Training Details

There are critical periods in the life of a young person in which the effects of training can be maximised. It is also a known that it can take anything from eight to twelve years of training for a talented athlete to achieve elite status. This has led UK Athletics to the development of a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, which identifies appropriate training aims at each stage of the athlete’s physical development. North Belfast Harriers junior training sessions are based on the LTAD model


Sportshall Athletics Thursday 6.00pm Girls Model Gym

Fundamentals – where the emphasis is on fun, developing basic fitness and general movement skills – training years 1 to 2 and ideally a chronological age of boys 8 to 10, girls 8 to 9.

Junior Track Tuesdays 6.30pm Girls Model Track

Learning to Train – where the emphasis is to learn how to train and develop their general skills, warm up, flexibility, cool down, stretching, building strength etc. – training years 3 to 5 and ideally a chronological age of boys 9 to 12 and girls 8-11.

Junior Track Tuesday 6.30 Girls Model Track

Training to Train – where the emphasis is event(s) specific training and in particular aerobic conditioning during peak the peak growth stage, see fig1&2 below – training years 5 to 7 and ideally a chronological age of boys 12 to 16 and girls 11 to 15..

Boys Model Track 6.30pm Thursdays

Training to Compete – where the emphasis is on more event specific training correcting weaknesses and develop athletic abilities – training years 7 to 9 and ideally a chronological age of boys 16 to 18 and girls 15 to 17.

Senior track session Thursday 6.30pm Boys Model track

Training to Win – where the emphasis is on enhancing performance – training years 10+ and ideally a chronological age of boys18+girls 17+.


LTAD Model

The diagrams below show the above Late Specialization LTAD Model phases for boys and girls.









Jordanstown Campus 7.00pm Wednesdays


We also have a training session at the outdoor track Jordanstown suitable for ages 8-16. Training is fundamentals for the 8-10 age group with more speed and endurance type training for older children. Emphasis is on fun training and the opportunity to develop your fitness and compete with North Belfast Harriers


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