14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

NBH Afternoon of 5K PBs

2017 Afternoon of 5K results

North Belfast Harriers are holding an afternoon of 5K track races on Saturday the 29th of July at the Model Boys Athletics track in North Belfast. There will be 9 races available which will cater for a range of expected completion times.

The emphasis of the event is not to win the race but instead to try and break your personal best. To facilitate this, races will be organised to contain those of similar ability in the same race. Pacers will also be made available if sufficient volunteers are present catering for the races with the most entrants as a priority.

Here is a breakdown of the races being held;

Time Event
3:05 Kids 1 Mile
3:15 Sub 17mins
3:40 17 – 18mins
4:05 19 – 20mins
4:30 21 – 22mins
5:00 23 – 24mins
5:35 25 – 26mins
6:10 27 – 28mins
6:50 29 – 30mins

Entry for the race will be £3 with online registration essential. There will be no entry on the day. Entrants do not have to be affiliated with a club to enter. The number of participants will be limited to 15 per race as this event is being held on a track and we want to give those competing the best opportunity to achieve their personal best.


If you have any queries or questions please contact membership@northbelfastharriers.com


Q: I’m a parkrunner can I enter?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Can non club runners enter?

A: Yes. There will be no added charge for those not affiliated with a club.

Q: I have never raced on a track will I be out of my depth?

A: We have provided multiple races to cater for those of different abilities. If you think you can run the times indicated in the race then you will be surrounded by other participants at your level.

Q: I have never entered a 5K before. What race should I enter?

A: If you have never raced a 5K but have covered longer distances this tool may give you a suggested finish time http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/general/rws-race-time-predictor/1681.html. You can also use this tool to use a recant race to calculate your projected time.

Q: I’m still not sure what time I will run. What should I do?

A: We would suggest you err on the side of caution. Maybe run a race with someone you feel is of equal ability to yourself. If you still don’t know then we may be able to help you with this on race day.

Q: My PB is 20:30 which race should I enter?

A: If this is a recent PB and you feel as strong on the day you set it, we would place in you in the second race (19-20mins). We want everyone to push themselves and get a personal best. You may not get under 20mins but this race will give you the best chance of breaking your personal best.

Q: I’m not as fast now as my 5K PB. Which race should I enter?

A: You should place yourself in a race where you think your current level of ability is. If that’s not a race which would have you challenging your personal best then that’s ok. This race could be a stepping stone for you to get back to your best.

Q: Will there be pacers present?

A: We are going to try and place a pacer for every minute in each race i.e. 17mins/18mins/19mins. We may be unable to get pacers for every race but pacers will be prioritised for the races with the highest number of entrants.

Q: How will the pacing work?

A: The pacers will be designated a time to cover the distance. They will do this by running a steady pace throughout the race.

Q: Will the pacers run the full distance or drop out?

A: The pacers will drop out in at the start of the finishing straight so 4900m.

Q: Are there prizes?

A: No. The emphasis of the event is on achieving personal bests not racing one another. We think that if prizes are added into the mix this would jeopardise the drive to have the fastest race possible.

Q: Do I need to wear spikes?

A: No. Spikes are not required. If however you would like to run in spikes that is fine.

Q: Will I get an accurate time?

A: Championchip are timing the event so you will receive accurate chip timing.

Q: Are these races ANI recognised?

A: Yes.

Q: Will races be mixed male and female?

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be changing facilities?

A: Yes there will be male and female toilet/changing facilities available.

Q: Is there a minimum age of entry?

A: Yes. The minimum age of entry is 14. All runners under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Q: Can I volunteer?

A: Yes. If you would like to volunteer please contact us. This includes if you wish to pace a race.

Q: Will the time be published after each race?

A: We will try and provide the results as soon as possible after each race.

Q: Can friends and family come along and support?

A: Absolutely. We want to encourage participants to bring friends and family to cheer on the runners. The nature of track running means that you can provide support throughout the race something that’s not often available in road running. This extra encouragement will surely help you towards a personal best.

Q: Will supporters be allowed on the track?

A: Yes supporters will be allowed onto the track and get close to the runners. We would however ask that supporters do not enter into the inner most three lanes which the runners will be using.

Q: Will there be a PA or music playing to motivate people?

A: No, unfortunately we have been unable to source a PA/music for this event. We hope that with future iterations of the event that this will be included.

Q: Will there be photos taken of the event?

A: Not in an official capacity but we are sure there will be lots of pictures taken of the event which we will try and distribute.