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North Belfast Harriers’ success in the cross country continues in the British Masters Championship in Stormont Estate

NBH RACE REPORT w/e Sunday 10th March 2019


British Master’s Cross Country Championships (Saturday 9th March 2019)

North Belfast Harriers took to the grounds of Stormont Estate and found success on a very cold and bright morning when they participated in the British Master’s Cross Country Championships. Among the 70 runners who completed the 8km course were Eamon White, Neil Carty and Nat Glenn. Eamon was first in his age category securing gold and Neil Carty was second winning silver. They secured second team place in the 45-54 age category in a combined time of 1:32:08. David Clarke, Laurence Johnston and James Wallace also completed in the cross country championship. They were second in the 55-64 age category in a combined time of 1:39:56. Laurence Johnston came home with a bronze medal to add to his trophy cabinet.


4          Eamon White M50 1st 29:47.00

10        Neil Carty  M50 2nd 30:33.00

29        Nat Glenn M50 5th 31:48.00

36        David Clarke M55 8th 32:13.00

40        Laurence Johnston M60 3rd 33:11.00

47        James Wallace M55 12th 34:32.00



(Photo: North Belfast Harriers News/Events Facebook Page)

Inter Counties Cross Country Championship (Saturday 8th March 2019)

Congratulations to Mark McKinstry and Conan McCaughey who took part in the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships in Prestwold Hall, Loughborough. The team was guided home by Mark who completed the course in 27th position in 34:14. Fellow Harrier, Conan McCaughey was also part of the Northern Ireland team who finished in 53rd position in 35:14.

(Photo: Athletics NI)

Athletics Ireland Masters Indoor Championship (Sunday 10th March 2019)

Jim McClean won gold in the M70 4kg Throw whilst taking part in the Athletics Ireland Masters Indoor Championships in Athlone. He threw 4 times; but it was his 3rd throw of 11.81m which secured his victory. It was a championship PB and new record. This was an improvement on last years’ distance of 11.77m. Well done, Jim.

parkrun (Saturday 9th March 2019)

Congratulations to John Black who had an excellent time in Carrickfergus parkrun. He not only ran a PB in 16:39 but smashed the existing course record. Andrew Milligan was first home in Durham parkrun; Phillip Donnelly first home in Queen’s parkrun and Martsje Hell was first lady home on her first visit to Citypark parkrun, Craigavon. Congratulations to Paul Horan and Padraigin Bingham ran PB in Valley and Belfast Victoria parkruns.

Waterworks parkun

4 David CURRAN 19:59 PB stays at 00:18:42
6 Max REID 20:18 PB stays at 00:19:12
21 Greg MCCLURE 22:48 PB stays at 00:18:41
22 Matt SHIELDS 22:49 PB stays at 00:17:44
24 Fionnuala O’HARE 22:51 PB stays at 00:21:38
26 Gary BLYTHE 23:17 PB stays at 00:21:14
29 Sam CARR 23:36 PB stays at 00:20:07
52 Sandy CARR 25:02 PB stays at 00:22:55
54 Tony REID 25:05 PB stays at 00:21:50
64 Gerry ANDERSON 25:50 PB stays at 00:22:13
68 Maurice PALMER 26:07 PB stays at 00:23:11
70 Lyle CARLETON 26:15 PB stays at 00:21:22
106 Catherine SEAWRIGHT 27:49 PB stays at 00:25:42
118 Stella HARRISON 28:27 PB stays at 00:26:30
125 Una MCCONNELL 28:43 PB stays at 00:21:07
144 Jay CRAWFORD 30:11 PB stays at 00:29:20
154 Marian HAYES 31:16 PB stays at 00:24:30
155 Gillian RODEN 31:21 PB stays at 00:30:07
167 Grainne STEPHENS 33:38 PB stays at 00:31:09
172 Margaret STEPHENS 34:22 PB stays at 00:28:23
176 Sile HANNON 34:45 PB stays at 00:33:11
182 Elaine CRAWFORD 35:35 PB stays at 00:29:46
183 Ruth ANDERSON 35:35 PB stays at 00:31:52
196 Dermot MCGRATH 38:14 PB stays at 00:28:46
201 Eadaoin DONALDSON 40:16 PB stays at 00:24:26
202 Philomena DONALDSON 40:55 PB stays at 00:27:50
205 Gemma LOWE 41:40 PB stays at 00:28:59
210 Donna MCLAUGHLIN 43:00 PB stays at 00:24:27
Durham parkrun
1 Andrew MILLIGAN 16:48 PB stays at 00:16:10
  Belfast Victoria parkrun    
134 Padraigin BINGHAM 26:32 New PB!
141 Philip MCILWRATH 30:16 PB stays at 00:24:47
270 Rosy RYAN 51:45 PB stays at 00:33:26
Queen’s parkrun
1 Philip Patrick DONNELLY 19:48 PB stays at 00:18:28
5 Damien GILL 22:29 PB stays at 00:20:03
Falls parkrun
21 Jim CLINTON 27:30 PB stays at 00:22:16
Citypark parkrun, Craigavon
13 Martsje HELL 19:32 First Timer! First LADY
33 John MCCONNELL 21:49 PB stays at 00:21:09
Antrim parkrun
33 Brian STEWART 21:57 PB stays at 00:20:59
Carrickfergus parkrun
Bangor parkrun
120  Joe WILSON 26:07 PB stays at 00:25:21
Valley parkrun
2 Paul HORAN 18:16 New PB!
  Limavady parkrun    
5 Colin SIMPSON 21:42 First Timer!
  Falcarragh parkrun    
1 John Gerard MURPHY 20:29 PB stays at 00:19:08