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North Belfast Harriers Race Report 2nd-8th May 2022 


North Belfast Harriers Race Report 2nd-8th May 2022 

The past week saw members of North Belfast Harriers participating in a wide range of races encompassing distances from 5km on runways, roads, hills, mountains and running track to the 26.2 miles of a marathon, as well as the weekly ParkRuns. And as usual, there were some notable successes and podium places. 


It’s Gold for North Belfast’s Gareth Lyons, in the 10k Run the Runways Race, at Newtownards Airport, on Friday 6th May 

North Belfast Harrier, Gareth Lyons took 1st place in the 10k race, at the “Run the Runways” meet, on Friday evening. Running two laps over an improvised race circuit, laid out on the runways of Newtownards airfield, it was a close race for first place on the initial lap, with Gareth and the second place finisher recording identical splits, and only 2 seconds separating the first four places. However, in the second lap, Gareth pulled away from the others in the leading pack, to finish 4 seconds ahead of his nearest rival, in a close and exciting race. Congratulations, and well done Gareth! Also worthy of a mention are David Hamilton, who finished 6th in the 10k, and David Clarke, who was only 2 seconds away from a podium place, finishing 4th in the 5k race.  

Over recent years, and particularly in the aftermath of the curtailment of mass running events, because of the pandemic, many race organisers have sought out novel venues for race meets. Newtownards running club, Scrabo Striders certainly deserve credit for organising their unique race meet, on the flat, fast runways of the airfield at Newtownards. Options of running a junior 2k, a 5k and a 10k race were available.  

Photos courtesy of Scrabo Striders Facebook.

Race  Position  Bib  Name  Category  Chip Time 
5k  4  539  David Clarke  M  16:54 
5k  40  727  Diane Taylor  F  21:19 
5k  41  540  Carole Clarke  F  21:31 
5k  228  577  Elizabeth French  F  42:30 


Race  Position  Bib  Name  Category  Lap 1  Lap 2  Chip Time 
10k  1  109  Gareth Lyons  M  16:48  16:17  0:33:04 
10k  6  72  David Hamilton  M  17:33  1754  0: 35:26 
10k  129  186  Catherine Seawright  F  27:18  27:23  0: 54:21 
10k  131  110  Fiona Magill  F  27:19  27:25  0: 42:30 
10k  180  198  Robbie Speers  M  34:22  36:24  1:10:25 

Photos courtesy of Martsje Hell

North Belfast Harrier, Martsje Hell Tackles the Tough Terrain with the Northern Ireland Team, Sunday 8th May 

On Sunday, North Belfast Harrier, Martsje Hell, representing Northern Ireland and Ulster, ran in the Inter-counties Mountain Running Championships, in Llanberis in Wales. In the late spring sunshine, the runners undertook this mountain challenge, ascending a total of 750m in the 7 mile race. Martsje finished in 22nd place overall, in 1:06:37, helping her team finish in 9th place. The course involved a 2.5 mile climb up Moel Eilio, followed by lesser climbs to Foel Gron and Foel Goch. A fast final descent over new trails took the runners back to Llanberis. Well done to all involved in the challenging race over the rugged and stunning mountain countryside. 

NBH Friendly 5,000m Races, Friday 6th May 

On the evening of Friday 6th May North Belfast Harriers hosted the latest in a series of Friendly 5,000m track races at the Boys’ Model Playing Fields in North Belfast. A total of 4 races over the 5,000m distance were staged, with runners matched against competitors of a similar speed. The first race was for those with PBs of 24-27 min, followed by race two for those with PBs of 21:30-24 min. The third race was for those with PBs of 19-21:30 min, with the final race being for those with PBs of under 18:30 min. The last time this meet was hosted by North Belfast Harriers was in the summer of 2021. Joining North Belfast Harriers, were representatives from the greater Belfast area, in the form of Mallusk Harriers and Beechmount Harriers, as well as Tafelta, from Magherafelt and Keep Er Lit, from Coalisland. Worth a mention are Kieran Callaghan and namesake Chris Callaghan, who both finished second, in their respective races. Congratulations to both runners. Also well done to those runners, who recorded new personal best times. 

