Code of conduct for parents, guardians or supporters


North Belfast Harriers

Established 1896

Code of conduct for parents, guardians and supporters

The essence of good ethical conduct and practice is summarized below. All parents, guardians and supporters of members of North Belfast Harriers are expected to:

  • Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials
  • Set a good example by recognizing fair play and applauding the good performances of all
  • Never belittle or punish a child for losing or making mistakes
  • Publicly accept officials’ judgments
  • Use correct and proper language at all times
  • Report any concerns about any child’s welfare/treatment to the club’s welfare officer

All parents and guardians are also expected to:

  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and play within them
  • Help your child to recognize good performance, not just results
  • Never force your child to take part in sport
  • Support your child’s involvement and help them enjoy their sport, and attend training and competitions whenever possible and appropriate
  • Inform the club of any illness, disability or necessary medication, and of any changes to these

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”