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North Belfast Harriers Race Report 23rd –29th May 2022


North Belfast Harriers Race Report 23rd –29th May 2022 

Runners from North Belfast Harriers finished May in style with a string of successes on the track, roads and parks, with a number of podium positions and personal best times across a range of distances from 800m to  marathon. 

Belfast International Meet at Mary Peters Track, Saturday 28th May 

Saturday 28th May saw four North Belfast Harriers racing at the Mary Peters 50th Gold Medal Anniversary Meet. This international meet was organised to commemorate Mary Peters’ success in winning Olympic Gold in the pentathlon, 50 years ago this summer. Fittingly, the venue was the international athletics stadium bearing her name, that was developed as a legacy to support and nurture local athletes. All four Harriers performed well with Conor Curran, Gavin McCaffrey and Cathaoir Purvis all achieving PBs, at this prestigious event. Well done to all.   

Photos courtesy of Kieth McClure Photography /NBH Twitter.

Race  Place  Name  Category  Time  Remarks 
T15 800m  7  Conor Curran  M45  2:03.31  New PB 
T19 3000m  8  John Black    8:40.92   
T19 3000m  9  Gavin McCaffrey    8:42.16  New PB 
T19 3000m  10  Cathaoir Purvis    8:42.58  New PB 


North Belfast Harriers shine at the Ballyclare May Fair Races, Saturday 28th May 

Members of the North Belfast Harriers excelled at Ballyclare on Saturday, with no less than three podium places and string of PBs. Peter McGarry took first place in the 5k race, whilst it was 2nd, 3rd and 4th for April Clarke, Natasha Henderson and Fionnuala O’Hare, in the ladies 10k. Peter McGarry ran a great 5k, leading from early in the race. Peter was several seconds ahead of his nearest rival by the 3k mark, and eventually after stretching his lead to 14 seconds, finished first, in a personal best time of 15:17, which also set a new course record for this race. Also in the 5k race was veteran runner David Clarke, who finished 1st in the M60 class, 6th overall, in a really impressive time of 16:47. Additionally, Carol Clarke was 1st in the F55 category, in the 5k, achieving a personal best time of 21:17. In the 10k race 2nd placed female, April Clarke finished strongly in 40:24, followed by Natasha Henderson in 40:52, whilst in 4th place, Fionnuala O’Hare continued her upward trend in races this year, by recording another PB of 41:48. Further success was achieved by Janice Plumb, who finished 1st in the F50 category in the 10k in 43:58, whilst John Davidson and Catherine Seawright finished in 54:17 and 54:49. Well done to all participants for a competitive and entertaining morning of races.  

On an almost perfect day for racing, with pleasant hazy sunshine, the May Fair Races returned to Ballyclare, following a two year absence. Organised by County Antrim Harriers, both the 10k and 5k races started and finished in the grounds of Ballyclare Rugby Club. Participants in the 5k race were taken on a course that involved a run towards, and then round the town centre, taking in part of the ParkRun course in Sixmilewater Park on the way. Those who opted for the 10k course, ran a single lap, that took them on a wider circumference of the town, involving a visit to Doagh enroute, before returning to the finish line, adjacent to where they started. 


Photographs by Joe Gallagher.

Race   Place   Bib  Name  Category  Gun Time   Chip Time  Remarks 
5k  1  575  Peter McGarry  MO  15:18  15:17  1st and New PB 
5k  6  573  David Clarke  M60  16:47  16:47  1st M60 
5k  33  574  Carol Clarke  F55  21:20  21:17  1st F55  New PB
10k  20  72  April Clarke  FO  40:26  40:24  2nd Female 
10k  21  74  Natasha Henderson  FO  40:54  40:54  3rd Female 
10k  24  71  Fionnuala O’Hare  FO  41:54  41:48  4th Female 
10k  37  73  Janice Plumb  F50  44:03  43:58  1st F50 
10k  132  69  John Davidson  MO  54:34  54:17   
10k  134  70  Catherine Seawright  F45  55:06  54:49   


