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NBH Race Report 12th – 19th June 2022

Diane and Greg in action

It was a varied week on the race front with NBH members competing over distances from 100 metres to 100 miles !

Comber 10k: Fri 17th June

The popular Comber 10k returned on Friday night; the race, promoted by Ballydrain Harriers attracted over 600 athletes including 11 harriers. Gareth Lyons took 4th place overall and 1st in the M45 category, while Laurence Johnston was 2nd in the M60 category and Ryan Moore took 2nd M35. Full results were:

4Gareth Lyons0:33:211st M45
14Ryan Moore0:35:022nd M35
21Matthew McCombe0:35:44 
42Neil Mercer0:37:57 
48Laurence Johnston0:38:212nd M60
81Natasha Henderson0:40:19 
111Ryan Armstrong0:42:06 
123Simon Reeve0:42:53 
160Ray Cameron0:44:21 
446Joanne Curran0:57:44 
600Sonya Gorman1:14:23 

Photos by Mark Ross from Ballydrain Harrier’s Facebook page

Senior Track Championships: Sat 18th June

Mary Peters track was the venue on Saturday for the NI Senior track and field championships with competitors and spectators enjoying the competition in warm sunshine. NBH athletes performed well with new PBs recorded in the 5,000m by Peter McGarry (15:08.15 from 15.19.52), and Isaac McCollum (15:36.14 from 15:57.05). There were also new PBs in the 1500m for Fionntan Campbell (4:04.87 from 4:09.83) and Cathaoir Purvis (4:04.93 from 4:05.54). Full results were:

Senior Women’s Long Jump
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Senior Men’s 800m Heat 3
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Senior Men’s 1500m Race B
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Senior Men’s 1500m Race A
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Senior Men’s 5000m B
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Senior Men’s 5000m A
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes
Ambulant Men & Women 100m
PlacePerformanceFirst NameLast NameNotes

Dunshaughlin 10k: Sat 18th June

Dunshaughlin in Co. Meath was the venue on Saturday evening for this popular race which had over 800 finishers including 4 harriers. April Clarke recorded a new 10k PB, ducking under 39 minutes in the process. Full results were:

49Colin Mc Dowell0:33:22 
151David Clarke0:36:45 
223April Clarke0:38:52New PB
429Carol Clarke0:45:20 

Belfast 24 hour Races: Sat 18th – Sun 19th June

The gazebos and tents were erected on Saturday morning in Victoria Park in preparation for the annual 24-hr races, promoted by Atlas Running. The club had 3 runners competing in the 24-hr race itself, where athletes attempt to cover as much distance as possible in the 24 hour period. Conditions were warm on Saturday and again on Sunday morning, though there was little rain and the overnight temperatures remained reasonably mild. Diane Taylor, taking on her first 24-hr event put in a magnificent performance despite a nasty blister in the latter stages to complete 98 laps, just over 100 miles; Greg McClure completed 101 laps for just over 104 miles, while Robbie Speers put in his usual solid performance, recording over 45 miles. Full results were:

Greg McClure101 + 653 metres167.44104.04
Diane Taylor98161.83100.56
Robbie Speers44 + 22 metres72.6845.16

Photos courtesy of thegalwaycow.com

Great irish trail rUN: sun 19th June

On Sunday Philip Goss competed in the Great Irish Trail Race in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary which was a test event for the world masters mountain running championship which are due to be held later this year. The course was 10.6km in length with 602 meters climb, and started with a brutal 2 km road climb ascending over 200 meters. Philip finished 4th overall and first V35 in an excellent time of 50:20.

Philip Goss in action above Clonmel

parkrun: Sat 18th June

The results from Saturday’s parkruns were:

