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North Belfast Harriers Race Report 24th –30th October 2022


North Belfast Harriers Race Report 24th –30th October 2022 

With Hallowe’en approaching, and the hours of daylight dwindling, the number of racing options this week diminished for the members of North Belfast Harriers. However, as always, the club’s runners were not deterred and donned their running gear, to test themselves on marathon, 5k and 10k races and ParkRuns at a variety of locations. 

Gladys Ganiel takes another podium place, at the National Championships at the Dublin Marathon, as runners from the club continue to perform in style, on Sunday 30th October. 

Gladys Ganiel (left) takes third place in the National Championships in the women’s marathon. Photo courtesy of Irish Life, Twitter.

After a two year absence, the annual Dublin City Marathon returned to the streets of the capital, and members of North Belfast Harriers celebrated the return with some very impressive performances. Gladys Ganiel continued a superb run of form, with yet another podium place at a prestigious marathon, taking third place in the National Championships in the women’s race. Gladys was first in her category, in a time of 2 hours: 42 min: 17 sec. Fellow North Belfast Harrier, Conal McCambridge also ran a great race coming 7th in his category, 22nd overall, finishing in 2 hours: 30 min: 39 sec. On a good day for running there were a number of very commendable performances from members of the club. 

The 2022 marathon was staged on its tradition date, on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend in October. Some 15,000 entrants were scheduled to participate, and as would be expected, members of the North Belfast Harriers were certainly not frightened by a Hollow’en weekend 26.2 mile race.  

Starting amongst the stylish Georgian terraces, around Fitzwilliam Square, in southern central Dublin, the runners went out in waves, which were assigned based upon past performances and predicted finishing times. Running past St Stephen’s Green, towards Ushers Quay, the runners crossed the Liffey for the first time and made the gentle climb up towards Stoneybatter, one of the renowned districts of old Dublin. From there the runners entered Phoenix Park, circumventing the Zoo, before exiting the park on the west side and turning back towards the city centre. At Chapelizod Bridge the runners crossed the river again, heading east, then south, and east again, as they made their way towards, and then round University College Dublin. The final three miles saw the runners making their way back towards the location from where they started, finishing in the splendour of the Georgian architecture in Merrion Square, in close proximity to Leinster House and the National Gallery. Well done to all the finishers. 

Photos courtesy of Paddy McCambridge, Ryan Moore, Facebook. 

Place  Name  Division  Gun Time Chip Time Category Position Gender Position
22  Conal McCambridge  MS  2:30:41  2:30:39  7  20 
101  Gladys Ganiel  F45  2:42:17  2:42:15  1  6 
130  Michael McKillop  MS  2:45:33  2:45:30  33  123 
205  Ryan Moore  M35  2:49:50  2:49:43  36  194 
244 Arran Rutledge M45 2:52:13 2:52:04 41 232
530  Ryan Armstrong M35  2:59:16  2:59:06  105  511 
1109  Christopher Murray  M40  3:12:22  3:11:41  319  1035 
1370  Patrick McAuley  M45  3:16:51  3:14:19  269  1262 
1516  John McGuigan  M50  3:18:53  3:18:23  129  1395 
1797  Neil Mercer  M45  3:23:05  3:23:03  375  1636 
2258  Seamus Leheny  M45  3:28:17  3:27:46  456  2027 
2675  Christopher Lennon  M50  3:31:58  3:31:17  249  2383 
2804  Thomas McLaughlin  M45  3:33:36  3:32:38  556  2491 
5071  Paul Williams  M55  3:54:14  3:53:30  227  4209 
5476  Greg McClure  M65  3:57:13  3:55:47  22  4497 
6813  Jim Clinton  M60  4:07:22  4:03:34  97  5448 
9631  Karen McClean  F50  4:31:35  4:26:25  318  2398 
10072  Lynn McKenna  F50  4:36:08  4:30:57  342  2568 


It’s another First Place for Andrew Milligan, in the Podium 5km “A” Race at Barrowford, Lancashire, on Saturday 29th October.

Photos courtesy of Podium 5k Twitter, Gavin McCaffrey.

There were only 34 entrants in this fast elite 5k race. Continuing on with his amazing run of form this year, Andrew Milligan stormed to first place, finishing in the superb time of 14 min: 23 sec, some 7 sec ahead of his nearest challenger. Andrew covered the course running at 2:53 per km, or 4:38 per mile. With the form that Andrew is in at the minute, it’s intriguing to speculate what the future holds. Also running in the “A” race was Gavin McCaffrey. Gavin, running in the Stirling University vest, finished in 11th place, in a very fast time of 14 min: 49 secs. Congratulations to Andrew on another great performance and achieving a gold, also well done to Gavin. 


Conan McCaughey Wins the Enniskillen Spooktacular 5km Race, on 28th October. 

Photo courtesy of Conan McCaughey, NBH Twitter.

Conan McCaughey led the field to win the Enniskillen Spooktacular 5k race, finishing in 15 min: 01 sec, some 8 secs ahead of his nearest challenger. Almost 1000 runners entered this annual festive 5k race, which is in its 10th year. Conan was accompanied by fellow North Belfast Harrier, Colin McDowell, who was running in the M50 category, finishing 1st in his category, and 8th overall in 17 min: 07 sec. Great running by Conan and Colin. Congratulations to both.  


Gareth Lyons takes Siver in the 10k, as North Belfast Harriers race in the 5k and 10k at Sanitfield, on Sunday 30th October. 