Newry City Half Marathon and 10K, Sunday 29th May 

Sunday 29th May saw the return of the Newry City Half Marathon and 10k races. As with almost all mass running events, these races saw an enforced two year curtailment. Nine runners from North Belfast Harriers turned out mark the occasion, and to test themselves on the relatively flat, fast course around the canal and river in the greater Newry area, producing some fast finishes, and new personal best times in the process. Gareth Lyons and Mark McAvoy ran in the 10k race, and whilst assisting others with the pacing, finished strongly in 5th and 19th places in 34:06 and 38:29. Running in the half marathon, Ryan Moore finished in a very commendable 12th place, out of a field of over 600 runners, in a time of 1:17:09. David Curran finished in 29th, achieving a new personal best time of 1:22:08, followed by Gabriel McAvoy who finished 68th in 1:29:04. Joe Gallagher recorded a new personal best time of 1:34:30, finishing 116th, followed by Chris Callaghan who finished 182nd  in 1:40:49. Robbie Speers and Elizabeth French, two of the club’s stalwart recreational runners from the “Roy’s Rockets” group, made up the contingent, and deserve great credit for being prepared to tackle yet another running challenge, with their characteristic enthusiasm and positive attitude. Well done to all runners.  

Photographs courtesy of NBH Twitter, Elizabeth French and Joe Gallagher.

Race   Place   Bib  Name  Category  Gun Time   Chip Time  Remarks 
10k  5  1119  Gareth Lyons  M45  0:34:08  0:34:06   
10k  19  1143  Mark McAvoy  MO  0:38:33  0:38:29   
Half Marathon  12  554  Ryan Moore  M35  1:17:09  1:17:09   
Half Marathon  29  155  David Curran  M50  1:22:12  1:22:08  New PB 
Half Marathon  68  433  Gabriel McAvoy  M45  1:29:11  1:29:04   
Half Marathon  116  238  Joe Gallagher  M60  1:34:37  1:34:30  New PB 
Half Marathon  182  72  Chris Callaghan  M55  1:41:01  1:40:49   
Half Marathon  619  693  Robbie Speers  MO  3:33:00  3:32:13   
Half Marathon  620  234  Elizabeth French  F45  3:33:00  3:32:13   


Edinburgh Marathon 29th May  

North Belfast Harriers were represented in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon by Ian Keys. Running over the 26.2 mile distance of the course through the Scottish capital, Ian finished 384th overall, coming home in a very commendable time of 3:02:38. Featuring a number of races associated with the marathon, this year’s marathon festival boasted a total of 40,000 runners, making it the biggest participation sporting event in Scottish history. Well done Ian for flying the flag for North Belfast and finishing in such a good time in in this iconic event. 

Position  Bib  Name  Gun Time  Chip Time 
384  704  Ian Keys  3:02:56  3:02:38 


Loop the Lough, Sunday 29th May  

Thomas McKinstry was the sole representative from the North Belfast Harriers who took part at the weekend, in the gruelling 51 mile ultra race, organised by Atlas Running. As the name would suggest the event involved a race round the shore of Strangford Lough, starting at Portaferry and finishing at Strangford. Thomas had covered the split of 26.2 miles of a conventional marathon in 5:28:08. Ultimately Thomas finished 10th, after covering the challenging 51 mile distance in 11 hours and 26 seconds. Well done Thomas for some impressive endurance running. 

ParkRuns, Saturday 28th May  

On a pleasant late May Saturday morning, members of North Belfast Harriers turned out in numbers for their weekly ParkRun, to enjoy the camaraderie, craic and outdoor exercise for the good of mind and body. In addition to a variery of local courses, Harriers also ran in ParkRuns in England and Italy. Worthy of a special mention is Una McConnell, who was the first female finisher at the Waterworks. Also worthy of note are: Eoin McConnell, Thomas Coy, Niall McAuley, Martin McLarnon, Max Reid, Alex Reid, Phoebe Reid, Liam Smyth, Ryan Armstrong and David Johnson, who all achieved new PBs in their respective courses. Well done to all participants. 

