14 Oldpark Terrace, Belfast BT14 6NN

Winter Safety

Club training sessions are open to all members and whether coach led or coach directed your safety is paramount – particularly through the dark winter months.

All members are required to observe the following common sense rules to ensure safety while training.

  • Wear high visibility (hi viz) clothing or accessories. Reflective tops, bibs, arm bands, lights etc. are essential when running in the dark.
  • Road safety – observe the rules of the road. Cross roads only when it is safe to do so and obey traffic signals – do not cross against red lights.
  • Be aware of and courteous to other pedestrians – you are travelling faster than they are!
  • On group runs organise your route within the group so everyone knows the plan and stay within a group of similar ability.
  • Report any incidents/accidents to the club secretary/coach