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What a week for North Belfast Harriers who achieved the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Service by groups in the community.

Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award
At an award ceremony on Thursday 22nd August in the Girdwood Community Hub, North Belfast Harriers were the recipients of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service by groups in the community; for empowering communities to improve their mental and physical health and well- being through athletics. Councillor Nicola Mallon was delighted to see all the volunteers of North Belfast Harriers recognised in Girdwood with the Queen’s Voluntary Service Award – the very first athletics club in the north to receive it. She stated that the volunteers of this club, at the heart of North Belfast for over 100 years, do not do what they do to get recognition but they deserve every recognition for their dedication and hard work and that it was a pleasure for her to nominate North Belfast Harriers for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award. Paddy McCambridge, chairman of North Belfast Harrier, offered his heartfelt thanks to all those who volunteer for our club in any way. He proudly acknowledged this award was earned on the back of voluntary service and that this is part of the reason that the club earned such a prestigious accolade. Our club members should all feel very proud of what we have achieved and he encourages us to being part of an even more community driven club where we marry both the recreational and social elements with the successful elite championship winning athletes. This is our club so let’s continue to make it truly exceptional.

Singled out for special mention was Matt Shiels. North Belfast Harriers presented him with a glass plaque in sincere appreciation for his selfless contribution, guidance and steadfast dedication he has provided to our club members and wider community.


Portrush 5 Mile Road Race (Friday 23rd August)
Three runners, Gareth Lyons, Sarah-Jane McFadden and Sharon Hobbs, from North Belfast Harriers headed to the Antrim Coast to compete in this road race. Gareth Lyons continued to show his prowess finishing as first local runner home and in second position overall. On the new route for this annual race, the runners headed along the West Promenade, up Blackrock Hill and along footpaths towards Portstewart before returning to the finish and on to Portrush Yacht Club for hospitality. Sarah-Jane McFadden had a super run and finished in 31st position in 00:35:27.

2nd Gareth Lyons 00:26:50
301st Sharon Hobbs 00:52:11

Rathlin Run (Saturday 24th August)
This year Rathlin Island, off the coast of Ballycastle hosted the 18th Rathlin Run which boasts being the most unique and challenging road race in Northern Ireland. There were 2 races; the classic undulating 10 mile course, with beautiful coastal and inland views, and a shorter, flatter 5km course. Helen Weir was the sole NBH runner in the ten mile race. She was 48th finisher in a field of 240 and was 3rd in her age category. Sinead Toal was the only Harriers who took the ferry to complete in the 5km race. Well done to both Helen and Sinead!

Rathlin Road Race
10 mile 48 Helen F Weir F45 1:19:50
5km 87 Sinead Toal F45 00:36:42

Lurgan Lakes and Lough – 10 Mile and 5km (Sunday 24th August)
Thomas Norton represented North Belfast Harriers in the Lurgan Lakes and Lough 10 Mile Race on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. Both events started and finished at the Discovery Centre, Oxford Island. The routes were very flat – with only a few minor hills. The 5k event was wholly within the boundaries of Oxford Island and was run mainly over the Island trails, offering great views of Lough Neagh. The 10 mile event involved running on the road for the first 2 miles, with miles 3 to 7 on paths to and around the Craigavon Lakes. Then it was back to Oxford Island where the race continued through the trails to the finish.

10 mile 83 Thomas Norton SEN 92:30:00

Storming the Castle, Carrickfergus, (Sunday 25th August)
What a day for Gareth Lyons and North Belfast Harriers! After finishing 2nd in the Portush 5 Mile Road race on Friday night, Gareth Lyons lead the 869 finishers home, in first place, in 34:01 on a very hot, and sunny late August bank holiday weekend. Joe Malone finished 3rd, Kent Swann 5th and Lawrence Johnston 10th position overall. Kent (M35) and Lawrence (M60) also had age category wins. This is a fantastic, fast, flat course with potential for securing ‘personal bests’ but maybe not in the heat that the runners had to endure whilst running. Starting at Carrickfergus Amphitheatre, it encompassed the picturesque promenade along the Marine Highway and waterfront areas, overlooking the world class marina and views of Belfast Lough before finishing at the impressive 12th Century Norman Castle near Carrickfergus Town centre.

1 Gareth Lyons M40 00:34:01
3 Joe Malone MO 00:34:34
5 Kent Swann F35 00:35:30
10 Laurence Johnston M60 00:37:31
30 Patrick McAuley M40 00:40:25
36 Paul Butcher M40 00:41:01
135 Ivan McAllister M45 00:48:18
136 Andrew Taylor M35 00:48:22
142 Diane Taylor F35 00:48:25
161 Karlene Graham F35 00:49:19
180 Gerry Anderson M50 00:50:18
205 Lorraine Hibburt F45 00:51:23
212 Cecilia Gourley F55 00:51:29
250 Eileen Keenan F55 00:53:10
286 David Hurst M35 00:54:29
297 Philip McIlwrath M45 00:54:42
316 Catherine Seawright F45 00:55:25
347 Seamus Hanna M50 00:56:26
372 Paul Gillen M35 00:57:21
374 Nicola McStravick F40 00:57:38
397 Karen McClean F50 00:58:36
456 Francesca McAreavey F35 01:00:55
490 Jennifer Butcher F40 01:02:41
589 Paul Armstrong M50 01:06:13
644 Ita Weir F45 01:08:51
659 Gillian Roden F35 01:09:30
726 Anna Douglas F35 01:13:16
743 Sinead Russell F40 01:14:14
803 Elizabeth Campbell F55 01:19:14
804 Marilyn Foster F65 01:19:04
806 Sonia Millar F40 01:19:15

parkrun results (Saturday 24th August 2019)
As always North Belfast Harriers took part in many parkruns across the country. Congratulations to all who took part in this weekly timed run but especially those who achieved personal bests. Isaac McCollum was first runner home in Antrim parkrun in a PB time of 16:49. Leah McAvoy and Eabha Conway achieved PBs in Waterworks and Belfast Victoria parkruns.

