14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

North Belfast Harriers Junior Report 8th – 15th May


Another busy week for the juniors with training, racing and park running.  Great to see the spread of participation and the quality of performances across each.  Training continues as usual this coming week on 17th and 19th May.  Results as follows:

Firmus Fab 5 at MPT May 12th

Excellent turnout and performances from the juniors at the Firmus track and field meet on Thursday night.  Congratulations to everyone for taking part and giving your best.

Event Athlete Place Perf
U11 Boys 600m Ethan Wiltshire 9 02:08.04
U11 Boys 600m Theo Haigh-Aragao 10 02:19.31
U11 Boys 600m Cillian McConnell 11 02:22.83
U11 Boys Turbo Javelin Ethan Wiltshire 4 14.87
U11 Boys Turbo Javelin Cillian McConnell 10 8.26
U11 Girls 60m Phoebe Reid 5 11.04
U11 Girls 60m Eimear Coy 7 11.33
U11 Girls Long Jump Eimear Coy 10 2.4
U11 Girls Long Jump Phoebe Reid 14 1.97
U13 Boys 1500m Thomas Coy 5 05:23.91
U13 Boys 1500m Alex Reid 6 05:31.52
U13 Boys 1500m Senan McConnell 7 05:40.05
U13 Boys 200m Senan McConnell 2 33.42
U13 Boys 200m Alex Reid 3 33.96
U13 Girls 200m Erin McAuley 2 34.02
U13 Girls 200m Amelia Gogacz 4 34.65
U13 Girls Long Jump Isla Wiltshire 10 3.34
U13 Girls Long Jump Amelia Gogacz 15 3.09
U15 Boys 1500m Dara Cassidy 10 05:23.71
U15 Girls 1500m Niamh McAuley 11 05:40.20
U17 Boys 1500m Max Reid 9 04:30.08
U17 Boys 200m Finn Harding 6 27.94
U17 Girls 200m Zoe Ingram 4 30.41


Registration is open for the next Firmus meet on Thursday 2nd June.  Event list as follows:


Waterworks 5km Park Run 

Very well done to all of the park runners on Saturday morning and congratulations to Orán on his new PB!

Position Runner Time
58 Orán Steele 24:22 New PB!
61 Alex REID 24:37
82 Oisín Steele 25:54
137 Eva McLoughlin 29:08
142 Senan Steele 29:16


Waterworks 2km Park Run 

Congratulations to all of the park runners this morning with new PB’s from Cormac, Alex and Sadie!  Must have been quite the battle at the front with only 1 second separating first and second!

Position Runner Time
1 Cormac LEHENY 07:11 New PB!
2 Alex REID 07:12 New PB!
10 Theo HAIGH ARAGAO 09:33
11 Thomas WEINIGER 09:35
15 Sadie SULLIVAN 09:54 New PB!
22 Sophie WEINIGER 10:50
29 Phoebe REID 11:28