14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Afternoon of PBs and all quiet on the holiday front

RACE REPORT Week Ending Sunday 14th July 2019
The race calendar was light this week due to the July holiday period.

Rathmullan Festival 5km (Friday 12th July 2019)
Among the 204 finishers who completed the Annual Rathmullan Festival 5k were 6 North Belfast Harriers. Joe Wilson was there for the first time whilst Paddy, Ita, Catriona, Orla and Brendan McCambridge made up the rest on their annual outings in Donegal. First home was Brendan, 4th Junior, in 17:44 followed by Paddy 3rd O55 in 20:44, Orla in 22:09 (equalling her PB), Ita was first in her age O55 category in 22:26, Catriona completed the distance in 22:40 and Joe in a new PB of 24:25. Joe continued running over the weekend by taking part in the Letterkenny parkrun on Saturday morning whilst the McCambridge family took part in the caravan site’s annual 5k later.

(Photos with permission from Paddy McCambridge NBH)

Irish Runner 10 mile, Phoenix Park Dublin (Saturday 13th July 2019)
The Irish Runner 10 mile race returned for its second year. This is a AAI 10 mile championship race and part of the Athletics Ireland Race Series. The 2nd year of the Irish Runner 10 Mile took place in the Phoenix Park with overall numbers up on last year. The weather conditions were really ideal for running with temperatures slightly cooler than previous days. This was the last race in the Athletics Ireland Race Series capping off a very successful trilogy of events. Just under 1,600 runners signed up to take part in this highly organised race. Congratulations to the 3 Harriers who took part in the race as the team finished in 5th position.
Irish Runner 10 mile
15th Phillip Goss 54:34
26th Joe Malone 56:52
51st Kent Swann 59:57

(Photo with permission from Kent Swann NBH)

IRISH MILERS CLUB MEET, DROGHEDA (Saturday 13th July, 2019)

Drogheda & District AC hosted the Irish Milers Club meet at the Lourdes Stadium, Drogheda as 8 of our athletes headed south to take part in a numbers of racing events. It turned out to be an afternoon of PBs. Andrew Milligan was first in the 800 metre race with a PB of 01:54. John Black was 3rd in the 1,500 m with a PB of 04:09. The Clarke family; David, Carole and April all achieved PBs in their respective events and Conan McCaughey  achieved a PB of 08:38 in the 3,000 metres. Conor Curran and Darragh Andrews completed the North Belfast line up.

(2)Novice Open Mile         9th     Carol Clarke 06:22 PB
(1)Novice Open Mile       17th     April Clarke 05:49 PB
(B)3,000 metres                 4th     David Clarke 09:45 PB
(A)3,000 metres                 9th     Conan McCaughey 08:38
(A)3,000 metres               19th     Conor Curran 09:17
(B)1,500 metres                 3rd     John Black 04:09 PB
800 metres                          1st     Andrew Milligan 01:54 PB
100 metres                          6th    Darragh Andrews 17sec:32

(Photo with permission from April Clarke NBH)


parkrun Saturday 13th July 2019
North Belfast Harriers participated in parkruns in Belfast, Donegal, Dublin, Somerset, France and Italy. Congratulations to Paul Carlin, Niamh McAuley, Catherine Seawright, David Hurst, Stella Harrison, Jack Wasson, Kevin McCann, Roisin Huges, Thomas Norton. Maurice Palmer, Ciaran Hunter and Damien Gill who achieved PBs on Saturday morning. Una McConnell was first lady in the Waterworks, Penny Lindsay was first lady in Larne and Roisin Hughes was first lady In Falls parkrun.