Waterworks parkrun
4 Paul CURLEY 18:14 PB stays at 00:17:40
14 Max REID 20:38 PB stays at 00:19:12
19 Greg MCCLURE 21:28 PB stays at 00:18:41
20 Drew KNOX 21:33 PB stays at 00:18:42
25 Ivan MCALLISTER 22:22 PB stays at 00:21:38
37 Tony REID 24:03:00 PB stays at 00:21:50
42 Leah MC AVOY 24:37:00 New PB!
44 Laurence ROGERS 24:40:00 PB stays at 00:21:23
49 Alex REID 25:01:00 PB stays at 00:23:54
50 Gary BLYTHE 25:02:00 PB stays at 00:21:14
60 Gerry ANDERSON 25:43:00 PB stays at 00:22:13
71 Thomas Peter NORTON 26:35:00 PB stays at 00:25:24
72 Gordon GLENN 26:36:00 PB stays at 00:21:04
76 Thomas MCKINSTRY 26:45:00 PB stays at 00:23:09
77 Orla CASH 26:47:00 PB stays at 00:22:32
78 Chris O’DONOGHUE 26:56:00 PB stays at 00:24:31
81 Coleen THOMPSON 27:10:00 PB stays at 00:23:51
96 Nuala MAHON 28:23:00 PB stays at 00:27:02
108 Heather WILSON 29:06:00 PB stays at 00:26:53
112 Liam SMYTH 29:17:00 PB stays at 00:25:03
113 Lucinda MCAVOY 29:23:00 PB stays at 00:27:45
119 Philomena DONALDSON 30:03:00 PB stays at 00:27:50
126 Fergus JAMISON 30:31:00 PB stays at 00:28:03
131 Matthew HIGGINS 31:07:00 PB stays at 00:24:26
134 Eimear CASH 31:10:00 PB stays at 00:27:47
139 Eimear NUGENT 31:20:00 PB stays at 00:25:41
141 Gillian RODEN 31:30:00 PB stays at 00:30:07
145 Jim CLINTON 31:35:00 PB stays at 00:21:37
150 Bernadette DUFFY 32:05:00 PB stays at 00:29:29
172 Sile HANNON 35:49:00 PB stays at 00:32:00
173 Philip MCILWRATH 35:53:00 PB stays at 00:24:47
180 Catherine CARLETON 37:03:00 PB stays at 00:31:42
181 Paula O’REILLY 37:04:00 PB stays at 00:31:49
182 Joan GRIEVE 37:05:00 PB stays at 00:27:03
185 Jacqueline LAWLOR 38:58:00 PB stays at 00:28:48
186 Michael LAWLOR 38:59:00 PB stays at 00:25:44
206 Rosy RYAN 58:23:00 PB stays at 00:36:00
208 Elisabeth FRENCH 58:25:00 PB stays at 00:41:10
Belfast Victoria
2 Matthew LAVERY 16:47 PB stays at 00:16:40
38 Ciaran HUNTER 21:10 PB stays at 00:20:25
86 Fionnuala O’HARE 24:07:00 PB stays at 00:22:18
241 Éabha CONWAY 33:32:00 New PB!
Queen’s parkrun
131 Vincent BRADLEY 29:18:00 PB stays at 00:21:37
390 Ita WEIR 33:38:00 First Timer!
Gladstone, London
3 Mark MCAVOY 17:46 First Timer!
Antrim parkrun
1 Isaac MCCOLLUM 16:49 New PB!
3 Gavin MCCAFFREY 19:14 PB stays at 00:16:21
Larne parkrun
2 Nat GLENN 18:42 PB stays at 00:17:48
66 Sandy PLUMB 33:14:00 PB stays at 00:22:17
Valley parkrun
21 Joe WILSON 25:34:00 PB stays at 00:25:32
Donabate parkrun, Co. Dublin
73 John Gerard MURPHY 30:20:00 First Timer!
Falcarragh parkrun, Co. Donegal
19 Brendan MCCAMBRIDGE 23:50 First Timer!
25 Ita MCCAMBRIDGE 24:43:00 First Timer!
26 Paddy MCCAMBRIDGE 24:43:00 First Timer!
69 Padraigin BINGHAM 30:23:00 First Timer!
Tring parkrun, Hertfordshire
17 Matt SHIELDS 22:42 PB stays at 00:19:33
South Manchester parkrun
214 Paul MURPHY 30:32:00 First Timer!

All photos from NBH News / Events Facebook page or NBH WhatsApp Groups