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Club Participation Scheme Information

The committee has decided to start a scheme to encourage participation in club target races throughout the year. Those members who complete a select number of target races will be awarded a club participation medal.

What is the aim of the scheme?

The idea behind the scheme is to encourage members to take part in championship races throughout the year and reward those members who do. The club has a great record in competition in the Northern Ireland but we have missed opportunities to cement how great our training setup is and just how talented we are both individually and as a group by failing to win events. The hope is that we can direct people to towards the races where as a member you can make a contribution to the club and keep up our great record of competition.

Why should i take part?

Running is one of the most unkind sports that exists. There are only 3 men and 3 women that every taste success out of 1000s in a single race. This is sometimes increased if there is a team aspect to the race which most Championships have. Everyone at some point has the feeling of “why should i turn up, i’m not good enough”  but often this is proven to be very wrong. A competition or race event is won and lost by the runners that turn up on the day not by those who are the best on paper. It’s vital therefore that we maximise our turnout for these races. The club participation medal is a prize we as a club can give you putting yourself forward and helping win these events.

We hope that people get excited to take part in the series and will treasure the medal and as an aside the club will keep competing at the highest level.

How will the medal change things?

It might help to have an example of how this medal could have changed a result throughout the year. In the 2016 Men’s XC league (a six race cross country series) the club came agonisingly close to winning the event outright and in end lost by three points to Newcastle AC. To have won the event the club would only needed to have 4 more runners compete in a single race and the series was ours. We hope with the new medal we can convince those 4 runners to race this year and we can win the event.

What does the medal look like?

It’s a 5mm thick, gold plated, oval shaped medal with the club classic logo.

IMG_20170405_214207 IMG_20170405_214143

How will it work?

In order to take part in the series all you have to do is turn out for the target races (listed below) ensuring to add the club name when you register. If you complete 8 of the races outlined then you will have earned the medal. The club participation medals for the series will be awarded after the last race or the Club Christmas Party which ever comes first.

Scoring & Target Races 2021/2022

After each of the target races the results will be examined and a spreadsheet updated keeping track of which races were completed. This will be shared on social media to identify errors or omissions.

Other races may be added to this list as long as they are Championship level events in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

ANI: Athetlics NI Fixtures

AAI: Athletics Association Ireland Fixtures


Q: What is XC?

A: XC is an abreviation for Cross Country. A detailed FAQ was added about this race type here.

Q: Are track races included?

A: Yes so long as they are Championship level events in Northern Ireland, Ireland or the UK.

Q: Are masters only events included?

A: Yes

Q: What does ANI mean?

A: This is an acronym for Athletics NI. This is the governing body Northern Ireland and a responsible for setting the NI Championship races.

Q: What does AAI mean?

A: Same as above but this is the body responsible in for championship set in Ireland.


If you have any questions or queries then please send them to membership@northbelfastharriers.com.