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North Belfast Harriers Covid-19 update – 11th April 2020

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic there have been no competitive outings or formal training sessions with the club now for more than 3 weeks and with no sign of competitions restarting any time soon some members may be asking themselves why they should continue to run.

The answer is very simple. We should get out for our regular runs because it helps to keep us fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, and at a time like this being fit and healthy is even more important than normal. It is important that you do not overtrain as overtraining can negatively impact in your immune system. Anyone who has trained for a marathon will know that in the last few weeks leading up to the taper period can be fraught with minor ailments so please do not be training hard at this time.

When it comes to running now there are a number of key considerations that we must all consider as we must have the health of ourselves and all in our community foremost in our minds.

It is essential that you abide by the government guidance at all times and that you stay up to date with this guidance. You should also abide by the guidance given by NI Athletics, a copy of which is posted on the club’s internal Facebook page. Please note that in all cases where the advice from the two parties are contradictory you should always abide by the up to date government advice.

As a guide the club would issue the following advice to assist with compliance to current guidance: –

• Members should run alone or with people who live in the same household as them

Photo credit Paddy McCambridge

• You should not meet up with other people to run nor should you join with anyone you happen to meet on the road

• You should, where possible, schedule your running to avoid times when there are increased numbers of people on the road

• You should plan your running route with consideration to targeting places where footfall is normally low. Avoid parks and other places where you know people will go to walk

• Maintain your distance from other people at all times

• Try to run facing traffic so that you can run on the road to get around people you encounter

• When it is not possible to pass people at a safe distance slow down or stop until it is safe to pass

• There are people who will not make way for you, so be prepared for this. Remember, even if they don’t follow the guidance you must do your best to keep yourself safe

We are part of the community and we must do our part to keep everyone safe!

Photo credit Paddy McCambridge

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