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North Belfast Harriers Race Report 15th – 21st August 2022 

Conán McCaughey takes Gold in the 10,000m in the NI and Ulster Championships.

North Belfast Harriers Race Report 15th – 21st August 2022 

It was a busy week of racing for the North Belfast Harriers, as members of the club tested themselves against their peers, in a variety of distances, on tracks and roads from the heart of County Antrim, to the shores of Belfast Lough, Scrabo Hill, and the banks of the Boyne estuary in County Louth. As usual, the week saw many noteworthy performances, podium places and first place finishes. 

Conán McCaughey Shines as he Takes First Place in the NI and Ulster 10,000m Championships, whilst Colin McDowell is First in the M50 category, at the Mary Peters Track, on Saturday 20th August. 

Conán McCaughey wins the 10,000m.

Photo courtesy of NI and Ulster Athletics, Twitter.

On Saturday, North Belfast Harrier, Conán McCaughey proved too hot for the competition in the latest championship 10,000m race on the track, as he led the field to finish first in a superb time of 31 min: 18.92 secs, over 15 secs ahead of the second placed athlete. Conán was followed by fellow North Belfast Harrier, Colin McDowell, who racing in the M50, finished 1st in his age category and 4th overall, in a time of 35 min: 19.75 sec. Great racing, congratulations and well done to both Harriers. 

John Black Storms to a 10k Podium Finish at Carrickfergus, as Gareth Lyons and Brian Stewart Finish First in their Age Categories, on Sunday 21st August. 

John Black takes silver, as Gareth Lyons and Brian Stewart win their age category.

Photos courtesy of Gillian Roden.

North Belfast Harrier, John Black took silver in the Storming the Castle 10k, at Carrickfergus on Sunday 21st August. Not for the first time this year, John has showed his skill and tenacity to battle his way to a great podium finish. In a very tight race, John crossed the line in 32 min: 11 sec, well ahead of those chasing, and only 2 secs behind the first placed athlete. John was the first home out of a strong field of Harriers who took part in this popular 10k. Congratulations also to Gareth Lyons, who was first in the M45 category, as well as Brian Stewart, who came first in the M70 category.  Organised by the Seapark Athletics Club, this was the first time that the event has been held since 2019. Over 600 runners started the race, and all seemed delighted to be participating in the race round the relatively flat and fast seafront walk and castle walls at Carrickfergus, on a pleasant August afternoon. Well done to all the runners and especially those who achieved new PBs.  

Position  Bib  Name  Category  Gun Time  Chip Time 
2  405  John Black  SM  0:32:11  0:32:11 
5  412  Gareth Lyons  M45  0:33:42  0:33:42 
126  868  Brian Stewart  M70  0:45:16  0:45:09 
141  225  Nicky Hagan  M35  0:45:44  0:45:39 
307  407  John Davidson  M50  0:53:00  0:52:13 
329  417  Collette Murray  SW  0:54:06  0:53:29 
333  411  Sabrina Nulty  W40  0:54:07  0:53:13 
374  408  Karlene Graham  W35  0:55:36  0:55:00 
392  419  Catherine Seawright  W45  0:56:24  0:55:49 
393  409  Seamus Hanna  M50  0:56:24  0:55:49 
415  420  Cheryl Shaw  W35  0:57:43  0:57:06 
416  418  Gillian Roden  W40  0:57:47  0:56:47 
512  415  Erin McAuley  SW  1:02:23  1:01:45 
528  416  Martin Mclarnon  M45  1:03:42  1:02:40 
535  223  Paul Armstrong  M50  1:04:08  1:03:30 
587  414  Grainne Stephens  SW  1:08:26  1:07:27 
661  406  Sarah Brady  W50  1:21:19  1:20:19 
675  410  Michelle Harkley  W40  1:28:01  1:27:01 
679  421  Rachel Weir  SW  1:30:14  1:29:28 
680  224  Elizabeth French  W45  1:31:38  1:30:36 

Photos courtesy of Aggie Sabrina and Catherine Carleton.

Peter Donnelly Leads the Way to Take First Place in the Crebilly 5k, on Sunday 21st August. 

Peter Donnelly takes first place in the 5k.

Photo courtesy of John McIlwaine, Saffron Gael.

North Belfast Harrier, Peter Donnelly led the way in the Crebilly 5k, finishing in 16 min: 40.4 secs, over 26 secs ahead of his nearest challenger. Not for the first time this year, Peter took a podium place. However, this time he improved on his performance in Co Tyrone, to finish in first place. Also racing was Ray Cameron, who finished in 22nd place in 21 min: 55.4 secs. Organised by the All Saints Club and Ballymena Runners, the 5k course took athletes on a triangular circuit of the Woodside Road, Crebilly Road and Bog Road, on the outskirts of Ballymena. Well done Ray and congratulations, and well done to Peter on sustaining, and building upon his success, in another great race. 


Martsje Hell Finishes Second Female in the Scrabo Hill Race, Thursday 18th August. 

Martsje Hell takes second in the Ladies Race.

Photos courtesy of NIMRA, Facebook.

North Belfast Harrier, Martsje Hell took second place in the female race, on Scrabo Hill on Thursday 18th August, finishing the 365m climb, over a distance of 6.4km, in a time of 34 min: 25 sec. Fellow Harrier, Ray Cameron finished in 55th place in the Male Open race, in a time of 43 min: 50 sec. The Scrabo Hill Race was organised by Ballydrain Harriers Athletic Club, and was recognised as one of the short distance category events in the NIMRA championships. The forecasted inclement weather did not materialise, and the runners undertook the event in warm dry conditions, on a course that gave clear views over Strangford Lough and the surrounding County Down countryside. Although recognised as a short course, it was no doubt challenging for all athletes participating. Well done to all.  