Gareth Lyons ran a great race at Saintfield on Sunday, finishing the 10k race in 34 min: 15 secs, and was neck and neck with the first placed finisher. North Belfast Harriers were represented in both the 10k and 5k races, and as always, the runners embraced the challenge of testing themselves against their peers, and their own potential, with their customary exuberance and enthusiasm. Well done to all the runners. 

Race Distance  Position  Name  Gun Time   Chip Time 
10k  2 Gareth Lyons  34:15  34:15 
10k  40  Chris Callaghan  45:55  45:48 
10k  132  Lucinda McAvoy  56:58  56:51 
10k  150  Sonia Millar  59:28  59:20 
10k  182  Bernadette McAteer  1:05:22  1:05:15 
10k  190  Paul Armstrong  1:07:07  1:06:52 
10k  196  Sarah Brady  1:12:28  1:12:21 
5k  12  Matthew Carleton  21:07  21:06 
5k  104  Paula O’Reilly  39:36  39:26 
5k  105  Catherine Carleton  39:36  39:27 



As the leaves lay littering thickly the walkways of many a public park and footpath, and the rain and overcast conditions gave an ambience, commensurate with a late autumnal morning, the members of North Belfast Harriers continued to turn out in force to partake in, and enjoy the convivial camaraderie and craic that accompanies every 5k ParkRun. 

Congratulations to Hugo Reilly, who was the first finisher on his course. Also well done to Moira Leheny, April Clarke and Martsje Hell, who were first female finishers in their respective ParkRuns. Moira also set a new PB. Natasha Henderson was a second female finisher, with a new PB. Janice Plumb was a third female finisher. Nat Glenn was a third finisher, with Nat also setting a new PB on his course. Also worth a mention are Thomas Coy, Charlie McLarnon, Chris Callaghan and Paul Lavery, who all set new PBs on their respective courses. 


Well done to all those who participated, the runners and especially the volunteers, without whom the events could not be staged.  


Waterworks ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
5  Thomas Coy  76.44%  19:27  New PB 
9  Cormac Leheny  74.51%  20.:32   
11  Moira Leheny  75.08%  20:48  First Female & New PB 
15  Charlie McLarnon  67.06%  21:09  New PB 
20  Joseph Gallagher  75.70%  21:57   
27  Matthew Carleton  56.41%  22.52   
30  Dermot Coy  60.51%  23.05   
34  Cathal McManus  61.31%  23:39  First Timer 
43  Tony Reid  64.55%  24:38   
58  Jack Carberry  78.62%  26:07   
77  Sandy Carr  57.30%  27:03   
79  Oscar Purvis  51.38%  27:05   
87  Matthew Purvis  48.84%  28:03   
98  Lyle Carleton  55.51%  28:53   
116  Martin McLarnon  47.39%  30:23   
117  Stella Harrison  65.64%  30:25   
118  Greg McClure  55.55%  30:29   
119  Thomas McLaughlin  46.53%  30:29   
121  Jim Clinton  52.97%  30:33   
130  Jason Reid  42.07%  31:32   
142  Paul Lavery  49.53%  33:51   
147  Lorna McGrath  56.75%  34.41   
155  Bernadette Duffy  54.825  36:58   
157  Catherine Carleton  50.90%  38:07   
158  Paula O’Reilly  48.29%  39:04   
161  Milo Purvis  43.47%  39:09   
165  Michelle Harkley  39.09%  40:15   
169  Jansje LeMahieu-Lamb  36.03%  48:20   
170  Margaret Stephens  38.93%  50:34   


Valley ParkRun 


Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
1  Hugo Reilly  72.36%  18:56  First Finisher 
45  David Johnston  53.51%  28:28   


Orangefield ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Paul McAllister  73.83%  18:55  First Timer 
53  Eadaoin Kelly  46.62%  32:04  New PB 
55  Philomena Donaldson  62.20%  32:35   


Belfast Victoria ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
31  Chris Callaghan  74.07%  21:28  New PB 


Falls ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
38  Paul Lavery  46.77%  35:51  New PB 


Queen’s ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
44  Vincent Bradley  57.72%  27:06   
48  John Lavery  59.46%  27:13   


Knockbracken Reservoir ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
39  Ray Cameron  57.56%  25:01   


Antrim ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
5  April Clarke  76.16%  19:26  First Female & First Timer 
9  Natasha Henderson  75.94%  19:33  Second Female & New PB 
32  Brian Stewart  79.27%  22:31   


Larne ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
3  Nat Glenn  75.71%  20:39  New PB 
17  Janice Plumb  68.39%  25:28  Third Female 


Citypark Craigavon ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
11  Colin McDowell  76.15%  19:51   


Hillsborough Forest ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
4  Martsje Hell  73.59%  20:23  First Female 


Castlewellan ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
60  Eimear O’Regan  60.38%  26:58  First Timer 


Dunleath Playing Fields ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
2  Nicky Hagan  60.30%  22:00  New PB 



Falcarragh ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
63  Angela Rogan  42.49%  43:11   


Donaupark ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
75  Philip McIlwrath  53.67%  27:03  First Timer 
122  Rosy Ryan  29.88%  54:47  First Timer 


Wöhrder See ParkRun 

Position  Name  Age Grade  Time  Remarks 
53  Glenn Beattie  34.32%  37:35  First Timer