Photos courtesy of Emma Taylor, Margaret Stephens and Joe Gallagher.

Details of the times of the finishers from North Belfast Harriers are listed below. 

Race 1- 24:00-27:00 mins 
Position  Bib  Name  Time 
2  1341  Kieran Callaghan  24:28 
5  1337  Joanne Curran  25:17 
6  1346  Cheryl Shaw  25:44 
7  1343  Claire Curran  25:46 


Race 2- 21:30-24:00 mins 
Position  Bib  Name  Time 
2  1321  Chris Callaghan  21:31 
7  1328  Ciaran Browne  22:54 
10  1330  Maurice Plamer  23:17 
11  1329  Declan Liggit  23:19 
12  1332  Michelle McLoughlin  23:46 


Race 3- 19:00-21:30 mins 
Position  Bib  Name  Time 
9  1313  Roma Doherty  20:19 
10  1306  Matty Carleton  20:45 
12  1312  Joe Gallagher  20:57 


Race 4- 18:30 mins and under 
Position  Bib  Name  Time 
6  1290  Ian Keys  17:36 


Greg McClure finishes 3rd (photo courtesy of Gregg McClure)

It’s Another Podium Place for North Belfast’s Greg McClure, on Sunday 8th May, in the latest “We Run Wild” marathon over the mountains around Belfast and East Antrim. 

On Sunday, veteran distance racer, Greg McClure, competing in his 127th marathon, only a week after running the Belfast City Marathon, finished in third place in this challenging hill, trail and mountain race, in 5h:04m:20s. This event, the second in a trilogy of “Castle to Castle” races, involved navigating the prescribed scenic route, and running from Belfast Castle to Carrickfergus Castle, covering a distance of 26.2 miles. The route involved a climb over the Cavehill, across paths, country trails and heathland, before descending and then climbing once again up to the Knockagh Monument, and onwards towards the finish line, at Carrickfergus Castle. The organisers of the We Run Wild race series, state that their events are about taking running back to nature, running for enjoyment, and taking in scenery that is often missed in other races. Commenting after the race, which involved a total climb of around 800m, Greg McClure stated, “It was a beautiful day for the race over the trails and backroads, although possibly a bit warm for running.” Well done Greg for another great achievement. 

Northern Ireland Club League, Sunday 8th May 

Sunday saw the first round of the NI Club League at the Antrim Forum, with members of North Belfast Harriers recording some fast finishes and commendable performances in the 800m and 1,500m on the track. Well done James Conor and Peter. 

Race  Position  Bib  Name  Category  Time 
800m  1  804  James Trainor  M  2:06.77 
800m  2  800  Conor Curran  M  2:07.79 
1,500m  1  801  Peter McGarry  M  4:18.54 


Binnian Hill and Dale Race, Thursday 5th May 

On Thursday 5th May two members of North Belfast Harriers took part in the latest race in the Hill and Dale Series of ten races, organised by Newcastle Athletic Club. As the name would suggest this race is run over the scenic slopes of Binnian Mountain in the Mournes. Runners in this race completed a 5km course that involved a challenging climb of 750m. Well done to all the participants. Details of the finishing times for the two Harriers are given below. 

Position  Bar Code  Name  Category  Finish Time 
98  174  John Murphy  M50  37:09 
149  670  Ray Cameron  M45  41:49 


ParkRuns, Saturday 7th May 

With the weekend weather continuing to improve, members of the North Belfast Harriers turned out in numbers, with cheerful dispositions to take part in the wonderful weekly ritual that is ParkRun. Running in a variety of locations, locally and further afield, including Ireland, England and South Africa, they joined runners of all ages and abilities to enjoy the camaraderie and craic, whilst partaking in a parkland 5k. Worth a special mention are Fionnuala O’Hare and Janice Plumb, who were first female finishers in their respective ParkRuns, John Gerard Murphy, who completed his 500th ParkRun, and Conor O’Rawe, who recorded a new PB.  

