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North Belfast Harriers Race Report 13th-19th December 2021


North Belfast Harriers Race Report 

13th-19th December 2021 

Photo courtesy of Philomena Donaldson.

As the Christmas festive season approached, and despite the number of racing opportunities beginning to diminish, members of the North Belfast Harriers continued to participate in, and succeed in a range of races and runs, on road, cross country, and track. Covering distances of a few km to a full marathon, members of the Harriers continued to share their love of running, as well as challenge themselves to achieve when competing with their peers. 

North West Cross Country 

A full complement of ladies from North Belfast Harriers made the journey to the Maiden City to participate in the North West Cross Country. Covering a distance of 6km, comprising three laps of a cross country course, adjacent to the Templemore Sports Complex in Derry, the Women’s Team, were joined by two of the male runners from the club. Brian Stewart ran a good race, and not for the first time this season, finished first in the M70 category. 

Place  Bib  Name  Category  Gun Time 
15  574  Conal McCambridge  MO  19:31 
78  663  April Clarke  FO  23:45 
83  695  Sarah-Jane McFadden  F35  23:55 
98  659  Tracey Atkinson  FO  25:01 
99  684  Natasha Henderson  FO  25:10 
108  1374  Diane Taylor  F40  25:39 
112  1373  Brian Stewart  M70  25:55 
114  947  Fionnuala O’Hare  FO  25:59 
143  694  Karen McClean  F50  32:30 
148  1368  Catherine Seawright  F45  34:28 
151  670  Philomena Donaldson  F60  36:46 


Photos courtesy of Paul Sheridan.

Night of 5,000m Races on the Track in Magherafelt 

A stalwart contingent of 4 members of the club took to the running track of the Meadowbank Sports Arena Magherafelt, to represent North Belfast Harriers, in the friendly 5,000m night of races, hosted by Tafelta Running Club. Whilst pre-Christmas commitments depleted the normal participation of Harriers in this event, the outcome did not disappoint, with Dermot Coy finishing second in Race 2, registering a pb of 20:47, whilst Matthew Carelton finished third, also registering a pb of 21:07. Well done to both. Greg McClure also deserves a mention for registering a good finish in this track race, which was completed in an 8 day period, that included two ParkRuns and a sub 4 hour marathon, in the M65 category. Well done Greg. 

Place  Name  Gun Time 
2  Dermot Coy  20:47 
3  Matthew Carelton  21:07 
6  Joe Gallagher  21:17 
16  Greg McClure  22:17 

Photos courtesy of Cathal McOscar Photography

EAMS Black Eye Friday Marathon 

One member from the Harriers took to the streets, for a very positive alternative to the traditional activities that frequently can accompany the final Friday before the Christmas break, covering 26.2 miles in the EAMS Black Eye Friday Marathon.  

The annual EAMS Black Eye Friday Marathon took place on Friday 17th December. Starting at Carrickfergus Castle, the course took runners via the Marina and onto the Belfast Road to the turn point at the bottom of Greenisland Station Road and back. Four laps made up the full marathon distance. The weather was unusually benign for an EAMS event, with the cool temperatures well suited to distance running and light winds. The Harriers were represented in the marathon by Greg McClure who completed the distance in 3:59:37. 

Name  Gun Time 
Greg McClure  3:59:37 

(Details and photo courtesy of Greg McClure) 

Run Forest Run Tollymore 10k and 5k 

A number of members of North Belfast Harriers decided to start the Christmas festivities early and set forth on these festive forest runs, that had in excess of 700 entries over the 10k and 5k distances. Five Harriers opted for the 10k course, whilst Colin McDowell, an M50 runner, was the sole representative in the 5k race, finishing 4th with a superb time of 17:57. Well done Colin. 

Tollymore 10k 

Place  Bib  Name  Category  Chip Time 
97  2317  Ray Cameron  M45  0:47:34 
234  1861  Kevin McCann  M50  0:53:33 
272  1983  Thomas Norton  M40  0:55:13 
450  2024  Jason Reid  M35  1:05:20 
466  2428  Martin Mclarnon  M45  1:07 


Tollymore 5k 

Place  Bib  Name  Category  Chip Time 
4  2404  Colin McDowell  M50  0:17:57 



The seasonal commitments, in the lead in to Christmas set demands on many of the ParkRunners from the club, also the continued closure of North Belfast Harriers’ “home course” in the Waterworks necessitated many to seek alternative venues. Nonetheless, a strong contingent of Harriers continued to share their love for running through participation in, and support for the wonderful institution that is ParkRun. Congratulations to Gavin McCaffrey, Joe Wilson, Heather Wilson, Evleyn Palmer, Margaret Stephens, Kieran Callaghan and Ita Weir, who all recorded new personal best times in their respective ParkRuns. Also congratulations to Gavin McCaffrey, who was a third finisher and Martsje Hell, who was a second female finisher. 


Woodhouse Moor, Leeds ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
128  Piaras McShane  28:33   


Belfast Victoria ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
3  Gavin McCaffrey  15:46  3rd Finisher

and New pb 

13  Isaac McCollum  16:48   
24  Paul Butcher  18:03   
28  David Curran  18:23   1st Timer
70  Dermot Coy  21:31   1st Timer
77  Thomas Coy  22:39   1st Timer
136  Joe Wilson  26:13   New pb
217  Eadaoin Donaldson  35:48   


Valley ParkRun, Newtownabbey 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
11  Matthew Carleton  22:46   1st Timer
22  Tony Reid  25:06   
53  Lyle Carlton  29:31   1st Timer
54  Heather Wilson  29:32   New pb
59  Evleyn Palmer  30:35   New pb
68  Sandy Carr  33:00   
70  Margaret Stephens  33:05   New pb
71  Grainne Stephens  33:14   
72  Bernadette Duffy  33:33   
73  Michael Lawlor  33:34   
92  Angela Rogan  39:28   1st Timer
101  Gerry Anderson  44:17   


Conway ParkRun, Wales 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
207  Philip McIlwrath  40:39   1st Timer
214  Rosy Ryan  56:25   1st Timer


Stormont ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
57  Kieran Callaghan  25:09   New pb


Colin Glen ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
8  David Hurst  24:38   1st Timer


Orangefield ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
34  Fergus Jamison  28:56   
56  Ita Weir  38:45   New pb


Hillsborough Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
6  John Gerard Murphy  20:34   1st Timer
7  Matt Shields  20:49   
9  Martsje Hell  21:37  2nd Female 
78  Greg McClure  37:29   1st Timer