Greenwich parkrun 18/06/2022 #585
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
16Peter DOLAN10960.36%22:17First Timer!
Waterworks parkrun, Belfast 18/06/2022 #542
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
2Ian KEYS12271.44%18:09PB 18:05
4Patrick MCAULEY6075.90%18:32PB 18:14
9Seamus LEHENY26672.67%19:31New PB!
10Simon REEVE27270.59%20:14PB 17:48
12Joseph GALLAGHER3279.70%20:51PB 20:50
15Nicky HAGAN1661.37%21:29PB 21:22
16Una MCCONNELL3873.82%21:31PB 21:07
39Senan MCCONNELL963.93%23:56PB 23:22
44Tony REID51564.31%24:31PB 21:50
45Joe DRAIN12161.66%24:31PB 19:54
51David CURRAN15360.25%24:52PB 18:33
52Kevin MCCANN15260.21%24:53PB 21:37
53Christopher LENNON4459.24%24:54PB 20:30
55Thomas COY3461.28%24:58PB 20:34
56Dermot COY4055.90%24:59PB 20:31
61Jack CARBERRY30779.28%25:20PB 21:14
76Sandy CARR30559.24%26:10PB 22:55
79Maurice PALMER11562.00%26:19PB 23:11
82Thomas MCKINSTRY27457.99%26:30PB 23:09
93Chris O’DONOGHUE8049.70%27:28PB 24:31
106Phoebe REID1159.64%28:37New PB!
108Laura CONNOLLY1755.70%28:47PB 25:56
109Lynn MCKENNA3958.95%28:47PB 26:30
115Gillian RODEN11552.65%29:13PB 26:14
116Lyle CARLETON21354.42%29:13PB 21:22
117Stella HARRISON37267.37%29:13PB 26:03
130Martin MCLARNON5747.42%30:22New PB!
132Margaret STEPHENS33164.05%30:44PB 28:23
151Jason REID14040.61%32:28PB 21:46
153Michael LAWLOR17048.44%33:06PB 25:44
176Denise RAINEY12141.92%39:31PB 34:48
177Denis LOUGHRAN17150.04%40:08PB 35:00
180Michelle HARKLEY6338.99%40:21PB 36:39
182Dermot MCGRATH8736.72%41:10PB 28:46
183Catherine CARLETON9845.66%41:54PB 31:42
184Paula O’REILLY4844.39%41:54PB 31:49
199Bernadette DUFFY27341.82%48:28PB 29:29
200Philomena DONALDSON26941.80%48:29PB 27:50
St Andrews parkrun 18/06/2022 #439
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
5Stephen WALKER10273.90%18:54PB 18:08
Belfast Victoria parkrun 18/06/2022 #511
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
32Paul WILLIAMS37973.39%21:29PB 19:44
49Matthew CARLETON8354.66%23:36PB 21:30
Ecos parkrun, Ballymena 18/06/2022 #435
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
18Brian STEWART12780.58%21:53New PB!
Citypark parkrun, Craigavon 18/06/2022 #430
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
4Peter SAVAGE2385.00%17:47PB 17:23
110Colin MCDOWELL17856.76%26:24PB 16:35
Ormeau parkrun 18/06/2022 #391
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
44Jean-Claude BOURGEOIS10467.37%22:04PB 21:05
169Lucinda MCAVOY4256.86%28:47PB 27:46
Larne parkrun 18/06/2022 #363
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
12Janice PLUMB13372.50%23:42PB 20:34
Valley parkrun, Newtownabbey 18/06/2022 #341
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
52David JOHNSTON4053.64%28:24New PB!
Dundalk parkrun 18/06/2022 #286
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
34Eadaoin KELLY22649.28%30:14First Timer!
Stormont parkrun 18/06/2022 #287
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
82Kieran CALLAGHAN15452.93%26:10PB 25:08
Falcarragh parkrun 18/06/2022 #255
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
9Jim CLINTON52067.10%24:07PB 22:59
56Angela ROGAN4147.72%38:27PB 27:06
Mungret parkrun 18/06/2022 #117
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
4Thomas MCLAUGHLIN23970.04%20:05First Timer!
Sixmilewater parkrun 18/06/2022 #80
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
8Natasha HENDERSON9374.29%19:58PB 18:49
65Philip MCILWRATH27953.01%27:23PB 25:19
113Glenn BEATTIE3135.46%36:23First Timer!
137Rosy RYAN27830.31%54:00PB 41:06
Church Mead parkrun 18/06/2022 #11
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
6Matt SHIELDS40875.98%22:29First Timer!
Hillsborough Forest parkrun 18/06/2022 #49
PosparkrunnerparkrunsAge GradeTimeComment
3Martsje HELL4675.69%19:49PB 19:23
26David HURST7157.13%23:43First Timer!
36Tony FORDE2264.91%24:42PB 24:29