Waterworks ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
5  David Curran   76.9% 19:29   
8  Fionnuala O’Hare   69.32% 21:21  First Female 
11  Joseph Gallagher   76.69% 21:40   
12  Joe Drain   69.66% 21:42   
18  Christopher Lennon   67.35% 21:54   
34  Ita McCambridge   84.35% 22:41   
35  Seamus Leheny   62.48% 22:42   
39  Ray Cameron  62.33% 22:55   
50  Greg McClure   70.45% 23:48   
57  Tony Reid   65.11% 24:13   
76  Nicky Hagan   53.02% 24:52   
77  Orán Steele   58.12% 24:57   
87  Matthew Purvis   53.94% 25:48   
91  Jack Carberry   77.69% 25:51   
92  Piaras McShane   49.81% 26:00   
95  Sean McShane Jr   49.62% 26:06   
98  Paul Williams   59.87% 26:20   
100  Stephen Walker   59.90% 26:24   
119  Thomas McKinstry   56.50% 27:12   
120  Chris O’Donoghue   50.12% 27:14   
135  Matthew Carleton   46.10% 27:59   
146  Catherine Seawright   56.99% 28:43   
149  Stella Harrison   67.87% 29:00   
153  Laurence Rogers   50.26% 29:21   
169  Sandy Carr   51.35% 30:11   
170  Margaret Stephens   65.10% 30:14   
177  Philip McIlwrath   47.57% 30:31   
188  Eadaoin Donaldson   47.28% 31:31   
192  Eva McLoughlin   57.15% 31:42   
193  Michelle McLoughlin   48.24% 31:43   
197  Matt Shields   53.50% 31:56   
201  John Gerard Murphy   47.24% 32:00   500th ParkRun
209  Martin McLarnon   44.28% 32:31   
221  Gordon Glenn   43.47% 34:12   
246  Catherine Carleton   46.90% 40:48   
249  Denise Rainey   40.11% 41:18   
250  Roy Rainey   36.87% 41:19   
251  Denis Loughran   47.80% 42:01   
260  Sean McShane   29.97% 48:50   
268  Rosy Ryan   26.87% 1:00:55   


Belfast Victoria ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
127  Paul Jenkins   49.02% 29:37   


Queen’s ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
108  Vincent Bradley   47.93% 33:46   


Portrush ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
36  Jean-Claude Bourgeois   63.76% 23:19   


Citypark ParkRun, Craigavon 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Colin McDowell   86.36% 17:21   Equals PB


Enniskillen ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
8  Dermot Coy   63.2% 22:06  First Timer 
13  Thomas Coy   65.06% 23:31  First Timer 


Antrim ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
168  Mannix McAlister   36.23% 35:42  First Timer 


Larne ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
12  Janice Plumb   75.53% 22:45  First Female 


Carrickfergus ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
38  Maurice Palmer   57.18% 28:32   First Timer
39  Liam Smyth   55.22% 28:33  First Timer 


Valley ParkRun, Newtownabbey 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
63  David Johnston   48.75% 31:15   
87  Angela Rogan   47.99% 38:14   


Colin Glenn ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Martin Rea   74.59% 19:09   


Crawfordsburn ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
17  David Hurst   53.52% 25:19   First Timer


Hillsborough Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
45  Ian Keys   52.78% 24:34   


Falcarragh ParkRun, Co Donegal 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
18  Kevin Lavery   59.92% 26:32   
44  Paul Lavery   47.23% 35:30   
50  John Lavery   43.45% 37:15   


Deerpark Forest ParkRun, Virginia, Co Cavan 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
13  Jim Clinton   60.99% 26:32   First Timer


Nairn Beach ParkRun, Donegal 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
14  Claire Boyle   35.16% 43:45   


Bournemouth ParkRun, England 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
9  Conor O’Rawe   69.29% 18:37   New PB


Umhlanga ParkRun, South Africia  

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
32  Paul Carlin   55.9% 26:33