27
5 Simon REEVE 19:13

10 Paul BUTCHER 20:02 NEW PB!
25 Gerard SOWNEY 22:01
36 Gary BLYTHE 22:45
46 Luke KELLY 23:18
52 Matt SHIELDS 23:33
63 Sam CARR 24:01
68 Tony REID 24:08
84 Coleen THOMPSON 25:18
100 Philip MAGEE 26:10
105 Chris O’DONOGHUE 26:33
117 Thomas MCKINSTRY 26:57
127 Lyle CARLETON 27:43
131 Padraigin BINGHAM 28:04
133 Gerry ANDERSON 28:15
142 Philomena DONALDSON 28:45
146 Joanne MCALLISTER 29:08
147 Lynn MCKENNA 29:08
150 Nuala MAHON 29:17
163 Jennifer BUTCHER 30:30
177 Margaret STEPHENS 31:56
185 Marian HAYES 33:08
187 Bernadette DUFFY 33:22
192 Orla YOUNG 33:42
196 Emma TONER 34:39
209 Angela ROGAN 38:20
219 Elisabeth FRENCH 43:06

6 David CLARKE 17:56
40 Carol CLARKE 21:49
63 Colin SIMPSON 23:32
126 Ciará MAGENNIS 27:00
229 Anthony FLEMING 40:44

1 John BLACK 16:21
2 Martin REA 17:28 NEW PB!
5 Philip Patrick DONNELLY 18:40
32 Damien GILL 22:38
61 Ciaran HUNTER 24:17
63 Vincent BRADLEY 24:27

6 Martin COX 21:48
18 Lauren COX 24:29
22 Elaine HOLMES 25:49

239 Jim CLINTON 28:38

7 Stephen WALKER 18:00
18 Paul WILLIAMS 20:39

23 Nat GLENN 26:51
45 Sandy PLUMB 35:09

41 Liam SMYTH 27:20

29 Joe WILSON 26:03

1 John Gerard MURPHY 19:47
4 Joe DRAIN 21:20
12 Siobhan DRAIN 24:14
24 John LAVERY 26:14


5 Helen F WEIR 21:38 NEW PB!


326 Jason REID 29:51

327 Greg McCLURE 29:54

482 Philip McILWRATH 37:30

503 Rosy RYAN 46:30