Waterworks ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
7  Eoin McConnell  74.39%  19:04  New PB 
12  Thomas Coy  74.39%  20:34  New PB 
13  Dermot Coy  67.69%  20:38   
14  Una McConnell  73.58%  21:23  1st Female 
20  Seamus Leheny  65.66%  21:36   
27  Thomas McLaughlin  63.08%  22:18   
29  Greg McClure  73.75%  22:44   
30  Simon Reeve  62.60%  22:49   
31  Peter Dolan  55.78%  22:53   
32  David Curran  65.38%  22:55   
34  Gabriel McAvoy  62.28%  22:56   
35  Mark McAvoy  56.25%  22:56   
36  John Gerard Murphy  65.87%  22:57   
37  Sean McShane  63.39%  23:05   
40  Gerry Anderson  65.43%  23:17   
42  Niall McAuley  67.31%  23:27  New PB 
44  Kevin McCann  63.85%  23:28   
45  Patrick McAuley  59.82%  23:31   
50  Tony Reid  65.69%  24:00   
59  Matthew Carleton  52.65%  24:30   
60  Matt Shields  69.68%  24:31   
71  Jack Carberry  79.75%  25:11   
74  Sabrina Nulty  62.11%  25:20   
98  Orán Steel  53.67%  27:01   
99  Anthony Steel  49.72%  27:03   
105  Lyle Carleton  57.96%  27:26   
106  Matthew Purvis  50.73%  27:26   
108  Oisin Steel  52.82%  27:27   
120  Gordon Glenn  52.81%  28:09   
121  Thomas McKinstry  54.52%  28:11   
124  Thomas Peter Norton  49.79%  28:15   
132  Stella Harrison  68.86%  29:22   
136  Lynn Murray  60.05%  29:22   
153  Martin McLarnon  47.19%  30:31  New PB 
163  Gillian Roden  48.35%  31:49   
165  Margaret Stephens  61.16%  32:11   
166  Grainne Stephens  45.96%  32:12   
172  Lorna McGrath  59.29%  33:12   
176  Bernadette Duffy  58.94%  34:23   
193  Ita Weir  43.01%  39:27   
203   Catherine Carleton  37.00%  51:43   
204  Paula O’Reilly  35.95%  51:44   


Belfast Victoria ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
7  Max Reid  81.54%  17:04  New PB 
37  Alex Reid  74.15%  20:38  New PB 
43  Vincent Bradley  76.88%  21:03   
47  Paul Williams  73.85%  21:21   
159  Rory Kane  52.36%  27:30   
166  Paul Jenkins  52.00%  27:55   
170  Philip McIlwrath  51.06%  28:26   
193  Phoebe Reid  57.79%  30:22  New PB 
248  Rosy Ryan  29.45%  55:35   


Falls ParkRun Belfast 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
29  Jim Clinton  62.89%  25:44   


Citypark ParkRun Craigavon 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Colin McDowell  86.11%  17:24   


Ormeau ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
306  Mannix McAlister  27.71%  46:33   


Carrickfergus ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
29  Liam Smyth  60.00%  26:30  New PB 


Comber ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
4  Ryan Armstrong  69.57%  19:20  New PB 


Valley ParkRun, Newtownabbey 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
40  David Johnston  52.71%  28:54  New PB 



Knockbracken Resevoir ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
104  Eadaoin Donaldson  49.53%  30:05  First Timer 
105  Philomena Donaldson  67.29%  30:07  First Timer 


Hillsborough Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
34  Tony Forde  64.13%  25:00   
89  Glenn Beattie  31.66%  40:45  First Timer 


Derrynoid Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
9  Ray Cameron  64.92%  22:00  First Timer 


Stretford ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
20  Natt Glenn  81.79%  18:57  First Timer 


Milano Nord ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
97  Paul Lavery  41.35%  40:33