14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

North Belfast Junior Run Report 24th April – 1st May 2022


A relatively quiet week but we need a big push from all junior members for the upcoming NI Club League starting next Sunday 8th May at Antrim Forum https://athleticsni.org/Fixtures/NI-Club-League

This meet is for U13/U15/!7 and there is a list of eligible names below who can enter.  If your kid is interested in taking part then we need to know by 6pm Monday 2nd May as entries close on Tuesday 4th May at 12 noon.  Only 2 kids can be entered for each event so this gives the coaches time to switch others to different events if needed.  The overall goal is to get as many juniors out competing as possible.  If your kid would like to enter put there name in the highlighted blue section of the sheet against the event they wish to enter. Do this by clicking on the link. I have already done this for Max and Alex. There is a different tab at the bottom for both male and female entries.


Eligle NBH athletes:

Under 13 Under 15 Under 17
Maximum Age 01 September 2009 01 September 2007 01 September 2005
Minimum Age 31 August 2011 31 August 2009 31 August 2007
James Oshaughnessy Male Under 13
Cassie Curran Female Under 13
Senan McConnell Male Under 13
Cormac Leheny Male Under 13
Ruarcc Sheridan Male Under 13
Senán Steele Male Under 13
Isla Wiltshire Female Under 13
Jack O’Neill Male Under 13
Erin McAuley Female Under 13
Oscar Brown Male Under 13
Amelia Gogacz Female Under 13
Seán Ryan Male Under 13
Alex Reid Male Under 13
Freya Stevenson Female Under 13
Clodagh Browne Female Under 13
Odhrán Browne Male Under 13
Thomas Coy Male Under 13
Heidi McCaffrey Female Under 13
Eimear O’Regan Female Under 13
Fiadh Sloan Female Under 13
Caralee Stewart Female Under 13
Ella O’Kane Female Under 15
Keon McLaughlin Male Under 15
CHARLIE Okane Male Under 15
Rian Okane Male Under 15
Aoife Sharkey Female Under 15
Éabha Conway Female Under 15
Cliona McGinley Female Under 15
Orlaith Fahy Duckett Female Under 15
Cormac McCollam Male Under 15
Oisín Steele Male Under 15
Molly McCormick Female Under 15
Treasa McConnell Female Under 15
Cathal McManus Male Under 15
Niamh McAuley Female Under 15
Emily Donald Female Under 15
Abi-Skye Robertson Female Under 15
Orán Steele Male Under 15
Aoife Okane Female Under 15
Dara Cassidy Male Under 15
Charlie McLarnon Male Under 15
Noelle Devlin Female Under 15
Sé Steele Male Under 15
Holly Collins Female Under 15
Zoe Ingram Female Under 17
Saul Thompson Male Under 17
Eoin McConnell Male Under 17
Anna Privilege Female Under 17
Cillian Browne Male Under 17
Caoilainn Curran Female Under 17
Finn Harding Male Under 17
Max Reid Male Under 17
LUCY Donald Female Under 17
Pearce McCormick Male Under 17
Mary McGarrigle Female Under 17
Leah Horan Female Under 17
Matthew Purvis Male Under 17
Hugo Reilly-Stewart Male Under 17
Orlagh McComb Female Under 17

Waterworks Parkrun

We did have a few runners out on Saturday and a few PBs to mention. Some great runs!

19:55 PB
23:22  PB
23:53 PB
24:56 PB
28:51 PB