Waterworks parkrun
2 Conal MCCAMBRIDGE 17:33 PB stays at 00:15:59
6 Conor O’RAWE 19:27 PB stays at 00:17:32
15 Paul WILLIAMS 21:14 PB stays at 00:20:23
20 Greg MCCLURE 21:35 PB stays at 00:18:41
21 Una MCCONNELL 21:46 PB stays at 00:21:07
22 Drew KNOX 21:48 PB stays at 00:18:42
30 Sean MCSHANE 22:37 PB stays at 00:18:34
42 Paul CARLIN 23:07 New PB! 
48 Ivan MCALLISTER 23:51 PB stays at 00:21:38
52 Tony REID 24:16 PB stays at 00:21:50
56 Jack CARBERRY 24:29 PB stays at 00:21:14
57 Matthew CARLETON 24:35 PB stays at 00:23:38
61 Lyle CARLETON 24:5 PB stays at 00:21:22
68 Niamh MCAULEY 25:15:00 New PB!
70 Patrick MCAULEY 25:16 PB stays at 00:18:48
74 Catherine SEAWRIGHT 25:28 New PB! 
75 Matt SHIELDS 25:22 PB stays at 00:17:44
77 David HURST 25:30 New PB! 
78 Gerry ANDERSON 25:32 PB stays at 00:22:13
80 Katrina MCAULEY 25:35 PB stays at 00:23:17
93 Stella HARRISON 26:15:00 New PB!
103 Gordon GLENN 26:39 PB stays at 00:21:04
124 Padraigin BINGHAM 28:05 PB stays at 00:26:38
129 Caolan DUFFY 28:09 First Timer!
132 Michelle MCLOUGHLIN 28:15 PB stays at 00:24:00
134 Nuala MAHON 28:20 PB stays at 00:27:02
152 Orla CASH 30:20 PB stays at 00:22:32
153 Eimear CASH 30:24 PB stays at 00:27:47
159 Fergus JAMISON 30:49 PB stays at 00:28:03
163 Coleen THOMPSON 31:04 PB stays at 00:23:51
165 Margaret STEPHENS 31:06 PB stays at 00:28:23  (250th parkrun!)
166 Kathleen O’NEILL 31:07 PB stays at 00:27:48
167 Eileen KEENAN 31:07PB stays at 00:28:45
172 Leanne O’HARA 31:59 PB stays at 00:29:12
173 Grainne STEPHENS 32:07 PB stays at 00:30:59 (50th parkrun!)
174 Bernadette DUFFY 32:08 PB stays at 00:29:29
184 Sile HANNON 33:18 PB stays at 00:32:00
195 Clare MORGAN 34:46 PB stays at 00:32:16
228 Catherine CARLETON 53:20 PB stays at 00:31:42
Derry parkrun
22 Breandan KEARNEY 23:26 First Timer!
Belfast Victoria parkrun
11 Jack WASSON 19:23 New PB! 
27 Christopher LENNON 21:06 First Timer!
30 Kevin MCCANN 21:19 New PB!
62 Colin SIMPSON 23:32 PB stays at 00:19:23 (250th parkrun!)
135 Lynn MURRAY 27:57 PB stays at 00:23:00
Falls parkrun
5 Roisin HUGHES 20:27 New PB! 
19 John MCCONNELL 23:52 PB stays at 00:19:26
45 Vincent BRADLEY 31:03 PB stays at 00:22:47
Portrush parkrun
150 Thomas MCKINSTRY 26:10 PB stays at 00:24:37
Enniskillen parkrun
22 Helen F WEIR 21:41 First Timer!
148 Thomas Peter NORTON 26:07:00 New PB! 
Antrim parkrun
35 Brian STEWART 21:38 PB stays at 00:20:59
Larne parkrun
6 Robert MARTIN 20:56 PB stays at 00:20:42
10 Penny LINDSAY 22:21 PB stays at 00:20:45
Letterkenny parkrun
35 Joe WILSON 26:23 First Timer!
Valley parkrun
46 Paul MURPHY 27:40 PB stays at 00:24:20
95 Niall KERR 40:45 First Timer!
99 Maria MURPHY 42:36 PB stays at 00:32:11
Colinglen parkrun
38 Jim CLINTON 28:17 PB stays at 00:24:42
Kilkenny parkrun
162 Elisabeth FRENCH 50:37 First Timer!
163 David FRENCH 50:38First Timer!
Shanganagh parkrun, Co. Dublin
43 Maurice PALMER 23:55 New PB! 
143 Evelyn PALMER 31:43 First Timer!
Falcarragh parkrun
20 John Gerard MURPHY 22:18 PB stays at 00:19:08
Narin parkrun
24 Ray CAMERON 22:54 First Timer!
29 Ciaran HUNTER 23:20 New PB! 
Minehead parkrun, Somerset
94 Dirdre MURPHY 48:00 First Timer!
parkrun de la Ramee, Toulouse, France
4 Damien GILL 23:27 New PB!
Treviso parkrun, Venice, Italy
38 Rosy RYAN 54:14:00 Prima volta! 197
39 Philip MCILWRATH 54:14:00 Prima volta! 199