14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

North Belfast Harriers Race Report 17th – 23 January 2022


North Belfast Harriers take to the field at the International Cross Country 

A number of members from North Belfast Harriers were selected to run for Northern Ireland and Ulster, at the Athletics NI International Cross Country meet, at the Billy Neill MBE Country Park. Running for N Ireland and Ulster in the Under 20 Women’s Race was Rosie Roberts, with Matthew Lavery running for N Ireland and Ulster in the Under 20 Men’s Race. Gavin McCaffrey and Conan McCaughey both represented N Ireland and Ulster in the Senior Men’s Race, whilst Peter McGarry, Luke Kelly, and Joe Gallagher sported the iconic yellow vests of North Belfast Harriers in the 10k, 6k and 4k races, respectively.  

The event was part of the World Athletics Silver Cross Country Tour and incorporated The Celtic Games, Home Countries and British Cross Challenge. This was the first time that this international cross country meet had been staged since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and it was attended by a host of international teams and individual runners from across Europe and further afield, with the star of the show being the current women’s world champion, double Olympic silver medallist and double 5,000m world champion, Helen Obiri. The 32 year old Kenyan runner, who finished her race 19 seconds ahead of her closest opposition described the course as, “difficult, but good, as it challenged everyone”, a sentiment, with which, the runners for North Belfast Harriers, would no doubt concur. There were a variety of distances over which the participants were tested, however all had to master the infamous main hill and patches of soft ground, where the benefit of wearing long spikes was made obvious. The under 20 women ran over 4,000m, the under 20 men over 6,000m, the senior women over 8,000m, the senior men over 10,000m and the mixed senior and masters ran over 4,000m. Well done to all who participated, on a crisp winter day, when the sun shone in patches and the rain never threatened. 

Photos courtesy of Steve Donegan Photography, Facebook and J Gallagher.

Under 20 Women (4,000m) 

Position  Bib  Name  Category  Club  time 
15  632  Rosie Roberts  G20  N Ireland & Ulster U20  15:07 


Under 20 Men (6,000m) 

Position  Bib  Name  Category  Club  time 
18 754 Luke Kelly B20 North Belfast Harriers 19:26
22  751  Matthew Lavery  B20  N Ireland & Ulster U20  19:37 


Senior Men (10,000m) 

Position  Bib  Name  Category  Club  time 
13  45  Conan McCaughey  Sen  N Ireland & Ulster  30:45 
40  49  Gavin McCaffrey  U20  N Ireland & Ulster U23  34:05 
42  53  Peter McGarry  Sen  North Belfast Harriers  34:32 


Senior and Masters Open (4,000m) 

Position  Bib  Name  Category  Club  time 
34  1040  Joe Gallagher  M60  North Belfast Harriers  18:03 




All the races were streamed live to an audience around the world. A recording can be viewed on Youtube at World Athletics Northern Ireland International Cross Country LIVE 

North Belfast Harriers shine at the British Masters Indoor Championships 

North Belfast Harriers were represented at the British Masters Indoor Championships at Sheffield, with Paul Horan and David Clarke achieving podium positions, finishing second in the 3,000m in the M45 and M60 categories. Paul was running in the M45 category and finished in a time of 9min; 19.41sec, whilst David, running in the M60 category finished in a time of 9min; 52.72sec. Well done to both on fantastic performances! 



A strong contingent of Harriers continued to share their love for running through participation in, and support for the wonderful institution that is ParkRun. As is always the case, when circumstances permit, the majority of participants from the club, opted to run at their home course in the Waterworks. Nonetheless, the club also had representation in a variety of locations, including counties Donegal and Cavan. Worth a special mention are Fionnuala O’Hare (2nd Female Finisher), John Black (1st Finisher) Aaron Rush (2nd Finisher), Natasha Henderson (1st Female Finisher), and Janice Plumb (3rd Female Finisher) in their respective ParkRuns. Congratulations to David Curran, Alex Reid, Chris Callaghan, Paul Lavery, Vincent Bradley, John Black, Aaron Rush, Natasha Henderson and Fergus Jamison, who all recorded new personal best times in their respective ParkRuns. Well done to all who turned out to run the traditional Saturday morning 5k. 

Waterworks ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
6  Stephen Walker  18:00   
11  David Curran  18:33   New PB
14  Mark McAvoy  19;13   
15  Joe Norney  19:21   
17  John Gerard Murphy  19:35   
25  Alex Reid  20:24  New PB
38  Fionnuala O’Hare  21:28  2nd Female 
41  Chris Callaghan  21:31  New PB
43  Paul Williams  21:38   
50  Gerard McNamara  22:28   
52  Greg McClure  22:38   
53  Ita McCambridge  22:40   
55  Paddy McCambridge  22:52   
58  Orla McCambridge  23:04   
80  Michelle McLoughlin  24:15   
88  Tony Reid  24:27   
96  Anthony Steel  25:04   
97  Jack Carberry  25:04   
99  Ray Cameron  25:11   
108  Orán Steel  25:58   
117  Gerard Sowney  26:09   
140  Chris O’Donaghue  27:19   
141  Matt Shields  27:20   
150  Lyle Carleton  27:46   
152  Catherine Seawright  28:02   
154  Seanan Steel  28:08   
164  Sabrina Nulty  28:39   
176  Thomas McKinstry  29:01   
182  Stella Harrison  29:05   
183  Heather Wilson  29:05   
198  Philip McIlwrath  29:20   
244  Sandy Carr  31:10   
245  Margaret Stephens  31:12   
253  Philomena Donaldson  31:40   
259  Jim Clinton  32:02   
269  Bernadette Duffy  32:19   
281  Grainne Stephens  33:00   
282  Paul Lavery  33:02  New PB
317  Grace McKenna  36:08   
318  Lynn McKenna  36:10   
330  Jason Reid  38:28   
363  Sean McShane  48:40   
366  Gerry Anderson  49:38   


Belfast Victoria ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
6  Colin McDowell  16:36   
8  Conor O’Rawe  16:46   
44  Vincent Bradley  20:25  New PB
140  Joe Wilson  27:20   
220  Catherine Carleton  40:24   
221  Paula O’Reilly  40:24   


Ormeau ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
1  John Black  16:11  1st Finisher & New PB
2  Aaron Rush  17:28  2nd Finisher & New PB


Antrim ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
31  Brian Stewart  22:27   


Larne ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
4  Natasha Henderson  20:49  1st Female & New PB
11  Janice Plumb  21:52  3rd Female 
17  Carole Clarke  24:03   


Letterkenny ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
11  Frankie Smyth  23:12   First Timer
41  Liam Smyth  27:19   


Valley ParkRun, Newtownabbey 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
4  Colin Willetts  20:31   
108  Angela Rogan  39:09   


Falcarragh ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
17  Joe Drain  24:56   


Orangefield ParkRun 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
19  David Hurst  23:46   First Timer
39  Fergus Jamison  28:17  New PB


Deerpark Forest ParkRun, Virginia 

Position  Name  Time  Remarks 
21  Kieran Callaghan  25:08