Joe Gallagher Takes First in the M60 category in the Termonfeckin 10 Mile, on Sunday 21st August. 

Joe Gallagher first in the M60.

Photo: Joe Gallagher.

Joe Gallagher was the sole representative of North Belfast Harriers, in the Termonfeckin 10 mile race, round the scenic country roads, adjacent to the Boyne estuary, in Co Louth. Finishing in 73 min: 28 sec, Joe was 39th overall, and 1st in his age category, and over 2 mins ahead of the nearest M60. Organised by the Drogheda and District Athletics Club, the race started and finished in Newtownstalaban, County Louth, just North of Drogheda. Runners were taken on a picturesque route, on rural roads that were relatively flat, with only a couple of major hills. Captivated by the scenery, some runners even found time to stop and take photographs on the scenic slopes of the Boyne, on a perfect August morning for a race. 


Purple Ladies 5k, Wednesday 17th August. 

On Wednesday 17th August the Purple Ladies 5k race returned to the roads around Ballymoney, and North Belfast Harriers were represented by Gillian Roden. Gillian finished 86th in a time of 27 min: 37 sec. Over 180 female runners finished the race, which started and finished at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre Ballymoney. Well done to Gillian and all participants. 

Firmus Track Meet, Thursday 18th August. 

Two seniors from the Harriers ran on the track at the Firmus meet on Thursday. Running in the Mile Senior Men’s Race B, Conor Curran finished 5th, in a time of 4 min: 35.54 secs, whilst Darragh Andrews, running in the 200m U17 and Senior Women’s Race finished 4th, in a time of 35.08 secs. Well done to both.

ParkRuns, Saturday 20th July 

On Saturday morning the skies opened across much of Northern Ireland. However, the torrential downpours did not deter hosts of hardy (or perhaps foolhardy) ParkRunners from turning out in force, to participate in the weekly ritual of a 5k timed run, that is undertaken for the good of mind and body, as well as enjoyment of the camaraderie and craic. 

Worth a special mention are Ian Keys and Matt Shields, who were second finishers in their respective courses, as well as Thomas Simmons and Aaron Rush, who were third finishers. Also well done to Janice Plumb and April Clarke, who were first female finishers. Also recording new PBs on their respective courses were Matt Shields, Declan Liggett and Philip McIlwrath. 

Well done to all participants, who turned out, in the somewhat less than optimal running conditions, on Saturday morning. 


Waterworks ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
3  Thomas Simmons  70.36%  19:51   
11  Thomas McLaughlin  66.85%  21:13   
13  Seamus Leheny  64.81%  21:53   
17  Chris Callaghan  69.99%  22:43   
18  Fionnuala O’Hare  64.96%  22:47   
19  David Curran  65.72%  22:48   
25  Joseph Gallagher  70.26%  23:39   
31  Matthew Purvis  54.80%  25:00   
32  Ray Cameron  57.52%  25:02   
39  Tony Reid  62.85%  25:18   
46  Gerry Anderson  58.44%  26:04   
50  Donna McLaughlin  62.91%  26:20   
55  Jack Carberry  75.08%  27:21   
56  Sabrina Nulty  57.18%  27:31   
58  Maurice Palmer  58.66%  27:49   
76  Michelle McLaughlin  51.86%  29:30   
77  Lyle Carleton  53.84%  29:32   
78  Catherine Seawright  55.32%  29:35   
81  Jim Clinton  53.53%  30:14   
97  Martin McLarnon  45.45%  31:41   
99  Gillian Roden  48.12%  31:58   
104  Eadaoin Kelly  44.67%  33:28   
105  Stella Harrison  56.67%  34:44   


Ecos ParkRun, Ballymena 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
9  April Clarke  69.92%  21:10  First Female  

& First Timer 


Queen’s ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
74  Vincent Bradley  57.22%  28:17   


Citypark ParkRun, Craigavon 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
18  Declan Liggett  64.73%  20:05  New PB 
181  Paul Lavery  46.68%  35:55  First Timer 


Enniskillen ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
15  Greg McClure  70.45%  23:48  First Timer 


Ormeau ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
3  Aaron Rush  72.85%  17:48   
137  Mannix McAlister  44.56%  28:57   


Antrim ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
14  Janice Plumb  80.63%  21:36  First Female 

& First Timer 

31  David Clarke  69.88%  23:21  First Timer 
98  Brian Stewart  59.77%  29:30   


Valley ParkRun, Newtownabbey 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
5  Paul McAllister  64.96%  21:30  First Timer 
44  David Johnston  48.59%  31:21   


Sligo ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
4  Gabriel McAvoy  68.72%  20:47  First Timer 
30   Lucinda McAvoy  61.92%  26:26  First Timer 


Stormont ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
50  Peter Dolan  50.47%  26:39   


Falcarraagh ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
12  Paul Williams  71.61%  22:01   
84  Angela Rogan  43.69%  42:00   


Dungloe ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Matt Shields  83.54%  20:39  New PB 
4  John Gerard Murphy  68.61%  22:02   
11  Sandy Carr  60.90%  25:27  First Timer 
28  Margaret Stephens  61.03%  32:15  First Timer 
30  Michael Lawlor  49.61%  32:19  First Timer 


Buncrana ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Ian Keys  67.42  19:14  First Timer 


Knockbracken Reservoir ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
7  Matthew Carleton  63.34%  20:22  First Timer 
57  Philip McIlwrath  55.06%  26:22  New PB 


Mensola ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
23  Rosy Ryan  26.75%  01:01:11  First Timer 


Derrynoid Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
15  Jason Reid  47.95%  27:40  First Timer